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  • posted a message on [DD:EvT] Duel Decks: Elspeth vs. Tezzeret
    Gideon Jura Vs Jace the Mindsculptor


    I truly hope that elspeth get reprinted in M11, otherwise that would be dumb
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  • posted a message on Hellcarver demon combo
    Ok let make this clear, you need in your deck

    3x Emrakul
    4x Selective Memory
    4x Mirror of Fate
    4x Hellcarver Demon

    So you begging with 16 slot that are totaly useless on there own and cost 4 5 6 and 15.Then you need to connect with your Hellcarver Demon... I seriously can't see that to happen.No matter how much removal/counterspell/protection you got I dont see this standing a chance against any aggro deck in the format, nor against any control deck either, so what do the deck beat?
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  • posted a message on Everyone's take on Emrakul?
    He's auto-include in any mono-black deck that run Cabal Coffer, any green deck that use channel or any deck in general that use any kind of broken mana producer (Mana Reflection, Mirari's Wake, Mana Flare...).Sure he cost a lot but there's plenty of way to cast him in EDH.
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  • posted a message on Investigating Combo: Artifacts in T2
    I'll strongly disagree on Jund being a 60-40 match-up.At first I also thought that TS had a good match-up agains't jund but it doesn't seem so.Putrid Leech and Maelstrom Pulse hurt s much it's not even funny.If you had to the fact that Jund is kinda fast and post board come Jund Charm... yea it's pretty terrible.
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  • posted a message on Eldrazi performance in EDH
    Overall, Eldrazi with ''When you cast'' ability are just stellar and the rest are just terrible.Casting Kozilek in any non-blue deck is just awesome, you get a quick refill for your hand and a monster that must be answered ASAP, and even if they do kill him, they just got 5 for 1 that will probably come back later.

    Emrakul is a game ender, sure you dont get as much value by casting him as with Kozilek or Ulamog but a 15/15 flying protection from spell is just huge,Who care if he die to sweeper, EVERYTHING DIE TO SWEEPER.
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  • posted a message on Will the 3 Eldrazi see competitive play?
    I can't realy see Emrakul being played or even making Summoning Trap anymore playable.We already have Progenitus and Iona that are IMO waay superior to him.

    Eldrazi in Standard is just a timmytastic wish that I can't see happening right now, maybe after Shard rotate out, maybe never.
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  • posted a message on Time Sieve Combo
    First of all i'll just ignore Sovient Panda, he either have no idea of what he is talking about or trolling, probably both.

    Quote from Fooly Cooly »
    most TS decks won because of Cryptic, i know of people who wouldnt even of piloted them if cryptic wasnt around

    O_o... they won because of fog?Dont get me wrong Cryptic was great and gave the deck a lot of flexibility, but it was nowhere essential.In the current meta I could see either Negate or Safe Passage taking the spot without any problem, depending if you are expecting a lot of control or midrange deck.It's not like you have to deal with Kithkin/5CC and Fairy all at the same time anymore.

    Quote from Ssbm Rocks1 »
    Here is Mori's list: http://www.wizards.com/magic/magazin...age/ptsd10/fm4
    Unfortunately, this deck can just fail and not do anything.

    Thx a lot for the list.I know he's a pro and i'm not, but a lot of the card choice seem terrible.Sphinx of the Steel Wind and 7 Cycler?No Glacial Fortress?
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  • posted a message on Time Sieve Combo
    Quote from dreinal13
    Clearly you guys forgot that pre-rotation, there was Cryptic Command.

    Cryptic Command was just another tool that can be substitued with ease, like Pollen Lullaby.

    Well, it's more like turn 6 that you combo out. Time Sieve actually takes a really long time to actually win the game. I've seen one draw through nearly its entire library, a couple cards at a time before it actually won the game. I doubt it'll be hugely popular even if it comes back, since it's pretty annoying to sit there and wait for half an hour to see if they can combo out or deck themselves. Dragonstorm was way better. It was still uninteractive, for the most part, but it just went BANG!!! You're dead. It didn't go through an elaborate process just to kill you. Grin

    Well by win on turn 6 i meant you dont got to play ever again... you know what i mean... smartass Tongue

    Quote from Sad Panda »
    You do know that every deck barring control can win by turn 6 and most have t3 god hands. We're in an extremely fast meta...

    Yes but Time Sieve doesn't need a god hand to win turn 6.With the amount of cantrip/Mine effect/Time Warp you play winning turn 6 is easy to do.

    Quote from Sad Panda »
    Time Sieve was terrible pre ZDK, and still terrible now. It's only place is in an OtV deck where the only time you can use it is when you already have a superior and probably game-winning board position, which you would most likely give up by activating sieve.

    Time Sieve was a terrible choice pre-ZDK because of the presence of fairy and merfolk in the meta that where just obliterating you.Now the meta is full of what Time Sieve prey on, slow mid-range deck and control deck without a good clock.

