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    Sorry for an awfully late response!
    Many of the cards zdtsd mentioned are great examples. Meta cards are powerful and probably most iconic. But that's not necessarily gonna be able to fill the whole draft pool. What I'm looking for is your second suggestion. "..best cards from each individual limited format". If there are such, these could be seen as iconic for that specific set right? I'm not a Magic veteran but a Magic nerd. So I don't have any personal experience with the famous cards that were iconic for the limited format or standard environment during past years (talking +5 years ago.)
    Don't bother with rarity ratio or balance issues, I want all iconic ones you can come up with!

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    Hello forum!
    As the title suggests, I'm working on a project, a future "modern iconic cube" for eight players (that is 360 cards) that intends to surpass the odd and/or disappointing full list of cards used for Iconic Masters and Masters 25. Granted, these two sets also included cards from the legacy format.

    Since I started playing Magic when Dragons of Tharkir came out, I'm not really familiar with the past Modern/Standard scene.
    One of the easiest ways to learn about iconic cards would be to scour through metadecks on mtgtop8. But since I'm already actively following the modern meta and popular decks, I'm well informed about most of the known cards that would've been deemed "iconic".

    Now I'm writing to you folks in order to get inspiration and knowledge about iconic cards, all the way from Eighth edition up to todays standard sets.
    Especially within the limited format, since this is a draft in the end.
    What were the iconic cards from expansions you participated in or know about? Did it become known during sealed events?
    If I would to take a guess, some examples would be:

    Lorwyn: Oblivion Ring, Shriekmaw
    Core 2010: Wall of Frost, Indestructibility, Mind Control
    Innistrad: Spider Spawning, Typhoid Rats
    Shadows Over Innistrad: Duskwatch Recruiter, Lightning Axe
    Ixalan: Dive Down, Charging Monstrosaur

    Now I know core sets are meant to establish a welcoming scene for new players and have alot of reprints included to set a standard for power level and such. Thus you may deem some cards to not be iconic within that specific set, for example Ensnaring Bridge or Defense Grid in eighth edition. The intention is to have the earliest versions of cards within the modern era inside the cube, for example Birds of Paradise from eighth edition and Lightning Bolt from core 2010.

    I appreciate all suggestions and cards you personally felt were iconic cards for its set. But don't necessarily limit yourself to sealed formats. Previous iconic cards within constructed are just as welcome! Just remember to relate the card to a specific set.
    In the end, I expect to have at least one card from every modern eligible set included in my cube!

    Be creative and think back to the pre-release days! Grin

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