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  • posted a message on ikoria - quarantine of behemoths
    Yeah, but unlike Shrine, it's definitely not guaranteed to connect. It also doesn't have the evasion that Errant Ephemeron does, though I think the ability to top-deck and cycle it as well as the repeatable effect and larger creature does make up for the lack of flying.
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  • posted a message on Cycling Archetype
    Idk, I guess it's kind of a subjective thing, but I prefer Krosan Tusker over Shefet Monitor for that type of effect/option (land and draw or big body), as cycling 4 seems much more than cycling 3.


    On a completely separate note, I just want to emphasize that for the "cycling archetype" to be a thing it would likely have to fit into a 2-color pair and have the vast majority of it's cards be good enough or almost good enough on their own. Take Drannith Stinger for example. It's a good playoff within the "cycling" deck, but if that first ability is blank text (which it would be outside of that archetype), then a Grizzly Bears with cycling 1 isn't something I want in my deck. Maybe if my red aggro deck is really short on 2s... maybe... but that's just a sign that my deck is in a bad place. Drannith Healer is the same situation. Outside of the cycling deck it's borderline unplayable. I don't want it in my white weenie aggro deck. I don't want it in my life-gain deck. I probably just don't want it period. Something like Valiant Rescuer is a little better, as the vanilla 3/1 body with cycling 2 is more appealing than the 2/2 for aggro, but you still don't want that guy in a tokens deck unless you are at least half into the cycling archetype.

    And those are the cards that at least do "something" outside of their specific archetype. Others like Astral Slide are great payoffs, but stone-cold-blanks in anything other than cycling.

    Archetypes like this are always tricky to include, since they often become parasitic on your cube. You need to find the right number of these payoff type cards to make it worth it but not so many that all you can do in... say... red and/or white is draft cycling on rails. I'd say include a tiny sprinkling of the most powerful cycling payoffs and as many Boon of the Wish-Giver and Neutralize type cards as possible.
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  • posted a message on Cycling Archetype
    There might not be a particular green cycling payoff signpost card like Astral Slide or Lightning Rift, but there are green cards with cycling that are probably good enough or borderline good enough on their own. I also think cycling big green monsters and reanimating them or using other GY synergies most commonly found in the Golgari colors is a sort of "payoff" strategy that has been used for years.

    Dissenter's Deliverance (maybe)
    Edge of Autumn
    Greater Sandwurm
    Krosan Tusker
    Migration Path
    Rampaging Hippo (maybe)
    Shefet Monitor (maybe)
    Titanoth Rex
    Wild Dogs (maybe)
    and of course the lands which every color has access to
    Tranquil Thicket (for green specifically)
    Ash Barrens
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  • posted a message on RGx Assault Loam
    Hello fellow Assault/Loam players. I took a little break from Modern back in August after Looting got banned; by the looks of the forum activity, apparently I wasn't the only one. Anyway, with a little down-time on my hands my mind has returned to my long-time pet deck, and I've been trying to brew up a list for the current metagame (which I notice has changed a ton). Hopefully some of you guys are still around to discuss some new ideas.

    Mulch is a cool card that I played years ago, and it can definitely provide CA in a land-heavy deck and is a great way to continue to get lands to use for Assault if something happens to your GY. That said, I remember I switched away from it because paying 2cmc to do something that has no effect on the board on turn 2 (or at any point really) can mean death in some of the faster Modern MUs. It may be good again in the right deck though, Idk. For the record however, while I love the Rebecca Guy art from SH, we have Winding Way now, and it's a strict upgrade, so you should probably be running that.

    Also, in regard to the rest of your list, did you end up testing it? Because I'm one hundred percent certain that thirteen colorless lands and one black-only producing land aren't going to allow a deck with RRR Seismic Assault to function.

    Like I said, I've been away for quite awhile, so I don't really know what people have tested or not, but the main Theros: Beyond Death card that stood out to me is Kroxa, Titan of Death's Hunger. I see many of the Jund decks have begun to incorporate 1-3 copies - shifting a bit more towards the Rakdos colors in the process. Still, I think, in theory at least, the Jund versions of our deck would be better set-up to utilize it as a 1-of, since we're better at filling the yard with food for it, and since our mana-bases have been running Seismic Assault and Raven's Crime in the same deck for years, we probably wouldn't have to do much in terms of alterations.

    Honestly though, I'm still playing around with some of the new toys we got from MH1 and WAR. While losing Looting definitely hurt, it definitely opened up a few more slots for brewing.
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  • posted a message on Jund
    Wow! This thread isn't very active anymore. I haven't payed much attention to Modern in the last six months or so, and I notice the metagame has changed quite a bit with bannings and new printings. Although I'm not a Jund player (my pet deck has long been Assault/Loam), I figure the two decks have a ton in common nowadays with Wrenn and Six. Anyway, I was hoping my friends here on the Jund forum could answer an all-important question for me.

