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  • posted a message on Salvation's SCCT/OCaaT - Single Card Ideas By YOU!
    ok well you asked for it....so here it is. I hate cards that have a Cumulative Upkeep with a fiery passion thats why i have waited for someone to comment this card so i wouldnt have to since i know my opinion would be quite bias'ed but fine since i read your rant ill talk about

    it costs low for an enchant that does nothing unless you pay the CU....now from my little expierence with these cards, any card that has a CU is supposed to have a ability on itself, the only reason for the CU is so you keep it in play now maybe im wrong like i said i hate CU cards and i never played with them, the ability itself has synergy since naturally you would run green and blue together if your using this card and would pay both costs so u can draw a card and place the discarded card if it was good ontop of your lib if it was a creature.

    Yah I'm not a huge fan of CU myself, but i liked the idea of wanting to keep it in play, because the later its played, the more powerful it becomes. It basically allows you to set up you deck to win, reusing cards that have already been foiled by the opponent, recycling your strategy, if i may. Plus, I'm not sure if you understand that CU stacks every upkeep, making this better every upkeep until you couldnt pay it, at which point, you'd just let it die and reep the rewards ie. GU first upkeep, then GUUU the second, GGGUUU third and so on.

    There thats your critique heres my card

    42/R 2/R
    Shasazaki, the Lone Samurai
    Legendary Creature-Human Samurai
    Bushido +1/+2
    When ~ would be put into the graveyard from play you may chose to remove it from the game instead. If you do then put 5 1/1 Samurai tokens into play with haste and there is another combat phase.
    "Though I battle alone, when I leave this world, many will take my place.-Shasazaki"

    Its a pretty cool idea, though i think his name clashes with his ability and flavor text, losing some of the potential flavor. If he's a lone samurai, why is he being replaced with 5 others? Where were they before? Other than some of the templating issues taken care of below, Good job and interesting idea.

    Quote from void_nothing
    The "creature" restriction of Wake of Rebirth's ability is probably unnecessary, considering it has a two-mana CU cost.

    I had it w/o a creature restriction before, but it seemed to good, especially in blue, where you can regrow counter and bounce spells, not to mention Bribery and the like lol. But who knows :p

    Shasazaki - Absurd mana cost. Also, "Bushido +1/+2"? You're doing it wrong. Having a red 4/5 for no compelling reason is weird. Let's reformat this card.

    Shasazaki, Lone Samurai 4RR
    Legendary Creature - Human Samurai
    Bushido 2
    When Shasazaki, Lone Samurai is put into a graveyard from play, if it's your turn, remove it from the game. If you do, put five 1/1 red Warrior creature tokens into play and there is an additional combat phase followed by an additional main phase after this one.

    Five seems a little bit excessive. Maybe tone that down to four or three tokens.

    Hmmm, how would this work if they killed him EOT? would it then switch to Combat and the main phase and then his turn automatically? Also i think 4 would be fair, especially since the way it's worded, you don't even get the tokens if he dies on an opponents turn.

    Anyways, here's my card today. I'm opting for simple and elegant Smile

    Tetrin, Royal Guard 1RW
    Legendary Creature - Viashino Knight
    First Strike
    When ~ comes into play, creatures you control get +2/0 and Haste till end of turn.
    At the end of turn, return ~ to your hand.
    "His prowess on the battlefield is unmatched, appearing at a moments notice and leaving just the same."
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  • posted a message on [555][Powered] calibretto's cube
    So i apologize in advance for not reading the entire thread. I just went through what i could with the time i had tonight. Experience wise, i have a pretty high powered cube (w/o power) due to the size of it. I only play 55 per color, 75 Multi color (6 of each color combo, 2 of each shards tri, and then 1 of each off color tri) 60 Artifacts, and 60 Lands. So needless to say there isn't much fat if any at this point. But more on that when i actually will be able to post my cube up for introspection by you all. I'm currently deployed with the AF so it will be a few months Frown Anyways here are my evaluations of some of the cards i think are weak, and then some suggestions on replacements for them.


    Grim Poppet - I originally had this in but took it out because his power level didn't really match up against other artifacts vying for the position. Nothing really blatantly bad, just not good enough to get a spot.

    Serrated Arrows - Sort of the same as the explanation above, just not good enough for the spot. Its four mana to basically give -1/-1 to a creature for three turns only. With four mana you could get something much better like Smokestack. Smokestack allows you to do zany things with Goblin Welder. You can stack the ability so the sac trigger happens then the counter trigger happens, making it hurt your opponent first.

    Quietus Spike - This card just isn't worth a spot period. With the mass amounts of removal in cubes, nothing but the best equipment can go in. Game changing equipment. That said, I'd replace this with another gem that combos well with aformentioned Goblin Welder, Tangle Wire. I'm not sure why this wasn't an auto-include, maybe you just didn't know about it. Same rules apply to this as Smokestack, trigger stacking wise, as well as being able to tap Tangle Wire itself. Very good for agro decks.

    Thats really all i saw in artifacts to take out, but I do recommend Coalition Relic. That card gives you some nice acceleration.


    Running out of time, ill condense this, if you have any questions why, just private message me and ill get back to you about it soon.




    Don't have my cube here with me unfortunately, so I'm sure theres other things that aren't here, i just can't think of them at the moment.


    While many of these are pretty good, blue is by far the best color in the cube. Therefore, spots in the cube are the tightest in this section.


    Future Sight is amazing. Very underrated for some reason, but leads to whoever has it out having massive card advantage. Inkwell replaces Darksteel Colossus (Which you also don't have!!) as a tinker target.

