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  • posted a message on What cube cards does M10 kill?
    This is a serious comeback for Icatian Javaliners against Mogg Fanatic.

    I was in the final steps of finishing my cube, this crap means I have to start over again.:mad:
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  • posted a message on 8 way draft sub forum
    You can count me in, even though it doesn't exist yet:D
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  • posted a message on Why so many heavy cards in most cubes?
    Sorry if my OP seemed a bit negative, especially from a new poster here. It could be that my relative inexperience with Cubing shone through though.

    As some posters have alluded to allready, I think that low casting cost stuff makes the other low casting cost cards better. So even if some bomby dragon might be a better card by itself, it could be that a simple 2/2 first striking Knight could make for better decks. Could it be that a lot of cubes accept ramping up to high mana as a supportive strategy more then overwhelming with 'simple' creatures and blast? I mean aggro cards need more aggro cards to make them shine, but high CC cards need other stuff (mana accelaration, stalling cards,...)

    Because the naked power level of the high CC cards seems higher, people might be more focussed on this when building a cube, then in having the endresult be the strongest decks.

    Or it could be that I should just stop building my Cube and actually play more;)
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  • posted a message on Why so many heavy cards in most cubes?
    I was wondering why so many cubes seem to have so much high costing cost stuff. Clearly these cards are powerfull, but are quick aggro creatures, blast and so on not better?

    Are a lot of cubes build with 'fun' in mind, more then power? Or do people compare power more card by card, then as a part of a deck? I mean sure some random fatty is more powerfull then some small creatures for a weenie/ponza style deck, but a deck full of small stuff should be in a cube too,no?

    I have a feeling that people make their cubes so blast and aggro are less powerfull then they could/should. Am I right or is this just a typical Cube beginner mistake?

    What would a cube look like that had the goal of building the most powerfull decks instead of the most powerfull cards taken together?
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  • posted a message on What counterspells make the cut?
    What do you guys think about Arcane Denial? I am building my cube right now and my main playing buddy hates this card. I have fond memories of it, but i might accept that there are better counters on the market now. I still like the casting cost though, quite splashable.
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