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  • posted a message on One Vs. One drafting
    Hi everyone, first time post.

    So I draft regularly with a buddy of mine one against one. We open each one pack, pick one and pass, pick one pass, pick one pass... until pack is finished. 3 packs per person in total. Then we proceed to build 40 card decks. We do this for every new set a few times until a new set comes out.
    Since Ixalan, I've followed the traditional drafting scene well. What cards are valued highly and how to go about staying open or committing to a deck type. I have to say that these general guidelines completely fall apart in One vs. One drafting. I've followed strategies in one vs. one that get me far in drafting tournaments but they can't be translated to one vs. one.
    Are there any people here that can shed some light on how to ajust to the one vs. one format?

    Posted in: Limited (Sealed, Draft)
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