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  • posted a message on [[Official]] Technical Support Thread (mkIV)
    So my sound is almost invariably jittery anymore, from iTunes to Trillian start-up sounds. I know it isn't my headphones or anything like that. Does this pretty much mean my motherboard is dying?
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  • posted a message on Online AP Scores
    Quote from HeavyMetalKing
    That reminds me you also have to pick the schools that receive your scores (not sure if you do it before) you take the test. I think you get 5 for free or something like that. So if you were already considering this school before you took the test then theres a chance they might have it.

    I'm pretty sure you do this I might be thinking about AP tests because I know you do it for those.

    I believe you mean SATs or ACTs. For the APs, you get to send them to one school.
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  • posted a message on Online AP Scores
    They do not post them online, unfortunately. Your best bet is to call the college board and pay their fee to hear your score. You may also try your guidance counselor, they may have the scores.
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  • posted a message on Lost?
    I'm a little surprised they showed so much in the trailer when I saw it on television today (I guess the ABC execs felt as though NBC was outdoing them in that regard) but I am also pretty pleased with the way things are looking, even if it means eight episodes from now I am going to be even more pissed at the networks.

    In regards to the poll, I voted for Locke. As screwed up as some of the people had it, he was handicap and truly lonely.
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  • posted a message on 2007 Album Lists
    Quote from Xyre

    An Abridged List of Disappointments, for which I'll probably get a large amount of flack:
    The Rakes
    Rilo Kiley
    Modest Mouse
    The White Stripes
    The Field
    Linkin Park
    Foo Fighters

    You won't get it from me. The Field was hyped beyond belief and the music doesn't do much for me. We Were Dead Before the Boat Even Sank sounded horrible to me, although I will admit I haven't heard the entire album. The rest of the list is also pretty accurate although I will say my biggest disappointment probably was the Interpol album, I think no one character describes Interpol's career better than: \.

    I think the number of you that enjoy Foo Fighters is a little scary. I'll admit The Pretender was a pretty good single and they are decent band, but I can't say I feel they deserve the attention they are getting here.

    Also, Xyre, Battles, really? Almost as bad as the PB/AC thing.
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  • posted a message on 2007 Album Lists
    Alright, now that the year in music has pretty much wrapped up and as critics release their lists, I have to MTGSalvation for their favorites of the year. I felt it was a good year, overall, and will share my top 10. Before I do so, I merely would like to express my discontent with Pitchfork's list, a source that, all the criticisms aside, generally is pretty in-tune with my tastes. Unfortunately, they decided to award two of the worse albums of the year and definitely the worst trend in indie music, that which is known as Animal Collective and its offshoots. Sorry, but I am somewhat frustrated with it and needed to rant. My list:

    1. Neon Bible - Arcade Fire: Epic in every single way. In my book it is a classic. I am confident I will be listening to it in ten years; while it is condemnation of our world today, its message really is eternal.
    2. Boxer - The National: I think it is probably the best album of the year, even if I did not have the emotional with it as I did with Neon Bible. Musically it is the best thing they have done and the voice can not be beat.
    3. The Good, the Bad, & the Queen - The Good, the Bad, & the Queen: It sounds great. Really, really great.
    4. In Rainbows - Radiohead: The least challenging thing Radiohead has done in recent memory shows that Radiohead is capable of simply being a good band.
    5. Leaves in the River - Sea Wolf: I have no idea why these guys have no been discovered yet, but the sound is pretty impressive and some of the best melancholy I have heard all year.
    6. In Our Bedroom After the War - Stars: It has an intimate feel to it and voices that make it the best pop album of the year.
    7. Andorra - Caribou: Again, it simply sounds really good to me and has a really lost quality to it that doesn't go too overboard (The Field, much?) but does give you a sort of sublime feeling.
    8. American Gangster - Jay-Z: Not relying on inane hooks like pretty much everyone else in hip-hop today, the album actually showcases rapping. The rapping being clever and skillful doesn't hurt either.
    9. Sound of Silver - LCD Soundsystem - This really does go to the two songs in the middle, respectively the third and first best songs of the year. The rest of the album does deliver though, even if the rest does not succeed to the lengths of "Someone Great" and "All My Friends."
    10. Graduation - Kanye West - The opposite of Jay-Z, while not as skilled in actual rapping, the technical skill and the production here were amazing.

    Black Kids' EP would be here except that it is an EP and all. So, how about all of you? And please don't give me the "there is no good music these days" until you have heard at least my top two albums.
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  • posted a message on Free Rice!

    People go offline for the holidays. I'm sure it will go back up.

    My highest is 44, I'm around 37-38 though.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse] Home of the Coffeelings!
    Krashbot, ethersphere: That's the reaction I expected. However, it is faulty. The Gutter is not some private organization, there are some three-hundred members I believe. And there is nothing secret about it, anyone can request entrance. Because of these numbers, it really isn't fair to lump everyone into the same group. Einsteinmonkey, for instance, posts there often but also is a very productive member in every other part of the site.

