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  • posted a message on Deck help ad nauseam combo
    I've wanting to build ad nauseam deck and I've come up with a list and I would like help with sideboarding as im not sure what i should side out/in for match ups if anyone has any input or could point me in the direction for help it would be greatly appreciated I'll post my list below thanks in advance.

    Maid deck
    Serum Visions x4
    Sleight of Hand x4
    Spoils of the Vault x3
    Phyrexian Unlife x4
    Angel's Grace x4
    Ad Nauseam x4
    Pact of Negation x3
    Lightning Storm x1
    Pentad Prism x4
    Lotus Bloom x4
    Simian Spirit Guide x4
    Laboratory Maniac x1

    Seachrome Coast x3
    Temple of Enlightened x3
    Dreadship Reef x1
    Temple of Deceit x3
    Darkslick Shores x3
    Gemstone Mine x2
    City of Brass x3
    Island x1
    Plains x1

    Leyline of Sanctity x4
    Bontu's Last Reckoning x2
    Hurkyl's Recall x2
    Disenchant x1
    Thoughtseize x2
    Fatal Push x1
    Path to Exile x1
    Pact of Negation x1
    Slaughter Pact x1
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