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  • posted a message on Marchesa, Marionette Master - Undying Robots EDH Affinity
    What do you think of liquimetal Coating? Turns Marchesa or other non-artifacts into viable recipients of modular counters. Also randomly allows opponents permanents to be Goblin Weldered.

    And I assume Dockside Extortionist is insane here?
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  • posted a message on Jori En - Izzet Cantrips
    Hi everyone, stumbled upon the deck and instantly fell in love! Exactly what I was looking for, a spell-slinger commander that isn't to degenerate / doesn't draws too much hate. I've played one game so far (and won!), look forward to testing more before I make any edits.

    Using the deck currently in the OP as a baseline, what are peoples thoughts on:
    Budget Replacement for Force of Will, would you recommend Pact of Negation or Counterspell? (how important is free?)

    Search of Azcanta, basically rampant growth with suspend, with a little surveiling in between. Seems like this deck really wants the ramp and should be able to flip it easily.

    Submerge, allows you to stop creature combos for zero mana, protect win-cons, and helps trigger Jori. Combine with Portent or Ray of Erasure (to shuffle / bin their creature after putting it on top) for maximum style points.

    Anyways, thanks for maintaining this list, its fantastic!
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