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  • posted a message on [EVE] Noggles = Unhinged Style Donkeys
    I as a person whose favorite color combo is RU (yeah, I drink Pepsi. with lime sometimes too -RU/g-) I must say that the choice of a Noggle tribe for the color pair upsets me partially.

    Im sure Noggles were just the leftovers of the storyboard/artwork team just like how red blue's competitive edge in Eventide Standard these days is a leftover from the recent core sets...I'll make due and find some deck though...cause no matter what the can looks like ("and yes, the can for this brand does look bad") or tastes like ("and yes, the product does taste a little funny")...("what were we talking about again?" "something about either playing soda or drinking magic?" "No-No-No...Oh Right!") Im a Red Blue ("Purple?") fan...and true fans of a color-pair stick with a product until it kills them (*gulp* "...I don't wanna die") or becomes better.
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  • posted a message on Boros and Blue
    I was thinking of a deck that was more of a midpoint between this and Angelfire, but I think more tech creatures like Vendillion Clique are necessary. Honestly I think you could add 1-2 Knollspine Invocation to this deck and still have it run midrange aggro instead of midrange control also. I dont know if the Keldon Marauders are good for what this deck should really be capable of, because you need to have efficient or stable creatures on the board.
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