    Is Modern currently a Lightning Bolt or a Fatal Push format?

    What do I mean by this? Well, if you had say six slots would you split it 4-2 in one direction or the other or just go 3-3?

    Also, what really needs killing? I notice a bunch of newish cards like Emrys, Urzas, Ice-Fang Coatls, Uros, as well as all the rest of the usual suspects: Death's Shadows, Primeval Titans, Goblin Guides and co., three different U/W planeswalkers, Jund creatures, Humans, Eldrazi, etc... Obviously, neither Bolt or Push are great against some of these.

    For what it's worth, I notice Reid Duke opted for 4 Bolt, 2 Push in his latest video (a list I think he said he said Willy Edel used to top-8 a challenge). Maybe that configuration was specific to his list though, Idk.

    Here's the link: https://www.channelfireball.com/all-strategy/videos/modern-jund-standard-reid-duke/
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant Archetype]] Golgari Graveyard Value
    I haven't seen you guys mention three Golgari cards that I would think are great for this archetype: Acolyte of Affliction, Golgari Findbroker, and Baloth Null. Why not? They seem like slam-dunks for any grindy, graveyard value deck, and even though Findbroker's mana cost is fairly restrictive, green decks are often the most equipped to pull this off.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant MCD]] Snow Cards
    For those who've tried allowing (or requiring) basics to be snow since Modern Horizons how have the snow cards been performing? I'm specifically interested in learning if anyone tried Conifer Wurm, Winter's Rest, or Blizzard Strix, since I assume Frostwalk Bastion, Icehide Golem, Arcum's Astrolabe, Skred, and Abominable Treefolk are just great with snow.
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  • posted a message on Pauper Rankings: Green 5 drops
    @AI_Z_Heimer and Marl Karx,

    You both make some good points, but Excavating Anurid has always been great for me in Pauper. I often prefer it over Entourage of Trest because Monarch can be a liability against some decks.

    As I mentioned, the context of what else is in your deck, and at what point in the game it is, matters. Obviously, you don't power this out via a mana elf on turn 4, sac your fourth land (especially if it's the last one you have, and go down to just three when you have other 5-drops to play, and when you likely don't have Threshold yet. Anurid isn't really a MGA kind of card; I guess it could be your curve topper, where trading in the fifth land that you weren't going to use anymore is real card advantage, but even then it seems unlikely that you're taking advantage of the bonus +1/+1 and Vigilance that Threshold provides - at least immediately. That said, it wasn't that long ago that people were playing Kavu Climber and such, and Anurid is likely better than those even without the bonuses.

    Where Excavating Anurid really shines imo is in a midrange - or even control - deck. There it serves as sort of curve topper that comes in, draws you a real card in exchange for a superfluous land, can swing in for 5 damage to end the game quickly, all while playing defense at the same time because of Vigilance. Cards like Satyr Wayfinder, Winding Way, removal, and instants and sorceries in general - anything that goes to the yard really - go well with it. Note also that it is very spashable.

    To each his own though.
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  • posted a message on Pauper Rankings: Green 5 drops
    I think he's looking for Pauper - i.e. common - green 5-drops, not Peasant.

    In regard to the topic, I love both Entourage of Trest and Excavating Anurid Both provide a nice combination of beef and card advantage. I guess it really depends what your green deck is looking for though.
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  • posted a message on Theros: Beyond Death Spoilers for Peasant Cube
    Siona, Captain of the Pyleas

    I’ve seen a lot of people mention this card, and while most seem excited about her (how could you not be with that Wonder Woman art), I sense some amount of hesitancy over what would be needed to support her. As mentioned above, an “enchantments matter” theme is way easier to pull off than an “aura’s matter” one. Because of this I started brainstorming what auras in the Selesyna colors are actually cubeable and to what degree. Additionally, I noted which are capable of and that you might want to use to enchant your own creatures, since Siona’s second ability only provides value under these circumstances. Obviously, you can build enough support into any archetype you want, but at some point it definitely becomes pretty parasitic, with certain cards only really being playable in one specific deck. Anyway, here’s what I’ve come up with:

    S-Tier (Auras that every Peasant cube everywhere is playing even with no support whatsoever)
    Rancor (enchants your creature)

    Tier 1 (Fairly strong, commonly played auras that don’t need support)
    Utopia Sprawl
    Fertile Ground
    Curse of Predation
    Faith's Fetters

    Tier 2 (Totally fine auras that don’t really need support but that aren’t universal)
    Wild Growth
    Wolfwillow Haven
    Temporal Isolation
    Gift of Paradise
    Elephant Guide (enchants your creature)
    Recumbent Bliss
    Armadillo Cloak (enchants your creature)
    Unflinching Courage (enchants your creature)

