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  • posted a message on [Primer] Assault Loam
    Hi guys,

    I'm working on this list :

    Here my reasoning :

    The main plan of the deck is to put one of the 5 copies of seismic assault // ayula's influence in play and make them work fast and efficiently.

    Explore, Faithless Loothing and Manamorphose are only there to powerup a draw engine that can possibly make us draw what we need to execute our game plan or dredge our Life From the Loam. It will give us some advantages on the run : Explore will accelerate our game plan, faithless will essentialy make us draw tons of cards and Manamorphose will fix whatever mana you need.

    Wrenn and Life From the Loam play the same role here : Get back lands and control the board.

    KoTR are mainly here to beat and protect Wrenn. It can also fetch any land in our land toolbox to help us in our game plan. I will not get over all my land choice, but as an ex GW value town player, I think these are all what we need to get a win. I'm open for suggestion here! Smile

    BBE is purely card value that will give us an edge against UW and control deck, even midrange deck. It will even drop an Ayula or Seismic right on board to start heavy pressure. One of the best top deck you can possibly need.

    Wormharvest is an alternate win condition, but honestly i'm not a huge fan.

    Eternal witness... well, it's that or it could be a crusher... But honestly, I think Eternal Withness is just the thing that will make us win our end game by getting back key pieces.

    The best part is the SB, here why :

    Leyline protect us against combo deck and burn deck that in my opinion are the worst loam matchup. It can be cast with manamorphose easily or discarded in a Faithless Looting. Seems pretty strong.

    Force of Vigor in this deck will have the right amount of green card to be MvP. It destroy almost every anti Life From the Loam startegy and can be cast even on a turn 1 SB card. It deal with some deck in a spectacular way. (Affinity, tron, boggle, etc.)

    Anger of the gods is realy nice cause it doesn't realy affect us and shut down dredge for the most part. It can pop in a t3 or t4 bloodbraid elf, clear the board and let BBE start to pressure. It's good against aggro deck, early dork and even certain combo deck. (UR Storm)

    The last cards I was looking for in my SB are eithe grafdigger's cage to work against combo deck and Phoenix deck, the new collector ouphe to work against karn deck or Surgical extraction for it's versality.

    Any thought on that?

    Oh and Sorry for my english, it's not my main language!
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