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  • posted a message on [Framingham, MA] Game Underground Power Nine STANDARD event, Power Nine Guaranteed!

    The first of a Quarterly event held at Game Underground, pits players against each other in a no holds barred standard event for the chance to win a Piece of aforementioned Power 9!

    Tournament begins at 1pm, entry will be 30 Dollars per person, we will be holding events thereafter and rounds will be based on amount of players. Top 8 playoffs after rounds to determine a winner. Second and Third place prizes as well as fun to be had at the arcade that is Game Underground.

    Judging will be done by Tournament Organizer Ted Holten and will have Standard cards on sale during the time of the event!
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  • posted a message on [Framingham, MA] Game Underground Monthly Sealed and Standard event
    Not long at all, I've been helping them get into the Magic: The Gathering scene since I have a major amount of experience helping other companies in the New Jersey Area (I just moved to Massachusetts) so you can expect more out of the store in the future :-).

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  • posted a message on [Framingham, MA] Game Underground Monthly Sealed and Standard event
    Game Underground will be hosting its first ever Magic: The Gathering sealed deck event this weekend. This is a great opportunity to come out and support a burgeoning local scene!

    The format will be a Theros sealed deck, and the cost of packs is included in the entry fee for the tournament. This is a sanctioned event, so all participants will receive Planeswalker points just for playing!

    The events begins at 1pm and prizes will increase based on turnout!

    Entry Fee: $30.00 (We will provide 6 Theros boosters with which to play!)

    Prizes: First place will receive booster packs (or their store-credit equivalent) for each participant in the tournament. The more people who play, the more prizes you could win! Second and third place will also have escalating prizes, with boosters or store credit increasing based on attendance. Second will receive one booster for ever two participants, and third will get a booster for every five players. Remember: Everybody benefits from a higher turnout, so please let as many people you can know about this event!

    This is a huge opportunity to help our Magic community grow. Please help support your friendly local game store! We hope to see all of you there!

    Note: This event will be taking place in addition to our weekly booster draft; it wont be replacing it.

    Facebook Link for reference: https://www.facebook.com/events/625518220843737
    Address: 1251 Worcester Rd, Framingham, Massachusetts 01701
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  • posted a message on [[FTV]] From the Vault: Twenty
    Very clearly mother of runes
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  • posted a message on Helvault during Pre-Release Event (Avacyn Restored)
    Quote from Holla
    the guy is lying. Stuff Sold in Philly PA, is an authorized distributor for MTG. His Ebay phone number links him to the MTG site . Furthermore I expect his authorized distributorship to be tossed...the guy is running this "store" from his home. How many people do you think are going to show up to his "Pre-Release" event at his house? How long has he been mis-representing his paperwork to WOTC?

    You also can't run tournaments from your house, as per TO Rules circa last year, if you were to run an event, it must be from a public venue. It can be a library, it can be a school, but it has to be a venue that everyone would be given an opportunity to participate.

    Suffice to say, in the basement of your house isn't a valid option.
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  • posted a message on A Powerful Counterspell is Coming Our Way
    I'll speak on behalf of all red deck players, decks that enjoy playing their spells and combo decks when I say, enjoy your Cancel, suckers.
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  • posted a message on Helvault during Pre-Release Event (Avacyn Restored)
    Quote from DestinyHero
    I'm not doubting the possibility of a small group of individuals being greedy and exploiting the system. I'm just asking if 1) you have proof and 2) if there is proof that is widespread, considering that the MPRs needed to be mailed out, I think Wizards would've caught on to the fact that they were sending out an unusually high number of promos every time.

    And again, Wizards could've instead altered the way they allowed tournaments to qualify as a sanctioned event instead of scrapping the program altogether, but they didn't.

    Wizards had changed their TO Program based on what had happened with fake tournament reporting and promotional card abuse.

    You need a store front just to get started as a TO for the most part now, which is extremely hard to fake since they check the stores telephone number in conjunction to online evidence and tax forms.

    Not to say it's still not entirely plausable to still fake it, but this has deterred at least 90% of the problems with Tournament Organizers as far as I have seen.

    If you take a look at DCI bannings for Years/Monthsa couple of them are due to TO False reports. If that's not enough evidence I'm sure if you check the selling history of a few ebay stores that you will find more then a few selling promotional cards, all of the cards they receive, as soon as it's released to the TO's.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Temporal Mastery
    Forbidden AlchemyThink TwiceDesperate RavingsFaithless Looting

    What do all of these cards have in common...

    They all place cards into your graveyard...

    What does Noxious Revival Do?

    Ok, we're all on the same page, I appreciate that now... The New ruling as per the Magic the gathering explanation on Miracles, that they can be played during ANY PHASE... Yes that's right, don't have your brain explode, any phase. Which means, flashbacking Think Twice After playing Noxious Revival at the End of my Opponents turn isn't necessarily outside of the realm of possibility to set yourself up with two turns in a row.

