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  • posted a message on Hypothetical Ideal Core (250/250)v1.1
    HI everyone.
    I'm a friend of gmail. He's been banned because he forgot his old user name so the moderator is accusing him of being a gimmick account.

    If you think this is unfair, please contact a moderator.

    I'll help him set up a blog or something where he can respond to your comments. He's very grateful for all of your feedback, and he's very upset that he hasn't been able to comment in person. He doesn't want to post here until the matter's resolved with the moderators, but they keep telling him that he needs to wait 6 months before appealing the ban.

    The moderators say that if he understands what got him banned and desires to reform, he should be unbanned. I'm sure he'd thank you in person for any help you could give him in resolving the matter.


    "A friend" huh? Banned. -Galspanic
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Tallowisp
    What we need is a cycle of rancor-like enchant creatures (commons) to go with this guy.

    +1,+1 + return to hand if creature dies for G sounds solid.

    Firebreathing with returing for R1 is fair.

    Fear w/ returning for B would be mean

    Bushido 1 and Samurai-ness with returning for W would be doable, I reccon.

    And a control magic for BB4 with return would be insane... so probably a flying w/ return for U1...

    It would be nice, so it ain't gonna happen.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Toshiro Umezawa
    Quote from Gogf »
    Wow! Imagine:

    You have a mountain, a swamp and a forbidden orchird in play, and a glacial ray in your graveyard. Play Toshi, giving your oponent a 1/1 spirit.

    Next turn: Play a mountain. Play the glacial ray (making sure to cast it with the forbidden orchird), and kill the 1/1 created last turn. Return the other glacial ray to your hand, and then deal two damage to a creature of player. It's basically an automatic 2 damage per turn starting on turn four.


    Oh, wait, I can Magmajet each turn starting turn 3 (2 with chrome mox) thanks to sceptor. Next?
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Empty-Shrine Kannushi, Nezumi Shadow-Watcher
    Quote from rancored_elf »
    Shuko gives +1/+0, not +0/+1! That explains why it didn't seem to be very good. So now it's a mini-bonesplitter.

    Shuko - 1 mana
    Artifact - Equipment (U)
    Equipped creature gets +1/+0.
    Equip 0 mana

    Too bad it doesn't give Web in addition, it seems like the kind of equipment that would give web (but then again, CHK block designers seem a lot less skilled in designing equipment, and creatures for that matter, than Mirrodin block designers are).

    As it stands, I'd draft this relatively low in the third pack, but if I've got enough creatures, or if there's no good on color cards, this is a nice uncommon to find. It almost always makes the cut; as with all equipment, it's solid perminant boost. Better still, it's usually the bottom of my curve, so I can pump up 4/4s to take out 5/5s, and can generally equip to an evasive attacker, then equip to a big butt blocker. A nice bonus to any deck, I think.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Toshiro Umezawa
    Gifts ungiven brokenness depends on black and blue's efficient cheap instants, and seems dirrectly inferior to B/R splicing with glacial ray.

    Step 1: Draw Toshi, play him.
    Step 2: Draw Glacial ray.
    Step 3: Draw a lava spike or something, spike your opponent spliced with the ray; if you have 3 left, do it again.

    Black shoals almost garentee you'll be able to use his ability pretty quickly and effectively, even game-endingly. 5 mana, you have toshi, a shoal, and a glacial ray with a lava spike in the graveyard, that's 7 damage to their head and a fattie killed. Even better if you have 7 mana available, as you can do 5 to the head, and then later cast the shoal again to kill another creature.

    Biggest problem: The deck relies on a legend, who though easy to kill in the mirror, is easily killed in the mirror (glacial rays, you never play a toshi to kill a toshi).
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Toshiro Umezawa
    Quote from Go to Combat Phase »
    come on, stop thinking inside the box everyone. Trying to force this guy into MBC or some such is like trying to force Kiki-Jiki ingto Big Red. This guys deserves his own style deck.

    Or MBC could be edited to work with this guy. In T2, MBC runs lots of removal, and with a few more instants, this guy is an several times eternal witness. And he has three toughness on defense or when blocked. MBC w/Deathcloud may not run him, but MBC will see him...
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Toshiro Umezawa
    Quote from Sniper of Goth »
    So I have a Soul's Betrayal in play. And you're saying they kill me with Disciple.


    They've got the new +0,+1 equipment on it punk.:biggrin3:
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Toshiro Umezawa
    Quote from NotALlama »
    I don't know if ravager would be in very good shape if you e-bolt 2 of thier guys with 1 e-bolt, then flash back an echoing decay.

