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    Hey guys! I am playing humans since May'18. That is the first and only deck I've been playing in modern.
    My list is more or less stock like. Recently I tried to test unsettled mariners and/or force of negations in my main and sideboard. However, there is a lack of guides/information post(fall) horizons and war of the spark sets which shacked MTG so much. There is my notes/questions I'd like to share:

    1. Force of negation. Have not tested much, but I strongly believe this card can have sound slot in a sideboard. The first impression was as it was just announced - I started to consider inclusion into Humans (I played for some long time WU-Weenie in Standard and a game-plan new Force can provide similar plan in Humans). For various match-ups "FoN" can do great job: it counters big sweepers/hey-makers to which Humans historically vulnerable saving our board and gift us with one more (often) lethal turn. It counters: Terminus, Anger, Wrath, Blood Moon, Bridge, Living end, Devastation, Ugin, both Karns, Company, Engineer's explosive, Teferies and other plancewalkers - basically all sweepers which are casted 99% on opponent's turn. It is weak against Verdict. As it takes another blue card (our deck has 16-20 blue humans) which is negative card advantage - it shouldnt really harm us as our game plan is about tempo and curve, not card advantage. So when we draw it we can tap out to fill the board leaving FoN and one another blue card in hand continuing our pressure on opponent. Against current meta I see 2-3 side FoN against - Tron, UW(R) Control mainly and Vizier, Infect, Living end additionally. UG-Canopy + Hierarch also make it castable on our turn.

    2. I also tested unsettled mariners as a mix of Thalia slot (3+2 or so) - I really like 4 of them against any Jeskai, Esper or Jund colours full of spot removal. Mariners become crazy in multiples and/or with Thalia on the field. However it does little or nothing against combo and sweepers this is why Thalia is so still good. I was big advocate of testing it against Phoenixes, however effectively it doesnt do much against manamorphose and other contrips which flips Thing in the ice. Honorable mention that it can find a slot in Humans when combo decks become more popular again - it triggers EACH copy of confligrate, valacut and ballista.

    3. Leyline of the Void versus Surgical extraction. I am still in doubt which card is the best against grave strategies like Hoogack, Phoenixes and Dredge. Why I dont like Leylines: 1) can be broke by ench-hate; 2) worst topdeck in late. Why I like Surgical extraction - 1) we can play it in response; 2) we can see hand/library which is also great for medling mage targets; 3) it is playable when we topdeck it in late. I can see Leylines playing in all list and close to do re-active choice, but wanted to think twice.

    I would be happy to hear any discussion points regarding above as I dont have human-peers to discuss humans things in all my communities where I belong to. So, any ideas/discussion would be much appreciated!
    Posted in: Aggro & Tempo
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