    All at instant speed. (No, it doesn't make any difference that it is a sorcery, read the Magic: The Gathering information on Miracles)

    If you think this card is bad, or even mediocre at best, then you failed to actually see outside of the box. You didnt even realize the box was there.
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  • posted a message on Helvault during Pre-Release Event (Avacyn Restored)
    Quote from Sir Reginald III
    If my LGS is holding a total of 4 events, and I can only participate in the final one, (thanks to my exam schedule, astrophysics on a Saturday @ 11am... ugh) what do you think the odds are of the Helvault(s) being depleted by that time? I really want to participate, but I would be terrified of doing poorly on an exam because I went to a midnight prerelease :/

    From what I was told, the helvault is depleted after only one event >>

    Depending on the number of participants I'm assuming
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  • posted a message on Helvault during Pre-Release Event (Avacyn Restored)
    All righty... Normally I don't post on the forums via rumors, but I looked everywhere and I couldn't find any info anywhere.

    Apparantly some/All stores running a pre-release event will be getting a Helvault, that is unlocked as players win games/matches. Inside of the vault will have prizes, able to be unlocked with Keys given to players. They were Very sketchy with details of the prizes contained.

    They also are giving the specific TO 2 of these things, because he runs a bigger Pre-release event then most. They could be giving Prizes in these vaults Other then booster packs.

    I'll have pictures once He actually receives them, seems like a pretty cool promotional tool, he's planning on putting it behind the glass case and make signs for it to promote the pre-release event.

    Edit: Links to information from Wizards



    EDIT (April 18th): As of this week we know what will be in the Helvault, It is oversized angel cards, angel tokens, and 20-sided dice for AVR.

    The links on Tumblr for pictures have been taken down due to Wizards possible involvement of prosecution over the subject. The rumor of how it was spoiled is that the specific shop received a damaged HelVault with the contents spilling out of the box it was inside of.

    My personal views on this subject matter is that if you are spending more money for Helvault pre-release, find yourself another store to play. Not only is it disrespectful for the TO to make more money from a customer by charging more money for product they received for free, but it's even more disrespectful to the customer that has to pay 40-50 dollars for an Event just to receive 1-3 of these prizes that are supposed to be given out as a "thank you" for playing.

    This type of attitude to abuse a system that Wizards used to encourage game play and enjoyability of a pre-release event just gives enormous amounts of disrespect to TO's that do the right thing and keep their tournament prices down, make sure there are proper amounts of matches for the amount of players participating, and proper prize support (and ample) for players that spend more then 6 hours in their store winning a tournament.

    Please, take those Tournament Organizers with a grain of salt, and I even suggest that you send an e-mail to Wizards Help desk By Following http://wizards.custhelp.com/app/answers/detail/a_id/1717 and doing so. This will not only prevent this amount of dishonesty of happening again, but will also slap the TO on the wrist and make it aware that they don't have the right to raise prices for specific events due to free merchandise that is Supporsed to be given out to as many players as possible.

    And for the TO's that are not disrespectful in that fashion, My suggestion would be to mix in extra promotional cards that you have a great deal of (Extra FNM, Extra Give-Away's, Extra Promo Cards) to lessen the strain on yourselves after this is released. New players will think what's in it is cool, but I know here in NJ where there are a lot of competitive players that this is going to be the "Sore Thumb" in the room.

    Edit (April 19th): Uploading pictures leeched from other forum thread for contents of Helvault.

    Most of the pictures can be found Here http://forums.mtgsalvation.com/showthread.php?t=409679
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  • posted a message on DKA Prerelease contest
    Quote from JRE47
    So wait a second...only the players on the winning "team" get the prizes? No matter how well anyone plays, if they end up on a losing team due to forces entirely outside their control, they get nothing? Am I reading that right?

    Wizards DID NOT Send any extra prize support whatsoever for anything like that. You can assume TO's will give out extra random promo cards (Crap) or tattoos from the M12 pre-release event for prize support for this.

    Sorry to burst anyones bubbles.
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  • posted a message on [DKA] DailyMTG Previews 1/17: Hellrider, Predator Ooze, etc.
    Quote from Bogado_man
    I think pretty much everyone calls Deep Analysis by its short name. Awkward to say it out loud though...

    The rule is, you can't call it Deep Anal. unless it's foil, then you can do whatever the hell you want.

    Edit: By the way in conjunction to the spoiled card, if you don't go out and order 4 of these while the price is 2-3 bucks, you are planning on spending an arm and a leg for it. If you play legacy, this is one of the roughest cards for not only Dredge, but reanimator.

    I'll pay 2-3 dollars for mine, No money lottery from me!
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  • posted a message on [ISD] Buy-a-Box Promo is named "Devil's Play"
    I do the "Buy-A-Box" Ordering for my shop via Wizards Event Reporter, this is 100% Confirmed.
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  • posted a message on "Moving to Combat" Stack effects
    This answered my question, I appreciate it.
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  • posted a message on "Moving to Combat" Stack effects
    Here's the Scenario: My opponent declares that he's moving to his attack step, I Use tumble magnet on the creature tapping it down.

    Is my opponent given priority again to use sorcery speed effects during his main phase one, or is he limited to using instants/instant effects and why?
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