    On turn 4. Even if you've gone first, and moxed it out 2nd turn, it's still third turn. Which, while solid, is pretty crappy against most other decks. Big Red would eat you alive, while Pyrite spellbombs in affinity make you afraid to play Toshi...
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Toshiro Umezawa
    Quote from vylasaven »
    Post-BOK Block deck

    4x Consuming Vortex
    4x Dampen Thought
    4x Reach Through Mists
    4x Thief of Hope
    4x Nezumi Shortfang
    3x Black Shoal
    2x Blue Genju
    2x Kokusho
    3x Big Black Hand Denial Arcane demon
    4x Toshiro
    2x Eerie Procession

    4x Waterveil Cavern
    2x Shizo, Death's Storehouse
    2x Minamo, School at Water's Edge
    9 Swamp
    7 Island

    Hey, the splice deck may very well be twice as fast as a millstone deck, but when black's got very efficient discard, as well as cranial extraction, you're screwed.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Toshiro Umezawa
    B/R block deck (as if anyone's not going to be playing creatures in block!).

    4 X Toshiro
    4X samurai killing rats
    4X soulless revival
    4X glacial Ray
    4X lava spike
    4 X Rend Flesh
    1-2 mountain genju
    1-2 swamp genju
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  • posted a message on [BOK] the white Genju
    Quote from Wildfire393 »
    Lets see... worst of the man-lands by far. Black works in MBC, red in sligh, blue in control/landstill/or even blueskies, and the green is a powerful stompy creature for green beats. This however, has no practical applications. Not convinced? Let's try comparing them to the old man-lands:

    Treetop Village (arguably the best) + +1/+1= very good.
    Fairy Conclave (the other really good one) also gets +1/+1= very good
    Spawning Pool (very weak before) -regen + +1/+1 + shade ability = very good
    Ghitu Encampment (decent before) -first strike + +4/+0 = very good (most improved IMO)
    Forbidding Watchtower (Worst before) + +1/+0 + spirit link = still crappy

    The green one MAY NOT have trample. Either way, it's constructed worthy. If it has trample, it's VERY good and offers green a fairly solid way of dealing with W/X control in T2.

    The Blue one... is great, trust me: 3 flying damage a turn is solid. Not for the control decks though... except that it's an additional beater for after the ***; so maybe in T2 W/U.

    The black one? It just seems sub-par for black control, let alone B/X control. Black has gotten a 4/4 flyer/kill engine for 4, a 5/5 flyer with 5 to the dome for 6, and whatever toshi is, let alone two solid flip rats. This may be a late game beater, and I may throw in 1 to a MBC, but it's very un-splashable.

    Red? 6/1 a turn's good if you're in limited. Vs white or green, it's disenchanted. Vs black... they waste a creature a turn. VS affinity, you're probably dead and they took 6. VS blue; bouncing lands is looking all the more viable. Indeed, I wouldn't doubt a U/R LD deck arising soon just because blue's bouncing a land is doubly good now.

    White one? Well, it stops enforcer for a turn and provides a blocker and an attacker after wrath. It's Monowhite control goodness for T2, and decent in a W/U control deck, as unlike the blue one, it blocks well and plays the part of an exhaulted angel after a wrath. WHere as they 1/5 was a solid blocker; this is ... a solid blocker.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Empty-Shrine Kannushi, Nezumi Shadow-Watcher
    Most generic equipment really should be common. Not that there should be a lot of it, ind you, but one or two per main set, and 1 per expansion's plenty of equipment for the common slot. How many people picked Bonesplitters first pick in Mirrodin block?
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Fumiko the Lowblood
    4 mana and shockable. Is there anything wose? Oh, yeah, you better not draw multiples.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Fumiko the Lowblood
    This will probably see play as a finisher in R/W samurai decks; though with the new *** (albeit 6 mana), I'm afraid control will come back in a big way; even in block.

    Still, with a curive like this:
    2 Hound
    4 Devoted Retainer
    4 battlemad guy
    1 Goldentail
    2 Mana fixer
    4 Glacial Ray
    2 Samurai tricky thing that untaps them.
    3 Fox Samurai
    2 Hasty Samurai?
    2 Nago, bound by honor
    2 This?

    Then add splice and legends and land to taste. Maybe even run the brothers; if you're into combo; they'll lure the glacial rays away from this, and they work well with legendary lands, which you'll be running 1 of the W and R ones anyways.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Fumiko the Lowblood
    Quote from ChillinTonyD »
    So, twintwist are you saying that you play with all the cards you open in a sealed tournament. I disagree that this is an auto first pick in sealed, however it would be a high possibility for inclusion in a sealed deck. At worst, it makes all your blockers into virtual removal and helps clear the way for a win. The double red reduces its splashability. I would not call it a bomb for limited, but definitely a reasonable choice in a colour that is splashed quite a lot anyway.

    On the draft side of it, I am hoping that where I play we will be drafting 3 betrayers anyway as I have so many CHK cards that I am giving them away to kids because we have drafted 3 CHK for so long.

    1. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS THE "sealed 1st pick". THERE JUST ISN'T.
    2. I could play Betrayers, Homelands, Yu Gi Oh drafts if I wanted; but it's not worth talking about.
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