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  • posted a message on iceage4life's Cube
    Martial Coup was solid for me at the Pre-Release.

    i was facing lethal next turn, dropped Martial Coup for the 5WW, attacked my next turn, and dropped sigiled blessing. gg.

    Not sure how solid it will be cube, but could be a good finisher for control.

    depends on what you have vs. what you are taking out, etc.
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  • posted a message on Adam's Cube
    i had shadow guildmage in mine but it seems too weak. and you have to be in red/blue to add value. it is also a pretty crappy topdeck late game.

    tri-color stuff (speaking of doran) doesnt get much play or use in my cube. even when i see it, i rather just pass and pickup a card in one of the colors than try to splash to make it worthwhile.

    the split cards prolly are most useful in the tri-color spots (crime//punishment, supply//demand, hit//run, etc)

    Sent ya a pm as well~
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  • posted a message on Some One's Cube - literally, someone's cube...ahh it's a pun!
    Quote from Some One
    I started making this cube over the summer, and it was originally based off of Evan Erwin's cube. When I started knowing enough about this to know that his cube is garbage, I decided to pull bits and pieces from everywhere and ultimately made it my own, as opposed to a direct copy of garbage.

    Garbage? It aint that bad. Like u said, it is a good place to start from and as you figure out what you want in and "out" of your cube, you make adjustments.

    Kinda unfair just out and out call his cube garbage without identify reasons why you think so? Not balanced? Bad card selction? Dislike the two different multicolor sections?

    I built mine similarly, first taking evan's, then getting ideas from Pringlesman's cube and using ideas from folks on this forum (there are lot of good ideas on this forum, it's solid)

    GL on your cube.
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  • posted a message on Chapmans Cube
    Quote from Apex

    Keldon Megaliths (Don't know, there are probably better "red" lands out there).

    I been trying to find a better red related land, besides barbarian ring and keldon megaliths, there doesnt seem to be any better choice

    Only one that comes into mind is ghitu encampment
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  • posted a message on The Official Cube Discussion Thread
    as i continue to work on my cube. it is getting a helluva more difficult to transport. my cube size is gonna end being in the 720 range
    (similar to pringlesman, just a quick kudos to him, since i used his cube as skeleton) w/ 300 land or so, so we talking about 1,000 sleeved cards. How are you guys carrying it around?

    i am using those famous .50 cardboard 550 card boxes currently but they are cumbersome.

    any help is much appreciated Grin
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Are there any players/places to play in ______ ?
    it is basically NG.
    (which i refuse to play at)
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  • posted a message on Find Fellow Legacy players in your area here!
    A few from folks from mtgthesource are trying to create an email list/group of folks who are interested in playing legacy in Jersey.
    If you are interested, drop me an PM with your email addy.

    Legacy doesnt really happen in NJ yet , we are trying to make it happen.
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