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  • posted a message on [[COMM]] Commanders Arsenal
    Quote from meat
    Derp acknowledged. Clearly, I don't play enough EDH. Now that I know, I question the point of the oversized cards at all.

    Just toss a slip of paper in front of a land and call it Azuza or whatever you end up using. There's no point in letting something like that go to waste. "What you're supposed to do" only extends as far as to what you and your playgroup agree on.
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  • posted a message on [[COMM]] Commanders Arsenal
    Quote from NGW
    Do not even count that oversized card bull **** in the number of cards included.

    Why not? Don't speak for others here; myself, which Commanders are in oversize is going to be a key part of if I want to spend money on this. Just the Azuza alone is a point in its favor for me.
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  • posted a message on M10 Duals in M13
    yeah, I'm all confused. Wouldn't people be complaining if our annually released and rotating core set had a new cycle of lands every year? Wouldn't that be seen as an incredibly blatant money grab simply because of how necessary good mana fixing is to competitive decks? I fail to see how reprinting these is a bad thing (especially when the alternative is so much worse), and no one with half a brain should be basing their decision to purchase a box or buy any sealed product on any cycle of lands lesser than foiled shocks or the like-there's just not enough value in any typical Standard playable land cycle to justify it.
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  • posted a message on Avacyn Restored Out of Print?
    I'm pretty sure within a couple of months of every set release we get a topic saying someone heard it was out of print because the difference between "we need to wait for the next print run to be released" and "this is never being printed again" isn't well communicated somewhere down the line.
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  • posted a message on Aaron Forsythe confirms exalted in m13
    Quote from Knyght
    If they reprint Rafiq of the Many, I will not hesitate to play Bant. Not even for a second.

    T1: Land, Noble Hierarch
    T2: Land, Geist of Saint Traft
    T3: Land, Rafiq of the Many, attack with Geist for 8 total?

    Sign me up.

    Twelve if you count the token!
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  • posted a message on Cavern of Souls Rules Change
    Quote from Ramenth
    You can't cast a spell with no legal targets. You can't cast Mana Leak at uncounterable spells; uncounterable only becomes a factor regarding Leak if something on the stack is made uncounterable in response.

    Except that a legal target for a counterspell (assuming no other targets like Cryptic Command would have) is "a spell on the stack". Uncounterability only comes into play when the counterspell actually resolves and, you know, tries to counter it.
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  • posted a message on [DKA] FAQ Document
    Quote from Polendino
    How does a Game Loss trigger the ability? Does Withengar generate a Priority if a player loses the game halfway through some action? Or does it just "go on the stack" when nothing normally could because a Judge pointed the banhammer at someone?

    Abilities can trigger at any time. However, they're only put on the stack when a player would next receive priority.
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  • posted a message on December 20th B&R Update: Punishing Fire and Wild Nacatl banned in Modern
    Quote from lionden_56
    From the justification

    More lands with basic subtypes in the future?

    I highly doubt this. More likely, it's closer to what they stated-when they made Wild Nacatl and many other recent creatures, Modern wasn't even a glimmer in someone's eye. Now, however, when they do make creatures, they need to keep Modern in mind the same way they keep Legacy and Vintage in mind. I think the message is less "Nacatl would be getting more broken in the future" and more "if Modern had been around, we would have made a creature as good and efficient as Wild Nacatl and we will avoid making them this good and efficient in the future".
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  • posted a message on Duels/Magic 2013
    I vote fake. It's the silliest reason why, but...

    Listen closely there. Chandra's name gets pronounced "Shandra", pretty clearly.

    from http://www.wizards.com/Magic/TCG/Article.aspx?x=magic/planeswalkers/week5:

    CHAHN-drah nah-LAHR

    Her official pronunciation is "chandra" not "shandra". That's not a big deal, normally, but if this were an official thing, meant to, as the rest of Magic lately has been, attract new players, why would they have the wrong pronunciation for what could be a new player's first encounter with the iconics?
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  • posted a message on [PCH2] Planechase 2 - Introducing Phenomena, New Legendary Creatures/New Cards
    Quote from SmileyKing
    Please, after Goldmeadow? Some troll will just use this to flood the table with goats using Springjack Pasture, and then we have goat problems again.

    How would a Doubling Season plane flood the table with goats on Goldmeadow when there can only be one Plane out at a time?
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  • posted a message on No More Tribal Type Cards
    Quote from Iserp
    Not if you put errata on rules as already done with creatures.

