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  • posted a message on Genesis hydra vs grafdiggers cage
    Does grafdigger's cage stop genesis hydra from using his ability to summon another creature?

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  • posted a message on Eye of ugin
    Now hear me out guys, I know I know, eye of ugin was too strong to allow in a deck. But as strong as cards are becoming now. Its gonna difficult to build eldrazi decks without copying tron. I think they should unban eye of ugin and just limit it to one a deck so eldrazi can have a better chance to keep up. What do you guys think?
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  • posted a message on Nature's way vs protection from green
    If someone activates nature's way and targets a colorless eldrazi to deal its damage to target creature who has a equipment card attached that gives it protection from green. Does the damage still go through as the colorless creature is the source of the damage

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