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  • posted a message on Anime Trivia
    Standard Rules Apply, answer any number of questions you want.

    1. (Naruto) What sword does Ochimaru use?
    2. (Neon Genesis) Where was Rei made?
    3. (Gundam Wing) Who was in charge of the Peacemillion prior to Zechs?
    4. (Galaxy Express 999) What planet was Mattel heading to?
    5. (Fatal Fury) What God did the assembled armor belong to?

    3-month necro? I don't think so. Closed. If Karn wants to continue this, I'd suggest a new thread. No formal warning for Lat-Nam, but don't do it again.
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  • posted a message on Holidays '04 Game Releases
    Xmen Legends, I just hope it is good.
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  • posted a message on Sup?-
    Hello all, how y'all doing today?
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