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  • posted a message on Why Pauper/Peasant?
    Thaks for the explanations. Still, I do not understand it. A card like Prismatic Vista just adds to the fun imho. And cards like Skullclamp are way too good. So why draw a line here. If you are on a budget, there are lots and lots of interesting and fun rares you can get for under a dollar.

    But sure, if you own several cubes, it could be an interesting restriction.
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  • posted a message on Why Pauper/Peasant?
    Hello Folks,

    I have a powered Cube for some month now and just built a lower powered cube. It is aimed to play 1vs1, because that is what I usually do. I got frustrated by the randomness of the P9 and other autopicks. But I wonder why one would limit themselves to Commons and Uncommons.
    I mean, it is no constructed format, and a lot of commons and uncommons are as strong as rares. If you want to avoid bombs, you can allways do that.

    Can someone give me an explanation of the fascination?
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  • posted a message on A new take on my manabase
    I started my cube by building rantipole's 450 powered cube. Its been a great expiriance but now I started to customize it.

    rantipole plays 6/10 signets and I like that a lot. Personally I would like to play more colored two mana rocks, and I am going to do that with the new talismans, but I like the thought process behind it:
    RW and RG surely want the fixing, but since they are more agressive, they do not want to take the second turn off to play a Signet.
    GB and GW are eather similar agressive or they have a lot of fixing though Elves and stuff.
    So rantipole plays an additional land in those slots.

    I thought about pushing this even further:
    Since RW Aggro needs untapped fixing lands the most of all color combinations, why shouldn't I give them more than the other color pairs?

    I could see myself cutting an Ajani or a Lightning Helix for a Sunbaked Canyon, since it is a card that makes RW Aggro more accessible.
    I compare it to the differance in the creature count. Some colors need more creatures than others, since Aggro needs more than control. But I think the same is true for fixing. If I play GU ramp, it could be totally fine to play just two fixing lands or if I play UW control I could get away with one dual, a signet and a Coalition Relic, but I would be in trouble if I had to play RW Beatdown with just a Plateau.

    I think gold cards are meant to drive you into colors or directions, but I think fixing can do the same, so just counting all fixing lands as gold cards and then give some colors more or less lands is an aproach I am looking forward to try.

    With the new talismans, I am going to try out playing the following split:
    UW Signet
    UB Signet
    UR Signet
    BR Signet
    UW Talisman
    UB Talisman
    UR Talisman
    BR Talisman
    BW Talisman
    UG Talisman

    Has anyone of you experimented with an uneven distribution of fixing lands?
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  • posted a message on [FALSE ALARM] MTGSalvation Closing July 8th + How the Cube Community Will Move Forward
    Make sure to post the new location here. Just built my cube some time ago and was about to post my list here to get invested some more.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][MH1] Ice-Skin Golem
    Maybe, just maybe, I add the rule to my cube that "Snow" just means Basic...
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  • posted a message on [MH1][CUBE] Nature's Chant
    Quote from pillar15 »
    I have used three ways to categorize hybrids:

    1) Hybrid is good enough to replace a gold card.
    2) Hybrids to mono section. If the card would make sense and would be good enough in the mono section without hybrid mana.
    3) Have 2 hybrids and add them to the guild section and then have 1 less card in both mono colored sections.

    Mixing these I haven't had too much trouble adding hybrid cards and being happy with the balance.

    I will be adding Nature's Chant, probably replacing Forsake the Worldly with it and adding it to the white section. Let's see how things shake up with the rest of the set.

    I like your third point. The point of limiting the amount of gold cards is, that they fit in lesser decks. Hybrid cards are easier to cast and fit in more decks (especially those with just one colored symbol). I would just add a Hybrid section to my cube, but some combinations just dont have powerfull ones. Maybe counting two Hybrid cards as one Gold card could be right, I don't know.