    Quote from Sad Panda »
    Show me this pre-rotation Time Sieve *STANDARD* list that you're talking about...

    Benjammn arlready answered this one for me.
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  • posted a message on Time Sieve Combo
    Quote from Coma White
    Time Sieve no longer really stands much of a chance competitively. It's just too slow and too vulnerable to stuff like Maelstrom Pulse. Open the Vaults is better.

    Too slow?You do understand that the deck is considerably faster then Open the vaults right?Time Sieve can easly pull out a win on 6 turn with protection (in the form of Negate or Silence), unlike Otv that can... gain life with the Angel?

    Maelstrom Pulse isn't as bad as people think.If you're not stupid, at best the card is a Stone Rain... that's probably the best that Jund can do against you... stone rain...
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  • posted a message on Time Sieve Combo
    Quote from H344H
    In my testing, the current metagame beats it mostly. Jund one pulse normally equals gg, control they can counter what is important, get that OtV and you are done. RDW is too fast, mythic overpowers you too early

    Do you have any idea of what you are talking?Jund was nearly a bye pre-rotation for Time Sieve and the deck has more way to interact with the combo then now.

    RDW was probably one of Time Sieve worst match-up pre-rotation. but the deck also ran Deathmark and Infest SB to deal with our pro-red bear.Now we have Bear-claw AND the pro-red artifact bear in our sideboard and they got virtualy no way to deal with them.Also since they aren't playing black anymore they dont have access to Tought Hemmorage.

    I'm pretty sure that RDW in his current form doesn't stand a chance post-board agains't Time Sieve.

    Quote from Soviet Panda »
    Time Sieve nets you an extra turn, but there's no efficient method in Standard to recur artifacts every turn to abuse Time Sieve.

    It's one of those cards that are either unplayable or broken, very rarely balanced in power with the meta.

    Edit: You could probaby add it to an OtV deck, but once you resolve OtV it should be nigh-near gg anyways.

    You my friend, have no idea how Time Sieve deck work.The deck already run 4 Open the Vault.With 4 Howling Mine, a couple of Jace, Time Warp and about 7 Egg you have more then enought way to get extra turn.

    On topic : I think the major reason that Time Sieve died post-rotation was the lost of one of our egg.With Rise of the Eldrazi that will bring an extra egg i'm pretty sure that Time Sieve can be a top tier deck considering that he lost almost all his bad match-up post-rotation (Fairy, Merfolk) and that one of his best match-up is probably the most popular deck ever.
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  • posted a message on Sarkhan Vol finally constructed worthy?
    Unfortunatly Garruk Wildspeaker exist and as long he exist sharkan will never see any amount of serious play.

    One can protect himself while the other can't.(Aka Garruk)
    One is good on his own while the other is dog poo.(Aka Garruk)
    One have a relevent ultimate ability.(Aka Garruk)

    I think it's pretty much a no brainer...
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  • posted a message on Lotus Cobra Is Evil (Comic)
    Thx a lot for the extra comic Sixten, While all my hope to see ''Lotus Cobra is Evil'' again was lost you came out of nowhere and save my day :).

    Awesome dude Smile
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  • posted a message on Voltron Generals
    Quote from Mini Me
    I personally like Karn, Sliver Golem as a voltron general. You attack, and then you can animate your armor to block for you if you really need it too. That and the image of Karn full decked out in equipment is pretty sweet.

    O...M...G... I'm so building a Voltron Karn now...

    Other then that, Uril is in my book one of the best voltron general.He's in good color, protect himself and bring extra fat!
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  • posted a message on What Are The Most Underrated/Underused Cards In Standard? (Discuss Strategies)
    Grim Discovery

    Before Worldwake I would have bashed anyone playing that card over... well anything.Then WW came... omg... played it with 4 man-land, 3 fetchland, 4 tectonic Edge and a single Gargoyle Castle and I was always happy to draw a Grim.If you add some dude that produce CA like Gatekeeper of Malakir/Sphinx of lost truth or just beast that are hard to deal with (Sphinx of Jwar Island/Malakir Bloodwitch) it become awesome sauce.

    Platinium Angel

    The card isn't good, I just love it.Add 1 or 2 in your sideboard to punish those pesky deck that doesn't run removal Smile
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  • posted a message on [ROE] MaRo references "Draw 3" for U
    I dont see any drawback fitting this card other then a prohibitive kicker cost.Something like U : draw a card, Kicker 5 draw 3 card instead.

    I dont see any sacrifice effect fitting, sacrifice all your creature?What if I dont have creature.Sacrifice all your land?Combo in legacy doesn't realy care about land when they combo off.Sacrifice all your permanent?Samething as land.

    Symetrical effect wouldn't be good either, each player draw 3?Would be the most broken combo card ever.Nah it must be kicker or something like that.I would laught if it was ''As an aditional cost, sacrifice 4 creature'' Smile
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