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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Definitely liking Syr Faren/Yorvo. Might start with 2 a piece and go from there and a one of Questing Beast.
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    @tokaok What's your deck list look like?
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    Definitely liking the new Ouphe card. At two power, also plays well with Savage Swipe if you use that as well.
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  • posted a message on Ugh this is such a horrific meta
    Did your other post not get enough attention?
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Is your Question directed at the usage in Stompy, or in general? Because this depends heavily on the deck and Manabase you are playing, and on the Situation in the game. In Stompy, of Course you always grab a Basic, because most lists play Fetches only to trigger Narnam Renegade.
    There are a few exceptions that utilize Temple Garden for a White Splash, in this case you would Always get the Shock land as soon as possible, since your Options of deck Manipulation and ensuring you have the Right mana available are limited.

    It was more of general question. I've never played with Fetches before as they were too expensive but as I'm getting older, and my bank account a little more flush, I'm wanting to go ahead and get them. At the very least, Wooded Foothills, Windswept Heath, and now the new Prismatic Vista. I'm almost strictly a Mono G and RG aggro and/or ramp player with occasional WG or Naya. I know for Stompy's purposes, we'd fetch a basic but when it came to Fetches and Shocks I was curious if there was any sort of conventional wisdom regarding their usage since to, use a fetch and shock, we're burning 3 life to use a land.

    This depends also on your personal preferences, but I agree with phaircaron, more than 4 Evolvers can make for strange starts, where you Play only 1/1s without an early possibility to make them bigger.
    And in the direct comparison, Ex1 is definitely the winner for me, since I think Regeneration is more important than Trample, and 2 counters is much more easy to accomplish than 3 (in fact, most of the time the Ex1 will be dead before the second counter).
    Personally, I Play 4 Experiments, 4 Dryads (agree with Phaircaron again, they are crucial in the curent meta) and 3 Renegades.

    Ok, that makes sense. Until I have my fetches, I'll probably play 4 E1/4 Dryad/2 Pelt Collector. I also would prefer the Regen as Trample, while relevant, isn't all that difficult for us to get with Rancor, Avatar already having it, Steel Leaf bypassing other aggro creatures. But having some resiliency can be huge.

    There will definitely be no Reprint of the Fetchlands in Horizons. A Kind of replacement is possible, but I think its not very likely.
    Investing in the Fetches (to Play with them, of Course, not as a monetary Investment!) sounds like a reasonable choice to me. No guarantees that they will maintain their value, but since they are relevant in all eternal Formats, they are not likely to loose much of value.
    And if you plan to get the Fetches for Stompy, you can start with Wooded Foothills and Windswept Heath, which are the cheapest Fetches you will find.

    Looks like we got a new fetch in Prismatic Vista. Right up our alley and gives us a new fetch to work with to trigger Narnem

    Prismatic Vista
    Pay 1 life, Sacrifice Prismatic Vista
    Search your library for a basic land card, put it on the battlefield, the shuffle your library
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  • posted a message on Stompy
    General Kenobi!

    Ok, so Renegade just has to enter the battlefield one way or another and it gets the counter assuming the prerequisite is met. Cool. Easy enough.

    I think I'll stick to a 4/4/2 split of Militant/Collector/E1 just because I feel like our odds are best when we've got that T1 play to maximize our chances of swinging 4 power on T2. But Torpor Orb isn't a bad idea at all. I'll honestly probably incorporate that into my build. I don't know what my LGS meta will look like yet so I'm trying to build a sort of "catch all" SB until I know what I'm dealing with.

    Thanks for your advice.

    Would anyone recommend investing in the fetch lands now? Or waiting until Modern Horizons? My understanding is that fetches won't be reprinted in Horizons so I certainly don't expect the prices to drop much, if at all, but some of the speculation I've read was that we may get some new form of fetch land. Has anyone read anything like this? Has there been any official word about fetch reprints?

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  • posted a message on Stompy
    Hiya fellow Mono G Stompy players. Getting back into MtG after a few year hiatus and picking up Stompy as my budget-ish deck choice. Had a few questions about the current builds though as the last time I played with Stompy, Avatar of the Resolute was JUST coming out.

    1) I don't have any fetch lands yet but I am debating picking them up at some point. I did have a couple questions regarding their usage. When is the best time to crack a fetch and is it ideal to grab a shock land with it? Or is it better to grab a basic Forest to mitigate the life loss?

    2) In reference to how Narnam's Renegade gets counters, just to make sure I have it right, the Renegade gets the +1/+1 counter if, at any point in the turn before the Narnam is cast, a permanent like a fetch leaves the battlefield. This could also apply to any creatures that go to the graveyard from the battlefield if you cast Narnam EoT?

    3) My current deck runs 4X of Pelt Collecter/Experiment One/Dryad Militant. is it best to run 4 Experiment One OR 4 Pelt Collector but not necessarily both? Or would a 4/2 split, in addition to the 4 Dryad Militant be more ideal?
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