    I saw that a lot of people value estatics quite high and want a color balance in that regard, but playing a Noble Hierarch as a Bant card or Sphinx of the Steel Wind as an Esper card makes no real sense to me. (Hierarch is good in all Gx decks and Spinx is a Tinker/Welder target).

    I startet my cube by copying rantipoles cube, but I guess I am reevaluating those facts soon and will adjust my cube. Nature's Chant will find a home in my cube.

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  • posted a message on Sower and Sickness
    I play a Sower of Temptation during my opponents turn (thaks to lets say AEther Vial).

    While the trigger of Sower is on the stack, my opponent plays a Lightning Bolt on the Sower.

    Do I get control of the opposing creature and give it back immediatly, giving the creature summoning sickness?

    Informal warning issued for absence of card tags, tags added. Please check your private messages. -MadMage
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  • posted a message on [CUBE] [WAR] Massacre Girl
    Quote from simpygdog »
    Honestly this effect is really strong. If anyone here’s ever played hearthstone, defile was a marquee card for a reason, and in cube in most boardstates there is a 1/1 on the board, so it’s almost wcs is massacre wurm. I’m imagining this is going to avg case of at least -3/-3 to nonher board.

    Hearthstone is a different game though. In Hearthstone you can built up to a boardstate where the effect is awesome mutch more easily. You can damage creatures for example. Plus, the effect to damage a creature with defile is permanent.
    In addition to that, the decks with defile play a lot of cheap creatures with a good deathrattle effect. In cube, I doubt this card will be all that busted. It is just to unreliable to be a stabilizing factor, and you do not really want to built your deck to optimize Massacre Girl.

    But it is surely a fun and refreshing card.
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  • posted a message on [465][Powered] rantipole's cube
    What is there to say about Jackal Pup? I mean, it seems like a nessesary evil to me to have the crucial number of one-drops for mono-red aggro, but it is a card that is aweful in all other spots.

    I could see myself replacing it with Bomat Courier. Its good in red or rakdos aggro too, but could find its place in Izzet or Grixis tempo decks as well.

    The difference to Goblin Guide here is in my opinion: While the Goblin is anly great in red aggro as well, it is a strong sign so jump into red aggro. Seeing a late Pup is often not worth going red I think.

    I could not find anything about the Courier here or in wtwlf123's threads or reviews. Its a strong constructed card though. What am I missing?
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  • posted a message on [465][Powered] rantipole's cube
    Hello rantipole,

    I built your cube last month. I wanted to built a power cube, and since its the first cube in our group and we are probaply not going to draft it in big groups an a regular basis, I wanted to built a 450 cube. Yours seemed to be the one that was most tested and I liked it quit a bit when I looked through it.

    The first games with it have been great! We did one draft with 5 players and played a new variant I invented and I played some Winston drafts with differnt people. (https://www.reddit.com/r/mtgcube/comments/awfuad/5_player_draft/)

    The decks in the 5 player draft came together quit well. We had:
    WG-Hatebears/Midrange 3-1
    UGR-Midrange/Control 3-1
    UB-Control 2-2
    GB-Reanimator/Ramp 1-3
    UR-Tempo/Control 1-3

    Everyone was hyped by the experiance.

    Some questions came up in my mind:
    - I could not resist and added Shelldock Isle. I love the card for limited, but I only know it from the MODO-Cube. I cutted Faerie Conclave. Its the only change I made. What do you think of that card?
    - I assume you do not play the original Emrakul because it is not very versatile, right? Its eather game winning or uncastable. Or is the reason that you do not want to have 2-card-combos that win the game by their own? (e.g. Emrakul the Aeons Torn + Through the Breach)
    - What do you think of Far Seek? I think it could help green getting more into the role of color fixing.
    - How good are Wild Mongrel and Noose Constrictor usually? They seem rather low powered to me. What archetype are they nessesary for?

    We will surely draft another time in the near future and I am looking forwar to give you more feedback in the future.
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