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  • posted a message on Burn
    Quote from hellohero »
    Quick question: Has anyone ran a full set of Ghitu Lavarunner in there deck lists?

    I was just wondering why this hasn't been done before. thank you

    Goblin Guide and Taylor Swiftspear are better.

    Grim Lavamancer is different. And better for closing a late game and in the mirror. Think of Mancer as a fair Deathrite shaman for red...

    Ghitu Lavarunner just doesnt do anything unless you are at turn 2 or possibly even 3. Cards that don't do anything before turn 3 are no gos unless you are running a control shell in modern. Even then they are only run as a 1x or possibly a 2x at most. Ghitu doesn't do enough to run at 2x. Really the only home it has after rotation would be in a wizards deck... and then that would be tier 2 or tier 3 deck. If ghitu just had haste and got +1/+1 instead of haste and +1/+0 it would be to good for the current standard, and still might not see play in modern. But at least it would be a turn 1 play instead of a turn 2 or 3 play.
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  • posted a message on Why does blue have the best aggro deck, the best control deck and the best combo deck?
    Funny because the most popular deck is Mono R
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  • posted a message on Fun deck idea!! TRUMP themed edh deck
    Just put a bunch of walls in there. Maybe some counter spells and every time you counter something you yell "WRONG"

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  • posted a message on PWs with Static Ability
    Quote from konawolv2 »

    I just dont see it.

    Here :

    Elspeth, Returned Champion. 3BW

    When Elspeth, Returned Champion enters the battelfield she gains 2 loyalty counters.
    Creatures You countrol get +2/+2 and have lifelink
    0 Exile target creature, it returns to the battelfield at the beginning of the next end step
    -3 Exile all creatures with power 4 or greater
    -5 All creatures you control gain +2/+2 and flying until end of turn.

    I mean that that may be busted, but you can also lightning strike her in response to the etb trigger.

    Basically took elspeth, made her black/white, put the emblem effect on her instead of as an emblem, that way it can be destroyed. I change the emblem from flying to lifelink since that is more on flavor for the mana color, and the fact shes been dead, so if she came back she should have some sort of bw flavor I think. Everything else is based off the suns champion card, but exile instead of destroy, for flavor reasons. (journey through the underworld and coming back.... or not.)
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  • posted a message on Alternate Art Fnm Promos Gone?
    The damn promos where about the only reason I went for fnm. Good way to kill attendance at fnm.
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  • posted a message on Is the Arena Meta same as Standard Meta?
    Quote from Danteh »

    Anyways, I've always been a huge fan of UR decks and only played that (Twin, Delver, whatever) and seeing Arclight Phoenix has rekindled my love for the archetype. I would never go back to MODO but I'm very interested in arena, it seems great.

    UR Dragons/UR Phoenix (phoenix is basically just dragons but with phoenix added in) exists on Arena. You get a good UR deck base to build towards it. Its one of my favourite decks to play. I play it in Best of 1 quite a bit. I have better win rate with it in bo1 than mono red which is my main deck.

    I've got like a 75$ win rate with the UR deck with a few good commons/uncommons added in to it.
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  • posted a message on Cost Vs Paper Discussion (And advisory)
    You need some crackers for all that salt?
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  • posted a message on Mono Color Decks and Ravnica
    Anyone else find it just a bit wonky that 2 of the most predominate decks in a standard with ravnica block, the 2 most predominate decks are mono U tempo and RDW?

    Last Ravnica standard we had Mono B Devo, and mono U devo, and those were busted at points. But we also had Sphinx Rev Control in ever color combo you could make including azorius colors. We also had Gruul Midrange and even Boros Burn. But atm it seems like on arena, and in paper everyone is playing Mono U or Mono Red or loosing to mono U or mono R.

    Maybe I just got used to 3/4 color decks midrange and control decks during the time span from when RTR hit standard until the time khans left. Having such good mana bases for so long was nice. Still seems like with shocks and friend lands we'd have more 2 color midrange decks, and at least 1 U/X or U/X/X control deck hating out everyone.

    It just seems like they have dropped the power level in standard so much, and it feels boring.

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  • posted a message on Are that many people really spending money on this game?
    Always gonna have whales.

    But i started playing arena 3 days ago and im only about 5 rares, and 1 common, and 3 uncommon off having the standard RDW list you get in paper meta.

    I don't really see many chainwhirlers yet on arena, but I guess thats because im not at many rares. RDW, and Gruul Stompy seem to be pretty good in BO1.

    Planning on making the red, and trying to get gold positive on bo1 until I can make mono U tempo and try bo3.
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