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  • posted a message on Review my deck?
    I would love it if someone would take a look at my deck and give their thoughts! Just wanting to see others opinions and what they would take out or add!

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  • posted a message on Magic Questions
    Do you know of any cards that do the same affect as Surestrike Trident? I’m running a mono green deck, and have been looking for cards that do the same effect? peteroupc
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  • posted a message on Magic Questions
    If I attach Surestrike Trident to Blightsteel Colossus, will I be able to use Surestrike Trident’s ability when he enters the battlefield?

    Any help would be truly appreciated!

    Hi there! I've replaced your links to Gatherer with card tags, which are what you need to use when asking questions in the Magic Rulings forum. Please check your private messages to learn how. Also, I've fused your first two posts: we prefer that you edit your first post if you want to add something instead of posting again if there is no new post yet. Thank you! -MadMage
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