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  • posted a message on UR Twin (2/2015 - 1/2016)
    Let me explain my card choices. When I really started tested the deck a month ago (I'm testing for gp Copenhagen), I played a version without spellskite or anger of the gods main, but with 2 blood moon maindecked. My experience was that the meta had evolved around blood moon. Moon was a fantastic card half a year ago, an auto win against many decks. Today the only deck it automatically wins against seems to be bloom-titan. Theres one way to use this to our advantage. Fetch for basic islands game 2 and 3 when you could have gotten the steam vents tapped. Fake it, and get your opponnents to play around it. If you want to have any success with this deck you need to learn to fake the combo. Its basically the same thing with blood moon.

    The metas weakness to blood moon was gone. Instead there were some new decks that caught my eye. Especially Anafenzas company and the new elfball-deck. With 2 anger of the gods main, I've never lost to any of them, (3 matches vs anafenza, 6 matches vs elves). I find that anger gives me some free wins, and doesn't hurt all that much against creature-light decks. Most decks in modern has some sort of creature base.

    Swerve is a later addition, but I have been very happy with it. Noone sees it coming, and when you resolve it, it really feels dirty. I wanted to try it out because I needed an answer to abrupt decay and rending volley. Can't be countered, but can be redirected. It's hillarious against burn, and in the mirror you can try to steal their splinter twin when they try to go off. You can also swerve thoughtseize, inquisition or any counterspell so it counters itself. It's very versatile, and you guys should try it out. But as TehCheator pointed out, redirect is probably just better.

    I have not been impressed with grim lavamancer. I play a controlish game, focusing on the combo. When I have tried lavamancer, I always end up prioritizing what to kill because it takes time for my graveyard to fill up. Also its a nonbo with snapcaster mage and harvest pyre.

    I have tried different answers to bigger creatures like goyf, tasigur, rhino and so on, and haven't found the ideal answer yet. They all seem somewhat clunky, but I think pyre is the least clunkiest.

    Right now I'm testing Teferi, mage of zhalfir, as a one off in the sidebard and it seems to have some merrit, but I can get back to you later.
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  • posted a message on UR Twin (2/2015 - 1/2016)
    After extensive testing I am starting to feel confident with this deck. I went 3-1 yesterday with this list: http://www.mtggoldfish.com/deck/293752#online Please tell me what you think about it. The lack of clique is a direct result of the lack of money.

    How much do you guys sideboard against GBx midrange decks, and how big difference does it make? I'm close to giving up the matchup...
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  • posted a message on Multiple spellskites and multiple targets
    I had a situation on magic online the other day. I controlled a spellskite with a splinter twin attached and a snapcaster mage. My opponent tried to electrolyze both my creatures. In response I made a spellskite copy and tried several times to make it so Snapcaster mage wasn't targeted. But I could only move the one damage assigned to spellskite, I could not remove the target from snapcaster mage. Is this just a bug or is there any logic to how this works?
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  • posted a message on UR Twin (2/2015 - 1/2016)
    Thanks, that makes sense. I played junk at a local tournament wednesday, and got smashed. Even though I got him with the blood moon, I couldnt find the combo, and he topdecked a path and a plains to get another basic. I also played soul sisters twice. That matchup also seemed hard. Do you have any experience playing against soul sisters Sxnr1se? It seems like a drawn out match to survive and find a loophole for the combo.
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  • posted a message on UR Twin (2/2015 - 1/2016)
    Hey guys. I've been playing twin for some months and have got some good results lately. Im planning on taking twin to gp copenhagen in june. What is the worst matchups for ur twin? How is the junk midrange matchup in particular?
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  • posted a message on Running a charity tournament.
    (if this is the wrong subforum, feel free to move it) and (apologies for my english)

    I am plannning running a tournament where all the profit goes to charity. I really love the idea of my local group of players doing good while having fun playing Magic. The plan this far is to get cards donated to be used as prizes, and charging some ammount as entry fee. This way it suggests that the format should be some form for constructed, (or else players would have to pay for product, making the entry fee expensive. Thing is though, I bet there would be more people interrested if the format were sealed. Is there any elegant ways to make it sealed?

    Otherwise it would be lovely to hear from someone who has run such a tournament before. What is different, and smart fixes for challenges?
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  • posted a message on Combo is a nonbo, Please delete. :(
    Oh. Totally missed that. If any mods are reading, feel free to delete the thread. Frown
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  • posted a message on Combo is a nonbo, Please delete. :(
    I give you a half a deck that I've thought about all day now:

    If you don't see it, 3 O-rings or Banishing Lights or any combination of these for infinite constellation triggers. You can even loop 2 O-rings and 1 Relic-Warder for the same effect.

    - O-ring is rarely a dead card
    - The combo doesn't make use of the graveyard
    - Neither is it affected by Torpor Orb or Hushwing Gryff
    - Allthough 3 combo pieces are needed to get the wheels turning, the deck can run all 16, making the loop very probable.

    - The mana curve quickly becomes very heavy in the 3 drop.
    - It is not the fastest combo deck.
    There is probably some more cons, but I'm high on the deck and need someone else to tell me.

