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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Hi friends. Yesterday played a 80 players tournament and 7 rounds. I was 5-2 and made 11 position.

    4 vial
    4 path
    4 arbiter
    4 stoneforge
    4 giver of runes
    4 displacer
    4 tks
    4 flickerwisp
    3 thalia
    1 batterskull
    1 sword of fire and ice
    1 sword of ligth and shadow
    4 muta
    4 quarter
    4 eldrazi temple
    4 silent clearing
    6 plains
    3 revoker
    1 thalia
    3 burrenton
    1 gideon
    3 rip
    1 settle
    3 dismember

    1 round, mardu shadow 2-0. He started discard and removal my board but stoneforge made 2x1 for win. Mutavault was great.
    2 round, monogreentron 0-2. Lose for things of tron, turn 3 tron gg.
    Second he can win only for topdeck oblivion stone after my tks exiled one...what he draw??? Yes oblivion stone...
    3 round, 4 colour urza 2-0. Arbiter,thalia and tks win easy...both of games.
    4 round, vengevine 2-1. He played slow and giver,displacer,tks and flicker wins. Second, easy win. Third, rip and settle wins
    5 round, grixis shadow 2-0. Stoneforge and muta shrines again for easy win. Sword light and shadow was great with vial on 3 for flickers on cementery...
    6 round, burn 1-2. Vial,thalia, giver,stoneforge and batterskull wins...second , smash to smeteers on vial wins the game...third i mull on 5 and not great hand.
    Well i think burn is favorable mutch but i was very unlucky with the hands.
    This game was win and in for top
    7 round jund 2-1 win.
    Wrenn and six destroyed me on draw.
    Second and third rip and stoneforge wins.

    Ok, stoneforge is amazing for us. Maybe i put sword of feast and fame in side for jund and green decks, untap lands with displacer is great. Against tron i think we must take damping sphere or field of ruin...but mutavault was great.

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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Totally agree. I think arbiter,mindcensor and strangler take more power now. But with jund,jeskay and other midrange decks in format i think gw hatebears/taxes will be more powerfull. Autumn knight and voice are cards so important right now. Other question, if we take stoneforge in taxes decks we are more vulnerable to stony,ouphe,kolagans command and other artifacts hate...
    Conclusion, i think we dont want stoneforge...we fight against that
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Hi friends.
    Saturday i played a 122 players tournament and made 5-1-1, finished 9th.
    4 vial
    4 path
    4 thalia
    4 leonin
    4 tidehollow
    4 giver of runs
    4 displacer
    4 tks
    4 flickerwisp
    2 strangler
    2 plains
    1 swamp
    3 concealed
    4 quarter
    4 koilos
    4 temple
    4 silent clearin

    1 gideon, ally of zendikar
    1 kaya, orzhov usurper
    1 strangler
    2 push
    2 burrenton
    2 cage
    2 stony
    4 rip

    -Round 1, eldrazi tron, 1-2
    Win the first and mistake on second made lose but i can made 2-0.
    -Round 2, bant spirits, 2-1
    He win first with 3 supreem phamton and 2 queller. Second,giver,tidehollow and tks run for win. The third he play noble and 2 lands only, arbiter with quarter and path on noble wins
    -Round 3, monoredphoenix, 2-1
    Burrenton,giver and rip win the match
    -Round 4, eldrazi tron,1-1
    Very lucky for my opponent when out of time he can win with topdeck karn for ballista.
    -Round 5, jund 2-1,
    First he play bolt,push and 3 scooze and flooded. Second pure jund, easy win for him. Third he only play 2 lands and not green,he killed two thalias and i run for win with 2 arbiter and burrenton. Very lucky, he has on hand 2 lili, 1 chandra, decay...
    -Round 6, eldrazi tron, 2-0
    Giver,arbiter and quarter win the 2 matchs.
    -Round 7 uw control,2-1
    Arbiter, displacer and 3 quarters win for me. Second i loseed easy.
    The third game was amazing...i started with giver,displacer and final of his turn path giver and take me a land. On my turn i play flickerwisp on my temple and displacer on flickerwisp for exile white land at the final of turn. He has island and field of ruin only, past and i play other flickerwisp on hallowed fountain , play strangler and put land on cementery and -3-3 on strangler. He play timely reforcements and past...3 turns with double land exiles with two flickers run in the air win the game. I was happy because top8 but i finished 9th.
    The top was 4 hoogack, uw,eldrazi tron and 2 izzet phoenix.
    Giver of runs was amazing protect the field of dismmeber, paths and for combats. While more play giver more like her
    Silent clearing. Never run under 4,amazing land with vials.
    Thalia not great in this momment.
    Tks never under 4 , turn 3 tks is great.
    Stony silence not great, i put revoquer on this place,
    Well sorry for my english and bye
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Rip is the best cementery hate card in modern. It is more difficult to destroy than cage. Against coco you have other cards(tidehollow,tks,thalia). 3 cages and 2 rip could be fine. 3 rip 3 cage...
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Jund is terrible match against wb eldrazi taxes but wb is better against other.
    My sideboard
    3 rip
    2 stony
    2 burrentons
    2 push
    2 mirran
    2 cage
    1 thalia traven
    1 gideon
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Bg loam:
    3 inquisition of kozilek
    2 thoughtseize
    4 tarmogoyf
    ? Trackers
    3-4 dark confident
    3 ayulas influence
    4 life from the loam
    3-4 liliana of the veil
    1 ravens crime
    3-4 push
    2-3 trophy
    Cicle lands black and green, 3 quarters and not sure rest of deck.
    Bg decks is so strong against eldrazi taxes...i won the first game for giver and i losed the second game because new ouphe tax my vial. The third game lili broke me
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Hi,friday win the fnm with my new list post modern horizon.
    2-1 hoggack
    2-0 vizier company
    2-0 grixis control
    2-1 uw control
    And yesterday losed the final of 30 players tournament:
    2-0 w/b eldrazi taxes (mirror). No new cards and easy win
    1-2 bant reliquary.
    2-1 monored phoenyx
    2-0 u/b fayries
    2-0 boros burn
    Top 2-0 bant reliquary.
    Semis 2-1 bant vial spirits.
    Final 1-2 b/g loam