    At any rate, thank you all for the welcome. It seems very warm.
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  • posted a message on [Magic CoffeeHouse] Home of the Coffeelings!
    Hi guys. My understanding is anyone can post here so I am going to come in, sit down, and possibly even relax, assuming that's okay?

    At any rate, after seeing how you guys are pretty much sweeping and annihilating all of the forum award nominations, I figured I would come over here and read. It was a pretty worthwhile experience, I assure you. But as I was reading, I found a quote that I had seen earlier today that alarmed as much as it did the first time:

    Quote from ethersphere »
    I think the biggest qualifications for best member are "don't be a Gutter member and don't be a douche to anyone."

    I was wondering if you could elaborate or explain why you feel this way, ethersphere. I would have PMed you on it, but several people here seemed to echo the comments so I figured I would ask you all as a whole. Thanks guys.
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  • posted a message on The WGA Strike
    Yeah, I've been reading about this on various blogs for about a month now and I really did think they would come together on it. But then a few days ago I read that because products costs will be so low with no scripted television, that the loses for the network will not be large as one might expect. That little fact has me pretty worried about how long thing could stretch on for.

    At any rate, I will be turning off my television if it becomes a reality in the new year. What a sad state that would be. And with it being pilot season, the effects will likely stretch into next season if it goes on a decent duration. Slant And think of what late night is going to become right away. Frown

    On thing I'm not really clear on and that a quick Google search did not turn up that you might know Mikey: Have scripts been written for shows that premiere at non-standard times? I am referring specifically to Lost. With a February launch, it seems that some may have been written already?
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  • posted a message on The First Name Thread
    Quote from Niv
    Hey, is this ever gonna get updated?

    Just now. In the future PM me if you so desire.
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  • posted a message on Disrespect
    Here's the thing: Even if the infractions are deserved, the manner in which they were given out was not proper (at least how I see, but I haven't really been in tune with things here for a long time). I object to stating:

    Quote from Caselogik »
    Backseat Modding: This is completely inappropriate. Also, How dare you use this attitude?

    As it is condescending in tone and implies superiority. I also do not really think the poster's attitude was all that disrespectful. The content, maybe. But the attitude? Not so much.

    Quote from Caselogik »
    I will not tolerate open disrespect to the mods.

    Also implies bad things; quite obviously I do believe. I also do not think that supporting others ideas should be against the rules.

    Quote from Caselogik »
    So what you are saying is that you will openly disobey us? Not only will you disobey, but you are going to continue to disrespect us?

    This is worse than the above two in that again it is absolutely the wrong tone.

    But the action that really gets me, Caselogik, is how you handled post 87. Going through a user's post and marking every instance of sarcasm not only fails to make sense but it violates the very user-to-user mutual respect you are suggesting. Had it been marking flames, maybe I could see it. But you were marking sarcasm. As in a tone used as a part of discourse. There is nothing in the rules against this. Further, the examples that you marked are not even examples of sarcasm.

    I also do not like how you responded to Themchops' argument and then basically said the discussion needed to come to an end. That implies a "I'm right because I have authority and you are wrong because you don't" sort of idea that no one wants to push.

    Overall, the entire thread is disturbing. Even Annorax with the little 'Infraction seconded' notes seems unorthodox and unnecessary. Moderate on the rules, not on your feelings (if you need help with that, I do believe templates like [mod4*] and the ilk still exist). None of the infractions in that thread are marked for what rules they broke, they are marked with little antagonist notes. That's not acceptable and needs to change. Sorry if you take all of this as a disrespect Caselogik but I believe the phrase goes along the lines of I'll respect you once you earn it.
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  • posted a message on Disrespect
    Caselogik's behavior in that thread is absolutely out of line and inappropriate. It was two months ago and I think(?) that was around the time he became a mod. Still, it doesn't excuse his actions. If his views on moderation remain the same today then I think he needs to be excused from his duties. Save that, maybe time wrap him so he can serve under Belgareth. That seems like it would be a good fit.
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  • posted a message on Biggest Cali Fire in decades, evacuation.
    Quote from Soul_Grind
    I should have been more precise. In San Diego we should have a couple more days of extremely heavy winds before they begin to die down. They should be blowing East/Northeast. So I'm somewhat happy about that, meaning I'm glad my home won't be in danger.

    Yeah, that really doesn't sound right to me as it continues to get closer and closer to the coast. I'm only marginally worried for myself as there is really no where more central than Bay Park, but I do have a number of friends who have been/will be evacuated.

    And with the winds not ending anytime soon, it is easily going to be worse than the Cedar Fire. Which worries me quite a bit considering how long it took to recover from that.
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  • posted a message on Incendiary Quotes In Sigs
    Quote from Einsteinmonkey
    For being an "Anti-Drama Member", you sure cause a lot.

    I mean, what? There's a line in Jolly's sig. Jobie quoted it without realizing the joke, attempting to be funny.
    But in fact he was twisting quotes and "spitting in jolly's eye"? Where do you get this stuff?

    Actually I don't think he even missed the joke. I think we was saying that he felt it was offensive to ridicule people for not using proper grammar.

    But really SapphireTri, why do you try and start things like this? At the very least, clarify what people are saying first.
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