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  • posted a message on MTGS's New Logo!
    Well you can't please everyone...
    And I'm not pleased.

    I actually like the clean simplicity of the original logo. Frown

    Oh well, I guess I'll just make my own shirt with the old logo.

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  • posted a message on Extended Goblins should jump for joy.
    Quote from Aggro_zombies »
    and it dies to double engineered plague.

    YES!!!! WOOT!!! my mbc will not get screwed by this card any longer!!!! MWAHAHAHAHA! Evil Lol

    oh, i'm jumping for joy alright...now goblins decks will have to splash green for naturalize if they want to survive double plague...

    It's just as likely that the Goblin player will have 2 kings as you will have 2 plagues. Don'e forget that they will boost each other.

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  • posted a message on Extended Goblins should jump for joy

    That's right folks...look at the creature type.

    I will actually now be main boarding this in my goblin deck, as it adds defense to the plauge and powers up all your other tribal effects.

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  • posted a message on Extended Goblins should jump for joy.

    That's right folks...look at the creature type.

    I will actually now be main boarding this in my goblin deck, as it adds defense to the plauge and powers up all your other tribal effects.

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  • posted a message on Creature art Similarities...
    Quote from Caranthir »
    Okay. Maybe in a few hundred thousands of years, the pteron could have evolved into this. So unless Ravnica is not situated in this time range in relation to Mirrodin, I do not think there is a link between the worlds.

    Actually, that is one of the first things that ran trough my head. I could easily see Mirrodin evolving into a city world ahla StarWars' Corsant. I later discounted this because 1. The body types (see the novel cover) have no 'metalic' influnces at all. 2. With the 'political' divisions created by the stark contrasts of the suns, I would find it hard to belive the colours cooporating.

    Any way, back to the mounts...
    You are correct in noticing the differences between the wings of the animals. With the Mirrodin ones seemming to be made of skin while the Ravica ones are of something else...I am not willing to say that the are made of feathers, but it is deffently not thin skin....I cant tell if the texture on the body is suppost to feathers or scales. Also upon futher inspection I see that the Ravica ones do not have the claws in the wings while the Mirrodin ones do, another similarty to your Phororhacos/Pteranodon comparason.
    Still though, with the seemingly endless possibilities of what the creatures could have looked like, I find the similarities very poinent.

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  • posted a message on Creature art Similarities...
    Quote from Caranthir »
    Well, there has been a pretty wide discussion, when the pic appeared for the first time. But generally, I think that the marginal similarity is caused by the plain fact that if you want to ride an airborne beast, you HAVE to design the saddle in the way that is depicted above. Moreover, as for the artistic point of view, the sadde designs seem not to be much similar to me.

    Its actually not the saddle that comes to my attention, its the actual creature. Because of "Magic Arcana" we all know the the process by which the artists recive thier insturctions, and that there is usually always a 'base' art work for artists to go off of for prominate creatures/places/items/legends. In this case I wish to point out that each of the artists are infact different, this leads me to belive that each of these artists were going off the same 'base' artwork for their design.

    Magic Arcana - http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/arcana

    'Base' artwork - http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/arcana/716

    -In responce to DarkParas-
    Quote from DarkParas »
    That's interesting... But I can't believe any of this could be true... It looks to me WotC wants to give us a completely new world to explore... Flying mounted creatures will always look like some kind of specter...

    While in fact there are quite a few artworks with creatures/people ridding atop specters, that is not always the case. For example Mothrider Samurai . The style guide for Kamigawa is that the airborn battle 'horse' of the white alinded cards is a Moth.

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  • posted a message on Creature art Similarities...
    Take a look and see for your self....

    Is it just me or does the artwork for the 'bird' mounts look VERY simmilar?

    If I remember correctly Karn, when building Mirrodin, brought creatures from different planes to Mirrodin to create his world. Does this in fact mean that at least some part of Ravica is related to Mirrodin...or that the Plainswalkers, mainly Karn, already have atleast some presence here?

    Also, sorry if this has been run into the ground already. I could not find any earlier references to it.


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  • posted a message on sprinting shoes?
    Quote from Chrome Moxen »
    im doing track and field this year, and im a sprinter. (100 meter) and i wanna know the best shoes for me. ive been looking at the nike turb oz shox thing, but thats for long distances:(. any suggestions?

    First off, the nike turboz shox should not even be used for serious running, they are just for looking good...

    If you are looking for just running flats (normal work out shoes) then I would suggest the Mizuno Men's Maverick 3, though be ready to take the shoe back to the store because Mizuno's will either last nearly forever or fall apart in the first week.

    For sprinting (100 to 400 meters) I have always been a huge fan of the Nike Track Zoom Sprint Running Spike - NIK 1409, though I would only recomend this if you have a few years of running under your belt, and already good form, espically with your foot stiking the ground as these spikes offer no support. These are the fastest,lightest spikes out there but beacuse of that, they are also the hardest on your feet espically if your running on a poor surface.

    A better spike for just starting out and most likely better for the 100m anyways (Im a 400m/400 Huddles guy) would be the Nike Men's Zoom Superfly P 2. Offering support, cusion, and molded to put your foot in the proper position, I think this would be a better spike for you.

    I hope this helps, and if you have any more questions I'll be happy to help:grin2: .

