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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    It's this Inside Trading that we've seen with Pioneer and now Double Masters that has me wondering why the U.S. Government hasn't called the FBI to investigate Wizards of the Coast on this. Inside Trading technically isn't illegal or considered a financial crime in the United States like Tax Evasion unless it involves the Stock Market and Wall Street. What I don't get is why Paper Trading Card Games / Collectible Card Games like Magic: the Gathering get away with selling loot crates to customers when it's video games like Fortnite and Overwatch that politicians go after the most. If you're a company like Wizards of the Coast then you're basically publicly acknowledging the Secondary Market just by making decisions on what to deny your customers and what to overcharge them for.

    Inside trading for something like stocks is a problem, but here its just "cards" and the value is artificial anyway.

    Its funny how they keep reprinting the expensive cards in expensive product and repeat year after year.

    Would be a lot more interesting if every reprint set would have reprints we did not have before.

    But as it is, they keep reprinting the same money cards over and over again and just call it a new set ...
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    As of right now cEDH cards drive the price of cards a lot.

    The amount of cards that matter in constructed formats outside of commander are fairly selective and small, they have a hard time filling sets with these cards over and over again, so every set will kinda look like a "Commanders Masters" as its much easier to fill a set with these cards (and its also the crowd thats most easily interested in alternate arts, the players for constructed really dont give a dime about alt arts).


    The big money card in these sets is basically always Mana Crypt, and the only format that card sees any play (outside of fringe Vintage of course) is cEDH.

    Biggest question is at what point the market is saturated for Mana Crypt (nobody really needs more than 1 and they put out the same ugly art every time, so the alt-art one helps in that regard).
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  • posted a message on Double Masters 2XM New reprint product
    It will sell, simply because enough people buy any product regardless.


    For my taste 3 booster packs should combine to 10$, thats a reasonable cost that everyone can pay for a game to have fun for a night.

    Anything more expensive is just getting into the territory of leeching your whales.

    I wonder when the time comes that even the whales dont buy into these products anymore ...
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  • posted a message on New Reliquary Tower and Hangarback Walker promos announced!
    This godzilla with that art absolutely NEEDED to be Walking Ballista, as thats exactly what the art shows, a walking artillery.

    Hangarback Walker seems totally wrong here, nothing on the cards art produces any form of flying drones at all.


    Quote from foam_dome »

    Seriously, why on earth is this not Walking Ballista?

    People will ask that question for all eternity.

    Who ever made the decision should be ashamed and get some angry twitter comments.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement (offical announcement)
    The main issue with Companion is that if a Companion is a good card on its own you would want in your deck, the Companion mechanic just kicks it over the top and provides you with that card all the time and even as an extra card with immunity to discard.

    If Companions would simply suck, nobody would want to have them in the first place and the mechanic wouldnt matter and not show itself as an issue.
    In formats like edh/Commander that works to some degree, as a wannabe "partner" for your commander and hitting the restrictions is actually meaningful.

    In constructed however, lots of decks can almost naturally a Companion and any card that prevents you from playing the Companion has to demonstrate enough power to justify starting without the 8th extra card (so thats an inherent 2for1 you are losing before the game even starts).

    Matters get even worse if the Companion happens to be a COMBO card. The entire problem of a combo is to find its pieces, and if a piece is just 100% available, it cannot be fair.

    Also, if you have a deck that can run a Companion adding a new card to that deck that would remove your ability to play that Companion is hurting deck construction instead of helping it, it limits your options of building a deck (thats the case for Companions that "restrict" the possible cards you can play).
    Companions like Yorion bank on the format to offer enough power cards that going up to 80 is not enough of a drawback in comparison to having the 8th card guaranteed value 5-drop as a win-option.
    If your deck can play Yorion and has enough strong cards to include, theres little reason to go back to 60 cards "ever" again, so Companions on this variation are hurting deck building as well.


