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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Nicknames For Cards
    llanowar elves
    [/card] = win

    flying men
    [/card] = win

    Sometimes this can get confusing if you are playing a green blue "win" deck.
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  • posted a message on Best Cards Per Converted Mana Cost (Eventide 6)
    agreed, definately candelabra of tawnos easily
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  • posted a message on Defense of the Ancients
    no, this happend after the reveal affect is gone. I am pretty sure it is just a glitch, because it happend again last night. I got it demod and i will submit it soon.
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  • posted a message on Create your own Banned/Restricted list
    pshh... you guys don't know what you are talking about. Llanowar = win... if you get on first turn, playing an elf deck or not. You could be playing rdw... and first turn llanowar = win.

    Also, another broken card...

    flying men
    first turn: island, flying men... gg
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  • posted a message on Best Cards Per Converted Mana Cost (Eventide 6)
    deffinately the shop.
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  • posted a message on SSB Brawl
    i myself, cant stand the fact that they removed wave-dashing. I was very dissapointed when i could not wave with fox when trying to escape a lot of situations. I do like the characters a little better now. They nurfed a lot of characters and balanced it a little better. The only problem i found in nurfing was jigglypuff... wow. They made her so weak now. That was a huge blow to jigglypuff. Her one hit kill now... is more like... oh well, you know what i mean.

    I want wave-dashing back!!
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  • posted a message on Defense of the Ancients
    Quote from The Descent
    I have a question for you: I find spectre really cool, but I still don't know which items to take and wich abilities to have. I usually go this way:

    Bracer, tango
    another bracer, power treads/vanguard (or both)
    Sange & Yasha

    Trace/disperse/trace/+dmg(can't remember the name)/trace/final/dmg/trace.

    But i'm still not sold about that. Can you suggest me a good way to play it?

    First, the thing that is so good about spec is that she has that disperse ability, dagger and haunt.

    The way i usually play her... in a pug game. You know, just some random bnet game, not an actual team game.

    Get boots and tango first. If you have enough money... get more tango's.
    And get the dagger ability.
    Try to get the solo lane if you can, ask for it at the beginning. But being in an occupied lane is fine too.
    Get to level 6 fast. Going between the dagger and the disperse ability... dagger being most important. Then get haunt at level 6.
    After you get to 6, keep an eye on all the lanes watching for an enemy hero to get low. Then haunt to him and kill. Now don't do this to steal kills... just watch and see when an enemy is getting low. Usually around 25%. You can almost kill anyone... even if they are around the tower. After this you need to work on item build and ability build... depending on the enemy heros.

    Anyways... here is a build i usually do... keep in mind that this is in a random team game.

    Usually a basic build that is really good with spec is...

    agility boots
    saige n yasha
    hod or mkb or assualt curras thing

    and i usually go between dagger and disperse until they are both level 4 and always get the ultimate. Then i usally go between improved haunt image damage and getting the attribute bonus until 25.

    Now about the items...
    i always get boots of agility, sny and vlads.
    Depending on the enemy kinda depends on the other items. If you are against a lot of casters... definately get hod. Most of the time... if there are two strong casters, i will get hod.

    if you are against a lot of melee, i would get butterfly asap then try and get radiance. Usually it is hard to do.

    What you are wanting to do here is get stuff that causes a lot of damage really fast and then you can get out and come back in.

    Just try that and mess around with it some. Sometimes throwing battle fury in there is fun and can help get you more gold faster.

    Spec is one of my favorite heros. She was really amazing before they nurfed her disperse ability. But she is still freaking great when played by someone that knows what they are doing. Also, dont forget that you can use the dagger to get away from tight situations... like walk over a cliff or threw forests... or threw creeps and you move faster on the dagger wake.

    Just watch out for disablers... they can be a major pain. If they have some type of stun, it can be hard to fight them. Especially if they have a perma stun. Just make sure to get butterfly for that situation. If you see that you keep getting stunned by spells and stuff... you could get linkens and help with that if you wanted. It all depends on what you are up against.

    But that up there is my general build for her.
    She is so great early game... i love getting those haunt kills.
    Oh and if you are in a big fight with your team and their team... haunt like a few seconds after the big fight starts... so that you have images all over the place and they are doing haunt damage... then try to dagger the whole enemy team, so they are slowed down and that will help your teamates.
    It is kinda hard to be a team player with spec... thats why you need to be really good early game. Radiance is a good team player advantage item for spec.

    Try it and see what you think.
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  • posted a message on Create your own Banned/Restricted list
    llanowar elves

    turn 1: forest, llanowar elves... WIN

    Now thats broken...

    Banned in all blocks, sets and tournament types.
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  • posted a message on competitive W/R blink control destroyland
    are you thinking about putting mirror in there?
    I think mirror would mess up your tempo a little bit.

    And it seems pretty good, if you don't get the right stuff in your hand it could be a rocky start for the first 3-4 rounds.
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  • posted a message on Voice of All Targeting Inqiury
    1. You cannot target the voice of all, because it says... "when it comes into play" So, if you do it in response... your mind bend would resolve before the voice of all comes into play. And after it gets into play, you cannot target her, if the chosen colour was blue.

    2. And hideous laughter would affect the voice of all even if the chosen colour was black... because it is not damage. It is -x/-x...
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  • posted a message on Questions about Midnight Banshee
    If the creature is black in anyway... the counter would not go onto that creature.

    And shapesharer makes a copy of that creature. So yes, it would copy the colour of that creature too.
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  • posted a message on Primal and Austere Command
    If he is playing the reveilark combo right... then he could just use mirror entity in response to you trying to austere. Since he has to pay no mana... no matter what you do, he could always have a response to austere, unless you play something with split second.
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  • posted a message on Things you do when you're bored.
    If you are at your computer then you have no reason to be bored... most operating systems come with this awesome game called solitaire, just play that for hours. And *poof* there goes your boredom.

    If that does not work, just go eat a lot of food. That passes time by really fast. Wink
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  • posted a message on Defense of the Ancients
    Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this bug...

    Someone is playing with a hero that can wind walk (maybe bounty hunter)... and then someone else is playing with zeus.

    Ok so the bounty hunter is really low in life, around 20 hp. And then the bounty hunter wind walks... then shortly after zeus ultimates... this kills bounty hunter, even though he is wind walked.

    Here is the issue... sometimes this will work and sometimes it will not. This is also an issue with several mass spell effects. Has anyone else noticed this. I am going to record a demo the next time i see this. It happens frequently... hopefully this bug can be fixed. I am sure it is noticed by others.
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