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  • posted a message on Why Can’t I Play Vintage (Type 1) Online Legally?
    I actually just quit playing magic online because of this fact...I wanted to play Type 1! (and that it sucked-up soooo much time)

    Honestly I have no regreats after leaving espically sence I traded in so many sets for the RL cards...Yes I know i could have gotten more for them if I had sold them, but it was a sentimental thing.

    P.S. I still have some cards left over that I could not trade in...to include 4xHarrow, 4xFTK, 3 tixs, and an Onslaught booster...pm if anyone is intrested in buying the rest of my stuff.

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  • posted a message on March Banned/Restricted Announcement!
    At the moment I am completely lost for words...


    This is the most radical changes to a format that I think I have ever seen...
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  • posted a message on New 9th Ed. Serra Pic?

    New 9th Ed. Serra Pic?

    I could get behind this as it is quite better looking then the 7th and 8th edition ones. Though I will say that I was hoping for a picture that paid homage to the original like Que Serra, Serra - http://www.wizards.com/default.asp?x=mtgcom/daily/mr129

    I guess it could also be Blinding Angel...
    But that would burst my bubble...
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  • posted a message on My First Tome.
    Harmattan Efreet - 6th and Mirage Uncommon

    "Her Lips suck forth; see, where it flies!"
    --- Christopher Marlowe, The Tragical History of Doctor Faustus
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  • posted a message on Casual Elves, but with a rather common turn 3 win
    First the list...

    First off this is what an elf deck should be :grin2:

    If you cannot already tell what this deck does, let me explain...
    Play elves (llanowar elves and fyndhorn elves ),
    make mana (priest of titania ),
    sac insects to skullclamp (wirewood hivemaster and skullclamp ),
    give everyone haste (concordant crossroads ),
    and overrun for the extra fun.

    Now a little card choice reasoning

    Forest - well kinda need those...but in very small quanities which leads us to...
    Windswept Heath , Wooded Foothills , and Land Grant - Each of these act as to fetch a forest, there-by getting the land i need into play and thinning out my deck of things i dont want to draw with Skullclamp.

    Skullclamp - This is the drawing machine in the deck, without it the deck functions ratherslowly and whats the fun in that...Quite often I will mulligan down to five cards on the play to find a clamp and still go off turn 3 to 4.

    Vitalize - This is a nice little back-up/reset button. Quite nice when your running low on mana early in the turn you go off, or as a untap to attack card. Either way, it always proves to be quite useful.

    Concordant Crossroads - This little enchantment is very tasty, allowing you to cast and use your elves the same turn...as in pay 1G,play Priest of Titania, then tap for about 12 green mana. This also allows you to attack the turn you go off, hasty insects with +3/+3 and trample are fun:tongue2: .

    Overrun - While quite often this is not nessary, it does allow for a nicer finish, though if you really wanted a big finisher I would suggest Coat of Arms . This does come in handy though when your opponet is also playing elves with a Wirewood Hivemaster out.

    Birtchlore Rangers - These little guys make the deck run so much more smothly. Untill you get a Concordant Crossroads out, making mana is not nessarly easy even with elves, but this guy turns every elf into 1/2 a llanowar elves.

    Llanowar Elves and Fyndhorn Elves - If these little guys are not in your elf deck you had better have one heck of a good reason why not...

    Quirion Ranger - This elf can often proform triple duty. One, it can save your land from an untimly stipmine. Two, it untaps your mega-mana producing elves (read Priest of Titania). And three, you can proform nice little tricks with it if you dont draw a land and have no land drops. I have done some crazy things with her.
    turn 1 - forest, Quirion Ranger
    turn 2 - play Birtchlore Rangers, tap both elves, untap the Birtchlore Rangers and return the forest to my hand, play the forest and tap, play Priest of Titania, tap Birtchlore Rangers and Priest of Titania and play Skullclamp...

    Wirewood Hearld - The unrestricted Tutor for the deck, sac this to Skullclamp search your deck for the eof you need plus draw two cards...Not exactly Ancestral Recall and Worldly Tutor rolled into one, but I have yet to complain.

    Wirewood Hivemaster - Here is where the insects come from to not only feed your Skullclamp, but also to attack your opponet. This is often the elf you search for with the Wirewood Hearld.

    Priest of Titania - Tap, get one green mana for every elf in play...enough said...

    Wirewood Symbiote - Another triple duty card. Not only can you protect your creatures from removal, you can use it to untap your mana producers, and replay your cheap elves for more insect tokens...Yay. often though this just feels like a win more card, and is the first card I cut to try out new stuff.

    Any thoughts or ideas are welcome, and please try out the deck...its fun to play though I will warn you...
    1. Bring a sheet of paper and tokens, you will need them
    2. Advil helps otherwise, keeping track of all those numbers can cause a headache, espically if you play this in a tourny.
    3. This is masterbation magic, this deck is fun to play with, fun to watch, but not too fun for your opponet.
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  • posted a message on Who do you know that looks like a card?
    My Track coach here at Rice University happens to looks almost identical to the card meddling mage

    Guess that means he also looks like the pro who designed it.
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  • posted a message on My First Tome.
    Natural Affinity --8th Edition and Mercadian Masques

    "Tis the set of sails, and not the gales, / Which tells us the way to go."
    ---Ella Wheeler Wilcox
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