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  • posted a message on [Critique my Cube] Newer cuber here, just completed a rebuild + upsizing to 450
    I dont like when players do xyz, is not a good attitude to build a cube in my book. but each to their own.

    also what AL says. decks in paupercube dont tend to become multicolor, because there is no real good fixing, nor any real good payoffs either.
    i run signets and duals and 3/8 decks end monocolored
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  • posted a message on [Critique my Cube] Newer cuber here, just completed a rebuild + upsizing to 450
    i definitely would advocate for signets at least (but also for karoos in principle) because it just makes for a much better play experience being able to play a higher curve and therefore more powerful cards, as well as fixing.
    its not fun to introduce colorscrew to a cube or force them into 3color green
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    a 2/2 is a card. it blocks 1/x and can attack into those and kills in 10 turns, not in 20. if it actually was a 1/1 that bounces it would be worsse in spells matters but more useful all around, since you can bounce it and stuff. i probably wouldnt still run it.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Quote from Kartigan »
    Another card I didn't find a rating for was Callous Dismissal. It's basically a baby Man-O'-War and personally I think that makes it Cubeable.

    Edit: Slimebind is in the 4CC section, not the 2 where it should be.

    im surprised the card is missing, but i think we agreed on borderline, because a 1/1 token isnt a real card Wink 1/1s in general are pretty useless and being a token makes it too fragile.
    Dismissal is quite good in spells matters, because it offers a body being a spell and removes a blocker. That also makes it quite useful in the all bounce deck, where you just run a manowar in every slot.
    main problem is its sorcery speed.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    maybe we have to re-establish what the categories meant, because im under the impression al changed their definitions.

    staple=best in slot card in their group (cmc/creature/spell) you will not find something similiar
    cubable=above curve and overall very solid card, but has a lot of cards of the same powerlevel in its slot, so its interchangable.
    borderline=on curve at best in a vaccuum, but in the right combination/meta, can become even staple.
    bad= absolutely unplayable trash in any given scenario.

    its also totally wrong youre unable to draft and play 2 card combos in cubes, unless you draft against bots or noobs who pick random cards or dont draft the whole 360 because you lack players or whatevs.
    if theyre unplayabe in cube where its guaranteed you find the counterpiece, you should never pick it in limited, where packs are random...
    heck, i had players assemble tron+eldrazi on t5 against me when i ran it in my cube (as 1ofs).
    running fringe synergies also mitigates the problem players end with too many playables and cant find cuts for their decks. a slighty variance in powerlevel also makes more interesting draft, because you just cant or shouldnt just autopick the cards in your color.

    when it comes to coursers, ive never been a big friend and they were the first cards axed again when i tried to include them. its forever ago when Cathodion got rarity shifted and pretty much outclassed all the green coursers for good. and at that point rw already had 3/3 first strikers for 3.
    besides getting infinite 3/x for cmc2 across the colors a 3/3 is barely any better than a 3/2 nowadays.
    The Trufflesnout is great in limited, but kinda crappy in cube, because we have both better lifegain and better bodies. Its borderline at best and more of a sb card against burn and we all agreed sb only cards are rather meh and should be avoided.
    Ornery Dilophsaur is horrible, even Rumbling Baloth is better.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    mancer + capsule are 2 cards. if you run both capsules thats 3 cards in the cube either monocolored or UB. considering you draft the whole cube its not tough to collect either combination. once you drafted them its only a 40 card deck. the capsules are perfectly playable on their own.
    mancer is also a piece in the uw artifact deck.

    with your logic, any 2 card synergy is unplayable.

    but whatevs, i will play the card and dont really care about your evaluations anyway. there are already tons of playables in the bad category.
    its just sad for new builder coming here and ignoring all those cool interactions.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    i c.
    how is adding a capsule a giant obstacle? with the black one. it offers an easy 3:1 then. having a fringe but strong interaction is the main definition of borderline.

    dont agree aven is better. it costs life, asks for a sac everytime and dies to bolt. evasive 2 isnt a huge threat either.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Id say Archaeomender is borderline.

    my reason as always. If it offers a 2:1 is at least borderline. Its not a big deal to add the U and B capsule to enable that.

    same applies to crypt lurker, which either cycles away an outclassed drop or a pacified creature. might bump it to cubable actually. only the cmc5 might hold it back since spots are scarce there.

    but didnt we get rid of "staple" and kept cubable, borderline, bad? im confused. if not. lurker is def. cubable

    Drowsing Tyrannodon doesnt become a 4/4 which would be insane.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    Cavalry Drillmaster is the better "pumpspell" if you want that effect, since it also grants first strike. yet its only borderline as well.

    Skyjek and Avenger are the new baseline for 3/1s since they at least offer some upside and can attack more often. i mean, if you did cut skyjek, an evasive 3/1 is borderline by now. what does that tell you about vanilla 3/1s
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The "Evaluate Everything" Project
    i dont get why you keep putting 3/1s in the cubable category. i find them outright bad, but could live with borderline at best. i mean, who is really running them still?

    theyve been interesting back then, before red got all its 3/2, but that was 2010?
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Colossal Dreadmaw -rp
    Drowsing Tyrannodon - its kinda interesting in green rush decks, if you have a certain amount of 4/x at cmc3 as well. Dont actually turn the race if youre against red, so its a pass for me.

    Garruk's Gorehorn - much stats, but too weak

    Gnarled Sage - its too tough to reliably draw 2 unless you have a looter. green has better things that dont rely on that.

    Hunter's Edge - green removal is crap and this sx real hard.

    Life Goes On - 8 life is a lot, but this is sb only stuff. meh.