    If they would add more Companions you would run in the problem that at some point your deck pretty much has to play one of them no matter what, as any deck without a Companion needs to do especially extreme broken stuff to compensate for the inherent card disadvantage for the grindy 1for1 trading long game of attrition (stuff that planeswalkers are guilty of to, as a source of constant card advantage).


    Companion seems to be so fundamentally messed up, they probably will rewrite the rules and change the entire mechanic (i would guess they have to be included in the actual deck, playing the card from outside the game is just not fair in any way).
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement (offical announcement)
    Should just ban all the Campanions and get it over with.

    Instead we deal with this crap for the upcoming year.
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  • posted a message on Banned and restricted announcement (offical announcement)
    If they included Companion in the actual deck and allowed it to cycle away for free or something it would totally do the trick and fix all the bull*****ery with the mechanic (while also working with the sets cycling theme in general).


    They simply did a piss poor job with the mechanic and got burned heavily.
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  • posted a message on Japanese Exclusives not Included in EN and FR Collector Boosters
    Quote from NGW »
    The fact that they come in normal Japanese boosters but not English (or other) is already bull, I cannot begin to tell you how much that pisses me off as a lifelong Godzilla fan.

    They did the same bull*****tery with the "anime" style planeswalkers.

    Japan gets all the goodies and the rest has to pay premium to get them.

    At this point you could very well argue its intrinsic racism.
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  • posted a message on Ban and Restricted announcement on 18th May 2020
    Well they cant possible ban their cards before they sold the packs.

    Sure they will ban some stuff in standard after the set sold (which is scummy as hell).

    Lurrus (or even all Companion) are a guaranteed ban for Vintage (which is funny, as the usual "restriction" doesnt do anything to the Companion mechanic).
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  • posted a message on What is the general opinion on the increased amount of special versions of cards?
    Quote from 5colors »
    For me its just the trying to figure out where to find certain things. Buy-a-box, collector boosters/themed booster only, top boxers and such gets a little confusing and much.

    If they would simply give every product its own "set symbol" that would be way easier (even if its an added "star" to the set symbol or whatever else).

    Having all the cards in the same set, and cards not in regular booster packs is essentially FRAUD against the customer so they might just assume a normal booster box has them.
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  • posted a message on What is the general opinion on the increased amount of special versions of cards?
    Quote from FunkyDragon »
    I do hate all the alternate arts and disagree with everyone who said alternate arts are welcome. You've heard of power creep and complexity creep, but what about visual complexity creep? It may not be an issue in Standard, where you only have to worry about the last two years and can forget everything that has rotated, but in Commander, you want to look across the table and recognize what cards are on the battlefield. Everytime they print new art on an old card, they make it harder to recognize the cards and remember what they all do.

    The problem will never go away, as you have to get used to artwork before you can recognize it.
    If there is some art you never seen before, it looks new.
    But thats the entire point of having the different artworks.

    I also recognize a lot of cards by art and then just know what they do, and if a card has 10 different artworks it becomes a problem of visual clutter, especially if its a design that is hard to read anyway (like the Amonkhet Master pieces, which are a giant mess as they look even very similar if you have different blue ones, Force of Will iconic old art everyone will remember, the new ones not so much and especially the Amonkhet Masterpiece is a giant visual trap to miss the card).


    People use to alter cards in commander too, so the visual problem already exists (unless the alter just extends the borders or such stuff).

    If the artwork would at least remotely look similar , so a card can be identified by it, that wouldnt be as much of a problem, but with the Godzilla cards we get artwork that is nowhere near anything the card would be and displays something entirely different, it even goes further and gives the card a different name too, which is a massive SIN in my book as having multiples of the SAME card on the field gets stupendously annoying.


    So lets say we have a Lightning Bolt in many different art-variations , as long as they all look like actual Lightning Bolts thats not a issue.
    If you suddenly display a Pink Pony Tail in the artwork for Lightning Bolt, well, thats just a visual trap.
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  • posted a message on Why has Wizards abandoned "Tribal" card type?
    Almost any card with a flavor tribal would need to be tribal to be remotely consistent.

