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  • posted a message on Need help building this Throne of Eldraine draft deck!!
    So I drafted Throne of Eldraine on MTG Arena and I guess the bots aren't quite ready lol... It's a UB deck and I only had four cards that WEREN'T in those colors... Here's the pile (minus those four cards) in order of mana cost

    Eye Collector X1
    So Tiny X2
    Cauldron Familiar X1
    Corridor Monitor X1
    Foulmire Knight X2
    Run Away Together X3
    Forever Young X1
    Giant's Skewer X1
    Reave Soul X2
    Hypnotic Sprite X1
    Wishful Merfolk X2
    Didn't Say Please X1
    Queen of Ice X2
    Lost Legion X1
    Tempting Witch X3
    Tome Raider X1
    Foreboding Fruit X2
    Memory Theft X1
    Bake Into A Pie X3
    Wicked Guardian X1
    Bog Naughty X1
    Syr Konrad, The Grim X1
    Sage of the Falls X1
    Gadwick, The Wizened X1
    Into the Story X1

    I know things like Giant's Skewer isn't great, but with cards like Bog Naughty and the Tempting Witch (especially three copies) it seems really good. And I know Forever Young is a filler type of card, but it seems really good with bringing some of these cards back and to help keeping from decking in a grinding match up. There's also a Mystic Sanctuary land that I'd obviously be playing... Again, any help is greatly appreciated!

    **Edit: I guess I should also mention that this is in the traditional draft category so it is best of 3 with sideboarding. I'm pretty sure that's the only available option for Eldraine draft on Arena currently, but thought I'd mention it in case it was relevant.
    Posted in: Limited (Sealed, Draft)
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