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  • posted a message on [ELD] - r/MagicArena Spoiler -
    This is a good card....
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  • posted a message on [ELD) mythic Sanctuary
    So fetchable island end of turn that is literally a mystical tutor...looks like my legacy deck got a new toy! I can reuse with daze too!

    I am going to see a lot of opponent cast uber spell, wait, fetch sanctuary, put Force of will back on my library, brainstorm, it's countered haha!
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  • posted a message on SCD Stoneforge Mystic
    So how are people finding stoneforge mystic now that is has been unbanned? I am seeing a lot more artifact hate.
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  • posted a message on Standard Meta too Fast?
    Is it just me or is standard being decided within 4 turns especialy with RDW, WDW, BDW in the format?
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Legacy Ban List Discussion Thread (Read OP before Posting)
    Why was mental misstep banned? Yeah, lot of the format is 1 mana spells, but you can also run it yourself or run stuff that cost more than 1 mana.
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  • posted a message on Standard is good now
    Hey, the state of standard seems to be awesome. There are so many diverse decks out there right now. RDW, sultai midrange, esper control and midrance, white aggro and variants, nexus variants, gate variants, grixis control, dimir control, jeskai control, gruul aggro, GW tokens, naya feather, boros angels/feather, simic merfolks, monoblue aggro, superfriends, jace self mill combo

    It appears standard is very diverse! Great job Wizards! Now please make more standard events instead of modern to get more new players!
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  • posted a message on So how much money have you spent on Magic?
    I was curious given all the $$$ everyone spends on Magic. I bet at the Niagara Magicfest for Legacy the average deck was $1000+ given dual lands. Even in Modern opens, the price appears to be $400+. Standard is a bit cheap but still average decks are $300+ and $400+ if control.

    I have been playing Magic at FNM level since 2008. So overall, I spent around $400 on my initial legacy deck (paid $40 for FOW and $60 for underground sea) which is now $3000+ given price spikes. Also, I have always offloaded standard cards near the end of season to a store and gotten staples at like $4 to $1 ratio.

    Overall, in these past 10 years, I think I can barely break even if I sold all my current cards worth around $6000 on Ebay. So it seems like I spend on average $600 per year.
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  • posted a message on Opponent no win-con?
    Hi I was wondering what happens when I play against a nexus of fate deck and then they cannot kill me but have infinite turns, which prevents me from playing? Does the game end in a tie?

    Card tags are mandatory for asking questions in Magic Rulings. Please check your private messages to learn how to use them. -MadMage
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  • posted a message on Teaching your kids to play Magic
    So it appears that I will have a baby girl soon, and I want her to eventually learn how to play magic. Curious on what is an appropriate age to introduce them (10+?) and when should you upgrade them from casual kitchen to FNM? Anyone else with experience teaching their kids? Also do you let them go straight to meta decks or let them play with crummy Timmy cards?
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  • posted a message on MTGA standard meta wide open
    Hey, with the release of Spark on MTGA I am facing quite a variety of decks on gold ranking. It's surprisingly fun with the new Gods all seeing play.
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