    Tier 3 (Sketchier auras or auras that are probably only playable with support)
    Ethereal Armor (enchants your creature)
    Gryff's Boon (enchants your creature)
    Cartouche of Solidarity (enchants your creature)
    Hyena Umbra (enchants your creature)
    Sentinel's Eyes (enchants your creature)
    Kenrith's Transformation
    All that Glitters (enchants your creature)
    Spirit Mantle (enchants your creature)
    Curse of Chains
    Hydra's Growth (enchants your creature)
    Boar Umbra (enchants your creature)
    Cartouche of Strength (enchants your creature)
    Ancestral Mask (enchants your creature)
    Moldervine Cloak (enchants your creature)
    Griffin Guide (enchants your creature)
    Arrest/Luminous Bonds
    Shield of the Oversoul (enchants your creature)
    Gift of Orzhova (enchants your creature)

    Help me out if I missed some obvious ones, but I think most everything else would fall into a Tier 4 or below category. In making this short list I was amazed at how few really good, stand-alone auras there are – especially ones that you actually want to attach to your own creatures. For instance, most of the stuff that would trigger Siona’s second ability is in the lower tiers.

    My conclusion is that if I’m going to try to cube Siona, then her second ability is basically never going to trigger (not without making space for a ton of “lower tier” archetype support stuff at least). So the question is, am I fine with her just being a 2/2 for 3cmc that PROBABLY (this isn’t for sure either without a bit of extraordinary support) grabs a Pacifism effect when she etbs. Let me know what you think.
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  • posted a message on White 5, 6, and 7 drop creatures
    Thanks for all the input everyone. I like the look of Syr Alin, the Lion's Claw and had never heard of or considered Elite Scaleguard, but I definitely see the value of it for both counters and Blink synergies. Here's to Wizards printing some more good options at peasant in this space (or downshifting a few more lower powered rares like they did with Feudkiller's Verdict).
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  • posted a message on White 5, 6, and 7 drop creatures
    Hello peasant people,

    I'm trying to convert my 720 card, rare, unpowered cube into a "mostly peasant cube." In doing so I find myself mainly cutting the Baneslayers and Sun Titans of the world - leaving a major need for good 5, 6, and 7 drop creatures (in every color really, but in white for the purposes of this discussion).

    What are some good options for these slots?

    At the moment I'd say Cloudgoat Ranger is a shoe-in, and I'm seriously considering Sentinel of the Eternal Watch. Beyond that I'm kind of at a loss and am halfway considering using some lower-powered rares like Arbiter of Knollridge, Geist-Honored Monk, and Reveillark to fill what appears to be a total void at the peasant level. Am I missing some obvious choices, or is this really the case?
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][THB] Klothys, God of Destiny
    People seem to be focusing a ton on "its ability to ramp you." My question is this: how often are you really going to have a land in your graveyard and have this on turn three? From my perspective (and granted I'm looking at it from the perspective of a bigger cube - 720) there are only so many lands that get themselves into the graveyard. I remember trying out cards with the Delirium ability and assuming at the time that I could almost take for granted that I'd find some way to get a land into the yard; it was harder than I thought. Maybe you won't have your one fetch and this both early. Maybe you won't even have a fetch in your deck. Of course, you could have other lands like Strip Mine, but in my 720 card cube I only have seventeen lands that easily enter the graveyard. Obviously manlands can die, and you could use spells to loot away lands as well. I just don't think this is a consistent source of early ramp in bigger or even mid-sized cubes.

    Additionally, it's a one-time use unless you - or your obliging opponent I suppose - puts another land into the yard.

    I could be totally wrong here, but I honestly didn't see "slam dunk Gruul cube card" when I first saw this; I saw "another interesting Gruul card for a lands-matter package."
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  • posted a message on [CUBE][THB] Klothys, God of Destiny
    The "opponents can't gain life" aspect of Sulfuric Vortex is as critical as the consistent two damage a turn. This has neither, in that it can miss, and, as mentioned, is two colors. I agree that the creature aspect of Klothys isn't going to happen in cube, and I think the ability to add mana by exiling lands is unlikely as well. Exiling specific stuff from the GY is definitely useful however. Also, is it just me, or does dealing two damage (to an opponent) and gaining two life seem more like an Orzhov thing than Gruul?

    Interesting card, but I don't think it's for my cube.
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  • posted a message on The State of Modern Thread (B&R 08/07/2019)
    The problem was, it wasn't a Tier 1 combo deck but a Tier 0 combo deck. When people are being forced to SB 6-8 cards just to have a chance to beat it games 2 and 3, then that's warping the metagame more than is acceptable.

    Also, really fast, really consistent combo decks are the decks most likely to violate the basic speed tenets that are supposed to exist in Modern. They're also probably the least interactive.
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