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  • posted a message on I strongly suspect their is some deck-based matchmaking happening
    This is how it goes. Make a new deck, get matched against weird opponents that seem to have a deck that specifically counters your new weird deck idea.
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][M20] Knight of the Ebon Legion
    Absolutely broken card. Needs a ban immediatly.
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  • posted a message on Core 2020 Three Chandras
    Since my last post got deleted for some reason, Ill try to sum it up again:

    - 6 mana Chandra is poorly designed in terms of gameplay (CBC + emblem spam)

    - young Chandras have terrible artworks that don't feel like MTG at all.

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  • posted a message on I strongly suspect their is some deck-based matchmaking happening
    I can confirm that the matchmaking is rigged somehow. Most decks I've played were non-specific, they had no real archetype and were rather unfamilar to most players. I've also played WUBRG a lot, which makes it even harder to assume what my decks actually do.

    What I've experienced was:

    - decks that run a lot of boardclear will mostly end up against esper control or other deck types that give a ***** about boardclear.
    - decks that are weak to aggro/burn will mostly end up against burn. Switch deck and all of a sudden no aggro, no burn.
    - played against a lot of burn/discard and added white leyline resulted in barely any player target spells
    - played a tricky deck that is a bit slower but still decent, ended up with a ton of fast discard opponents

    Until WOTS it was all cool. I had quite predictable opponents, tweaks actually helped and the meta was somehow consitent. I went to mythic with a pretty bad hsitoric/walker deck. Even with these rigged matchups it was possible to make your deck kinda resiliant to the meta.

    After WOTS came out, my match ups kept getting weirder. It feels like your opponents often have the perfect counter for literally everything youre doing and it's not like they just counter spells. They literally always have the perfect janky specific counter cards to completely disable me.

    Few examples:

    - I've barely seen Karn, the great creator. When I play my new artifact deck, I get matched up against him a lot. Today, I had two matches with opponents pulling out Karn in turn 4, which kinda locked me out of my artifact deck

    - Same for decks that have trouble with flyers. If I play one of my decks that run more stuff like defeaning clarion I never get matched with flyers, probably because 1 clarion is enough to win a game against them. If I play a creature deck that doesn't have much own flyers or spot removal, I get like 5 of em in a row

    - Literally everytime I got a solar blaze in my hand or draw one when wipe is needed, my opponent's creatures have more toughness than power and it ends up being useless

    - Played against a lot of hexproof/dont counter me dinos and got olbliterated often. Added some plaguecrafters and never really saw em again

    - decks with few enchant/artifact removal often ran into decks that had a lot of em, same for walkers and high value targets like thief of sanity

    - going down from 24 to 23 lands in a deck that runs a lot of mana elves changed the deck in way that makes it impossible to draw a 4th or 5th land. Feels like playing 18-20 lands now.

    I don't have more examples at the moment, but I've lost in a really silly manner lately and it got to a point where it is really suspicious. Especially when you see how bad the decks you play against actually are. Makes you wonder how on earth they got that far.

    A friend of mine told me about similar issues and he also mentioned that the way people always have the perfect counter in their decks is just ridiculous, still not talking about the common countermeasures, talking about extremely specific counters/weird counters.

    He also mentioned that he never gets the same opponents as me. He plays more control, I think a lot of grixis and he ends up playing against control only. He said that he improved his experience by playing bo3 with a decent sideboard. He said he won most bo3 matches and it was a better experience than usual.


    played a lot of matches with my artifact deck today and mostof them were against other artifact decks. Until this point, I didn't even knew that there are actually players playing artifact decks. wtf

    Update 2:

    I start to feel that they somehow put you in some sort of league: play a token deck -> compede with other token decks etc. Just a theory but I feel like playing certain deck types results in a lot of semi-mirror matches.
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