    Anyways, I'll get back to the other colors later. Let me know if this helped Smile
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  • posted a message on highest value/cost, worst playability
    Basically, anything that deals with opponents having multiple copies of cards ie. Exsanguination Cranial Extraction. I've recently even cut Cabal Therapy because of the narrowness of the card in cube compared to other black discard. Don't get me wrong, its good. But at 55 cards a color, you've gotta cut some good things to make room for better things.
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  • posted a message on Salvation's SCCT/OCaaT - Single Card Ideas By YOU!
    Quote from jdurham6
    I'm not sure about the protection from blue, but that seems fine.
    You may want to change the tap effect to target creature, since black traditionally has trouble dealing with artifacts and enchantments.

    Here's my card:

    Tease U
    Target opponent looks at the top five cards of his or her library and puts them back in any order. That player shuffles his or her library.
    Draw a card.

    Note: this card comes from a custom un-set that we are designing, so yes, the first ability is supposed to be mostly pointless

    Hmmm, I think the card is fine as is. It's basically a worse Ponder, so its actually a little on the weak side, but i like the way it works in an un-set so...

    ive been home all day sick so i decided to check in on my card..

    ok....Tease....it costs little...but i would change it to a Sorcery insteaed of an instant...and make it cost 1u instead of just U

    idk why but im in a legendary creature mood

    Death-Knight Captain Vargas
    Legendary Creature-Zombie Knight
    Protection from white
    When ~ comes into play put 2 1/1 zombie tokens into play
    Unearth 3B

    They made a creature similar to this --> Grixis Slavedriver Which I'd actually probably prefer to this, even though he is an uncommon. For a rare (assuming this because legends are usually rare or higher) and being legendary, you could definately up the power of this card a bit. Possibly something to this nature:

    Death-Knight Captain Vargas 3BBB
    Legendary Creature - Zombie Knight
    Protection from White
    At the beginning of each player's upkeep, put a 1/1 Zombie Knight token into play.
    If ~ is removed from the game from play, put a 1/1 Zombie Knight token into play for each Zombie Knight in play.
    Unearth 2BB

    For 6 mana, you want a guy that has a good chance at ending the game. This more heavily favors you the longer he is in. Of course, wrath would hurt but hey, it always does.

    Here's my attempt at a card today:

    Wake of Rebirth 1(U/G)(U/G)
    Enchantment R
    Cumulative Upkeep (U/G)(U/G)
    For each green mana used to pay the upkeep cost, put target creature card from your graveyard on top of your library.
    Then, for each blue mana used to pay the upkeep cost, draw a card then discard a card.
    "The circle of life is ever-present."

    (Warning: Rant ensuing)

    Also, i would appreciate it if people would put time into reviewing others cards as a common courtesy to this thread if nothing else. As I've gone through some of this thread (theres 574 pages atm, which is a little daunting) I find it much more interesting to read WHY people dislike cards and even their take on a card you are trying to create. One line answers that you whip out just cause you want to show off YOUR card, to me, is pretty disrespectful and un needed really. It's not a hard thing, especially if we want to keep this forum fresh and have a more active list of participants. I value everyones opinion unless that person gives me a reason otherwise. So yah.. thats my rant :p
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  • posted a message on Salvation's SCCT/OCaaT - Single Card Ideas By YOU!
    Hmmm, I'm not really sure how relevant Magnetic sliver would be. There is already an abundance of decent slivers to choose from that i'm not sure if his ability would make the cut. But I'm not really a sliver guy so take it with a grain of salt :p

    Thx Kraj for the help on the suspend thing. Heres another card that randomly popped into my head. I like flavor, and this thing is bursting with it.

    Desperate Pact
    Suspend X - XWR
    Remove a time counter - Put a 1/1 Red and White Soldier into play.
    Creatures you control get +2/+0 and Haste until end of turn.
    Creatures opponents control can't block or use activated abilities until end of turn. You lose the game at the end of this turn.
    "With their defeat close at hand, the will of the desperate prevailed. But at what cost?"

    Hmm, while designing this card, I made a card similiar to this. Which do you all prefer?

    Final Flash
    Suspend X - XWW
    Remove a time counter - Creatures you control get +1/+1 until end of turn.
    Creatures opponents control can't block or use activated abilities until end of turn. You lose the game at the end of this turn.
    "The heavens were torn asunder by the blinding light of the one they worshipped. They knew the end was near... for one of them."

    Let me know what you all think. Your feedback is very helpful. I'm sort of a new card designer but it's definately a strong interest of mine. Thank you!
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  • posted a message on Salvation's SCCT/OCaaT - Single Card Ideas By YOU!
    Hmmm, seems like a nice concept. Smile You may be able to more competitively price it though while weakening another area possibly. Something like:

    Vengeful Elves GG
    Creature-Elf Warrior (R)
    You may only play Vengeful Elves as long as another spell with cmc 3 or greater has been played by an opponent this turn.
    "Sometimes anger is the greatest motivator."

    By making it Double Green, you are allowed to lower the cost a little, making him more viable. Also, to balance the powerful atk and defense for his cost, you make it so you can only play him in response to your opponent. This also adds a bit of flavor namewise.

    Now for my own devious creation. Sorry if this wording is a little confuddledl. I couldnt think of any better way to put it. Also, can someone explain how to put mana symbols and the like into posts? I just joined today :p

    Suicidal Psychomancer 1UBB
    Creature - Human Sorcerer (R)
    Whenever you discard a card from your hand, you may pay half your life, rounded down. If you do, remove that card from the game suspended with 1 time counter on it.
    "Psychomancers have reputations for living short lives. Of course, the same could be said of their enemies."

    Any ideas?
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