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  • posted a message on Mega Life Gain Turbo Mega Ultra (Aggro)
    This deck is very aggro-y while gaining you life as a backup. Swamps are there for the sideboard. Any thoughts?

    LANDS! (23)
    2 Fetid Heath
    14 Plains
    6 Swamps

    Creatures! (21)
    4 Nip Gwyllion
    4 Martyr Of Sands
    4 Knight Of Meadowgrain
    4 Nightsky Mimic
    3 Deathbringer Liege
    2 Divinity Of Pride

    Spells (16)
    4 Edge Of The Divinity
    4 Unmake
    3 Wrath Of God
    3 Beckon Apparition
    2 Batwing Brume


    True Believer `
    Profane Command
    Batwing Brume
    Talara's Bane
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