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    To clear some nonsense up: Judges are by and large NOT volunteers. We do work, and we get paid to do that work. I have NEVER in my 5 years as a Judge done event work for free. I have been compensated with cash for a large number of events, ranging in size from small in store PPTQs to Grand Prix. With a little bit of digging it's possible to even find out what Judges get paid for the larger events. Can we please stop making arguments that Judges are having to pay money to volunteer? It's just flat out incorrect unless said Judge is working for free already, which they probably shouldn't be (but that is their choice).

    For context, I was at SCG Syracuse this past weekend. My profits from the event easily cover my dues as an L2 Judge for next year, not counting the fact that the foils will end up doing the same at least once over.
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