    Plains lands can tap for mana.
    Cloudpost looks for Locus lands.
    Aura Finesse says Aura Enchantments

    And so on...

    Is it worth the trouble? I would do it, and get rid of the creature type list, so you can name anything that comes to your head.

    And you wouldn't have the awkward looking "tribal" on your type line, which only stands for "oh, this is not a sorcery type, but a creature type", which doesn't feel intuitive by the way.

    So, you'd change thousands of other cards in Oracle in order to make a few dozen look a little more elegant?

    That's not getting into how unintuitive some cards might be. Let's take Akroma's Blessing. It has Akroma in the art, so intuitively it should be an Angel instant...but Onslaught didn't have Angel tribal, it had Cleric tribal. Still, flavorwise, probably Instant - Angel.

    Let's look at Flow of Ideas. The flavor text says Izzet, and the water works of Ravnica are definitely Izzet's domain. Sadly, the Izzet guild is composed of humans, goblins, vedalken, and some dragons. So, which should it be?

    Obviously Sorcery - Merfolk, as evidenced by its Shadowmoor reappearance.

    The line on where to start thinking older cards should have had creature types is a fuzzy one, it seems.
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  • posted a message on How will we deal with Hexproof?
    Quote from Nannou

    Question: If a Sun Titan pulls an Arrest from the graveyard can the Arrest be placed onto a Hexproof creature such as Dungrove Elder? The Arrest technically doesn't target so this is a confusing play.

    Answer: No, one cannot Arrest a creature with hexproof. Although Enchantment-Aura cards do not specifically say so in text on the card, an aura spell does, in fact, require a target.

    "303.4a An Aura Spell requires a target, which is restricted by its enchant ability." [Comprehensive Rules]

    Auras only target when they are initially played. Once an aura has resolved it comes into play enchanting the creature or permanent, but at this point it is no longer targeting that permanent.

    Edit: I messaged WotC for clarification on this play and it's an illegal play. SO STOP DOING IT! Smile

    who did you message, praytell? Because the answer given there references the Comp Rules on casting spells, not returning them to play through means such as Sun Titan. In addition, the answer there further goes on to specifically point out that Auras are only targeting something when "initially played", saying nothing about how returning something from the graveyard would also target. Finally, if 303.4a as quoted by you referred to not just casting Auras, but also putting them onto the battlefield through other means, then it would directly contradict 303.4f, the rule (quoted earlier) which follows it by only a few lines in the Comprehensive rules. Clearly, something is amiss here.
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  • posted a message on [M12] DailyMTG Previews 7/1: Garruk, Primal Hunter & Angelic Destiny
    Quote from Puddlejumper
    The real trouble is finding a deck that can use him. The odds of a viable monogreen deck showing up any time soon are slim, especially considering the lack of good green in Scars block, and Garruk doesn't help with any shenanigans to pull off anything but pure beatdown, like the old one did, and would have to top your curve. That's a lot of limitations it has to overcome to even suggest it could be a significant card in Standard, even if it does fill its niche impressively.

    Ah, but Mono Green in Scars comes with Dismember, Act of Aggression, and Tezzeret's Gambit to help shore up the color's weaknesses. Mono Green in earlier blocks wasn't able to make that claim.
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  • posted a message on So are we looking at a sell out for EDH/Commander decks?
    Quote from nivek99
    Personally, I'm pissed at WoTc for not being able to work out the demand for their items for the god-knows how many times already. Is their marketing department staffed by zombies or something?? I mean get your act together already. They have been in the business for more than 15 years and they are still not able to make a good judgment call on market demand??

    Two things:

    1) How do you know that they didn't print even more of this than they did Archenemy and still sold out?

    2) WotC doesn't hand stores cases of decks. Stores order decks from suppliers who get their supply from WotC. Oftentimes, it's a store not ordering enough product or a supplier not ordering enough than it is WotC not printing enough.
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  • posted a message on Defective Commander cards?
    Quote from yarpus
    My Prison Term has little black spot on it's description. I've packaged it straitgh from box into sleeves and though that something slipped into sleeve. Tried to scratch it off, but this black mark is printed.

    Seconding this. Both myself and my friend got a Political Puppets and the Prison Terms had a little black mark on the bottom section of the text box, right as you describe it.
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