    Llanowar Visionary - best card of the set. helps mitigate the valueloss for ramp a little.

    Ornery Dilophosaur - nah

    Portcullis Vine -3 toughness isnt enough in cubes anymore to really block stuff.

    Pridemalkin - weird combination of effects, especially for a petcat. any mode is unexciting

    Ranger's Guile - rp

    Return to Nature - its a sb card against a lot of decks, but still sb stuff.

    Run Afoul - sb tech and more of a constructed one.

    Sabertooth Mauler - i can see some decks might want this. stuff that grows is always scary. lacks trample though.

    Setessan Training - a good way to grant trample. some cubes need this.

    Snarespinner - cute, but doesnt survive much.

    Titanic Growth -rp

    Track Down - so blue bleeds into green now, which is a good thing. 2 mana cantrips are not.

    Trufflesnout - a 3/3 for 3 is okay if youre the aggrodeck and 2/2 plus life nice if youre the controldeck, so the flexibility in nice. in limited. our decks can focus on one strategy directly and find better stuff
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  • posted a message on M21 Previews and discussions
    Quote from ahhabee »
    I guess that’s fair, Rager also always seemed meh to me. Essentially a place holder in black until I had something to replace it. I guess for me I would rather jam 1 and 2 cmc ramp cards and pump out cmc 4/5/6 on turn 3 than play this on turn 3... but I do agree cmc 3 green always seems a weak, so it could find a place.

    In ways it’s also similar to cultivate. The ramp isn’t as permanent as cultivate and instead of it drawing a land of your choosing/color fixing you draw a random card. I’ll buy it see what happens

    wait, what? cmc3 is the sweetspot for green, because you ramp manaelf into t2 3 drop. the random card is also infinitely better lategame than the 2nd land you get from cultuvate.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Bone Pit Brute - red finishes with x-spells that dont suck before turn 6. dont run this

    Burn Bright - reprint

    Chandra's Magmutt - a 2/2 in red is below curve rn and pinging the player is unexciting as well. get a real tim

    Crash Through -rp

    Destructive Tampering - an artifact removal thats also a mb card. not too shabby if you run problematic artifacts.

    Furor of the Bitten - i quite like it. it really pushes aggro. the thoughness boost makes it annoying to deal with. .

    Goblin Arsonist - rp

    Goblin Wizardry - spells matters topcard

    Hobblefiend - sac in red enables unfair threaten plays

    Igneous Cur - essentially another 3/2 that grows with your manadevelopment and offers a nice sink. toughness of 2 makes it playable, but not great.

    Onakke Ogre - rp

    Pitchburn Devils - rp
    Scorching Dragonfire - can find a place in gy heavy cubes

    Shock - rp
    Spellgorger Weird - rp
    Sure Strike - rp
    Thrill of Possibility - i dont like mediocre effects to break the colorwheel. splash in black or blue instead
    Turn to Slag - burn that doesnt hit players should be a nono
    Turret Ogre - even if you guarantee the trigger it only hits players, so meh.
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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)
    Alchemist's Gift - best variation of those is Virulent Swipe

    Blood Glutton - yeah. no. Id rather take the 4 toughness on Scrounger of Souls

    Caged Zombie - there are only so much creatures to die and we have similiar effects for free.

    Crypt Lurker - great card in the value cube. fuels gy and cycles useless meat.

    Deathbloom Thallid - reprint
    Duress - reprint

    Fetid Imp - reprint

    Finishing Blow - too pricey

    Gloom Sower - biggest black creature, thats about it

    Grasp of Darkness - Reprint.

    Infernal Scarring - rp

    Liliana's Steward - i dont see a reason why you want this.

    Masked Blackguard - flash is a good mechanic and shade is as well. but 2/1s are too weak.

    Mind Rot - rp

    Rise Again - i like to see reanimation at commom. cmc 5 is too much thoug and white already does it better.

    Sanguine Indulgence - its a nice tempogain if you trigger this.

    Skeleton Archer - rp

    Village Rites - nice trick, but i dont have room for this

    Walking Corpse - black has better bears by now

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  • posted a message on [[Pauper]] The Pauper Cube Discussion Thread (Commons Only)

    Cancel - usually worse than the UX counter

    Capture Sphere - too pricey

    Frantic Inventory - useless in cubes, unless you break singleton

    Frost Breath -reprint

    Keen Glidemaster - might just run Wingcrafter

    Library Larcenist - not enough impact, very fragile. will often at least replace himself.

    Lofty Denial - not too shabby in the flyerdeck.

    Mistral Singer - a pretty decent wind drake, but cmc3 is contested hard.

    Opt - weakest of the cantrips. add this one last.

    Rain of Revelation - reprint

    Read the Tides - we get both effects much cheaper

    Rewind - reprint

    Roaming Ghostlight - i assume chillbringer is better, because lategame the bounce doesnt matter much and only neglects one combat.

    Rookie Mistake - too gimmicky imo

    Rousing Read - worse cartouche

    Spined Megalodon - best blue finisher yet and i ran benthic giant + Aqueous Form for quite some time. the scry is quite useful

    Teferi's Protege - im not a friend of the fragile and useless 1/1 looter for combat, so i did run the 2/1s if anything. since i dont wanna loot every turn either, i might favor the protege.

    Tome Anima - i dont know what to think of extra draw bonusses. probably too situational. i dont need unblockables anyway, so meh.

    Vodalian Arcanist - has the same problems as the green guys. if you spend the mana u cant block or attack. and the limitation to spells hurt as well.

    Wall of Runes -reprint

    Wishcoin Crab - reprint
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