    They cant do that consistently (like every single card with "Dragon" theme would need to be tribal dragon, every single "demonic tutor" like thing would be tribal demon).
    It gets stranger if a card depicts a horse and a human, to make it what "tribal horse human" ? Its just never consistent enough for lots of cards.

    You would even say "Wrath of God" could be tribal god now.

    I would welcome such a thing, as it would oracle update a lot of cards with every new set and creature type they introduce and it shakes up the old cards as they suddenly work with some mechanics they didnt before.


    Tribal as a mechanic is just so demanding to make it RIGHT , without making it a throw in just for some cards and WotC cant consistently deliver for it so they just dont at all.

    Mechanic wise its also a type of card, which messes with the balancing as a free extra card type.

    And its really just a card type as otherwise they couldnt allow the rules to have creature types on other card types.

    Putting creature types on non-creatures is really annoying to begin with.


    WotC totally COULD make more tribal and oracle all the old cards to have a fitting tribal type, but thats a massive amount of work and WotC is all about being as lazy as possible in that regard.
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  • posted a message on What is the point of temporary effects from now on?
    Strictly better in "magic" terms means in almost any feasable way better.

    You can of course always find some reason its not "always" better, but that doesnt matter.

    The ability counters are strictly better than until end of turn effects.

    Just like a oldschool dual land is strictly better than the tapped land versions.
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  • posted a message on Planeswalker Points are being removed at end of May
    Quote from SavannahLion »

    You assume all businesses maintain ideal database architecture and content? You also assume that their existing programmers can actually untangle what previous programmers actually did? It must be nice but such ideals do not exist whole hog across all companies. It's something to always strive for, sure. But it's hardly a reality for everyone.

    What you say bogs down to :

    They are probably just super incompetent.


    They should absolutely be able to merge account data with the new one.
    If they cant do that, they are terrible at their job as a programmer.

    They just choose not to do it, which is atrocious, but they also managed to teach their "customers" to not give a fk.
    Its the pathetic ability to make incompetence look like "Look what we have here, ignore anything else!"

    So there is no excuse to not merge data. They could and just decide not to do it.
    And they dare to just assume customers dont care and they will get away with it, which is even more sad and will give them even more of a push to not give a fk for anything they have of customer data.
    They literally say to customers, we dont care for your data, if you want them, just search for them on your own and "print" the stuff out.
    Its hilariously unprofessional.
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  • posted a message on What is the point of temporary effects from now on?
    Quote from user_938036 »
    Why play Shock with Lightning Bolt existing? Magic has always had cards that are better than other cards. Most players would call both Kindled Fury and Heightened Reflexs unplayable garbage so the fact that one is obviously better than the other is irrelevant because they are both awful. You won't be seeing keyword counters outside of Ikoria for a while if at all so the reason to play the temporary effects would be because they are the only options available.

    Its not entirely irrelevant , but its power creep.

    If a card is outstanding good it sets a bar, and other cards have to compare against it.

    So if cards get universally better, anything else gets outclassed as they are strictly worse, pretty much all the time.

    Thats BAD , but its impossible to avoid, unless they would honor a baseline of powerlevel.

    So yes, Lightning Bolt is the perfect example of a card that sets the bar for an entire format to evolve around.
    Any 3 toughness creature suddenly becomes a lot worse and anything that can survive 3 damage is tremendously more valuable.
    stuff like that shapes formats.

    Slowly creeping in powercreep doesnt have an effect right away, but it will shift the bar up.


    The "counter" mechanics are much easier to handle for the game digital, as its a "thing" to visible show on a card.

    Effects that are just until end of turn would also be displayed as some kind of "icon" and its easy to think thats just a counter.

    Mixing both, counters and untilEndOfTurn effects gets messy, so chances are they will just use counters if they can (and i hate them with a passion, as handling these little counters if a deck uses a lot of them is annoying as fk).
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