    If I would add to the deck right now, I would add a solid discard package first and then I would maybe splash green for some ramp and "Commune with the Gods"

    Can anyone help me build a shell around this?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/R Delver
    "you can't beat every hand they have, so don't sacrifice win % vs the hands you can beat in a futile attempt to beat their best hands."

    this helps me a lot. thanks. Sadly goyfs aren't an option. But Lavamancers will be maindecked, as it is good vs my meta. TheFakeSlimShady argued that electrickery is better than electrolyze in the current modern environment. I can definitely see the upside to it, and I have no plans to play electrolyze in my 75. What do you think?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/R Delver
    Thanks alot for advice, but how do you play that matchup. The only way I can see myself playing aggressively is if I go T1 delver on the play. Otherwise I think its better to try to answer affinitys threats. Even on the play holding spell snare mana up turn one is reasonable, as the t1 ravager happens from time to time. This will probably improve once I get 2 grim lavamancers main deck.

    Any thoughts on the merfolk matchup. They seem to tempo the tempo deck out easily...
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  • posted a message on [Primer] U/R Delver
    Allright guys I need some help. I played this deck a couple of days ago.

    I lost first round against affinity, won the second against slivers, lost the third vs mono R storm-aggro and won the last against living end. Living end seemed easy as long as I had some counterspells in hand. The loss round 3 I blame luck. He played a high varience deck, and got two good hands. GG. (Interesting deck though with Burning-Tree Emissary, red rituals, goblin bushwacker and goblin rabblemaster). Round 2 was an easy win. Not the best player, tier 3 (?) deck. First round I lost to affinity 2-0. He's a player that has played affinity each tournament the last year and plays it very well. It is a matchup I have serious trouble beating. I'll come back to this later. The loss round one meant I didn't got to test the deck against the best decks in the meta. Oh well...

    I played Perilous Research and Deprive after reading a post in this thread. I thought it seemed allright and fun. All though Deprive didn't perform as I'd hope, I really liked the research. I tried 2 Electrickery in the 75 and think it's a good call. The Ninja should probably go. It's old tech. I thought of trying 2 Gut Shot, but could only find room for one. I wish I'd play 0. The Boomerang is a personal favourite. Sometimes it wins the game for you turn 2, (turn 1 delver, turn 2 boomerang his land).

    It is important that I have a good affinity matchup. It seems to me that it is very hard to rase them. Most affinity opening 7 are just faster than yours. If not they have a lifelinker that I can't race. If not they have the removal for my one delver. Am I wrong? Should I be more aggresive? I boarded Elecktrickery, Shatterstorm, Ancient Grudges and the Magma spray. Please, any advise in this matchup is very welcome.

    On a more general note how do you like my version? Any suggestions for change? I am not completely happy with serum visions, thinking of run a 2/2 maybe 3/2 split visions/sleight of hand. I hate drawing a card I don't need, having to wait for the one I want.
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  • posted a message on RG Vial aggro
    I think I may have a sleeper of a synergy here and need someones input on the idea.

    The basic Idea is: With Æther Vial and Burning-Tree Emissary we have two ways of cheating both Myr Superion and Talara's Battalion into play. In a R/G aggro deck both Vial and Emissary are viable choices, and beaters like the Myr and the battalion fit in the same strategy. Note that if you vial in the emissary turn 3 you may have 5 mana to play with that turn. With two efficient two drops like that, Experiment One seems like a god choice.

    Lately some mono green aggro decks have made a splash in smaller tournaments, and I don't see why this couldn't do the same. Many decks have a hard time dealing with a couple Tarmogoyfs, and Myr Superion shure makes a good impersonation. So what do you think?
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Turbo Fog
    I recently played a tournament with 16 players. I faced gifts reanimator, U/w devotion, B/g zombies and burn. I lost 3 matches and drew against Uw devotion. This is the list I played:

    My version aimed at gaining a large advantage through taking extra turns with time warp before finishing them off with increasing confiusion. Allthough I lost some matches I won some games. But all in all it's probably true that if you're going to take extra turns, the time warp deck is just better at it. If I were to cut the time warp for a slightly different version of the deck, I can't really see it making the deck any better. I wanted to test Turbofog as I had a feeling Dictate of Kruphix would push it into competitive. I was wrong, but dictate is still the strongest turbo in the deck. Maybe in some time wizard will print a card, overlooked by most, that fits this deck perfectly.

    I hope someone else can take this deck to the next level, and please critique my version if you'd like. Happy brewing!

    edit: BTW Teferi is nuts versus counterspells.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Goblins
    What do people think about the kaboomist? I don't think many has catched up on this, but it may be a decent answer to kor firewalker, etched champion and other problematic creatures with prot red, especially in builds running æther vial.
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  • posted a message on [Primer] Turbo Fog
    I agree with Tyler. I have played different versions of the deck since I played turbosmog in lorwyn/alara standard. While many of the brews posted here are interesting, they're not turbofog because they play to different strengths than turbofog does. If there is one reason turbofog is viable again it's because of dictate of kruphix. The card makes it possible for us to sit on fogs and play turbo if the fogs are redundant that turn. I've recently updated my build. I would post it here but I don't have the deck in front of me, maybe I'll post it later. My build is white/blue and in this build azorius signet seems to perform well. The ability to play it turn 2 gives us the option to play both howling mine and a fog turn 3.

    I am testing a card I'm not that sure about. What are you're reactions to vision skeins? I play it instead of the temple bell. Test it out and tell me what you think. Smile
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