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    Heya! Can you say something about "Infinity rebirth" and "Ravnica's amulet"? Are they too op or too bad or like a normal card? Maybe change mana-cost or title?
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    Legendary artifact. 5


    When this artifact enters the battlefield, your opponent can't draw a card.

    If your opponent wasn't draw a card three times, sacrifare Ravnica's amulet.

    12:Target artifact you control have:"When this artifact leaves the battlefield, return it to the battlefield. If this artifact have Hexproof, remove Hexproof from this artifact.
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    Legendary enchantment - Aura

    Enchant Saga. 4

    Enchanted saga have: "When this Saga have three or more counters "knowledge" on it, remove all counters "knowledge" from it."

    Enchanted Saga can't leave the battlefield.

    If enchanted Saga leaves the battlefield, return it to the battlefield instead.

    Moved - ZS

    If this enchantment leaves the battlefield, return it to your hand.

    Enchanted Saga have Hexproof and Indestructible.
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