    4 vial
    4 path
    4 giver
    4 leonin
    4 thalia
    4 tidehollow
    4 tks
    4 displacer
    4 flickerwisp
    3 strangler
    1 swamp
    1 plain
    3 concealed courtyard
    4 silent clearing
    4 koilos
    4 quarter
    4 temple

    3 stony
    4 push
    4 cage
    4 rip
    Giver was great when i played , especially against reliquary and red decks. Silent clearing is wonderfull, i drew 3 cards in 1 turn, amazing. Playset sure of giver and silent
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Hey guys, i think the w/b eldrazi taxes is the best version of taxes decks. With modern horizons this is my deck:
    -4 vial
    -4 path
    -4 giver
    -4 thalia
    -4 leonin
    -4 tidehollow
    -4 displacer
    -4 tks
    -4 flickerwisp
    -2 westland strangler
    -1 swamp
    -1 plain
    -4 council
    -4 koilos
    -4 quarter
    -4 silent clearin
    -4 eldrazi temple
    -4 rip
    -4 fatal push
    -2 burrenton
    -2 stony
    -3 cage
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Hi, yesterday i played fnm and won with the same list i posted few days ago...
    1 jeskay control. Win 2-0.Basically,Lingering souls win the match
    2 humans. Win 2-1. Lingering souls and fatal push take me time for displacer win the match
    3 humans.2-0. copter, lingering and strangler win the match
    4 eldrazi tron. 2-1 win. Lose the first because dont have the four land. Stony silence win the 2&3
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  • posted a message on Death And Taxes
    Hi friends. Im new here but i follow this forum long time ago. I was playing taxes from 2013, firts wg hatebears later in 2016 change to wb eldrazi taxes.
    Last sunday i lose in semifinals of tournament with 40 players.
    I made some changes in the deck.
    My list and report:
    4 fatal push (vials)
    3 path to exile
    4 thalia guardian thraven
    4 leonin arbitre
    4 thoughtknock seed
    4 tidehollow
    4 lingering souls (flickerwisp)
    4 eldrazi displacer
    3 westland strangler
    3 smuggler copter
    3 shamblin bent
    1 swamp
    2 plains
    1 godless shrine
    4 marsh flats
    4 ghost quarter
    4 eldrazi temple
    4 cave of koilos
    4 rest in peace
    4 stony silence
    3 burrenton forge tender
    1 path to exile
    3 guardian reliqs leonin

    1 round
    Rg titanshift 1-2 lose (on draw)
    2 round
    Monowhite death and taxes 2-1 win (on draw)
    3 round
    Bant relicary 2-0 win (on play)
    4 round
    Dregde 2-1 win (on draw)
    5 round
    Dregde 2-0 win (on draw)
    6 round
    Not play. 7 in the swiss
    Amulet titan 2-1 (on draw)
    Lose to pili- pala combo...i dont know about this combo super ramdom

    I dont think is time for aether vial, not control in format and we have so strong cards for turn 2 against many decks in format. Lingerings souls - copter sinergy win itselfs and are very powerfull midrange cards, i love it. I was surprised for power of deck.
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