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  • posted a message on [[Official]] G/x Birthing Pod
    Quote from tifo86
    Both of them did't finish well...imo rug build is too rely on specific plan that need multiple key cards
    In fact I found RUG's early game is awkward .....sometimes you can do aggro when you have some nice draw,but most of time you are on the defensive end... and your win con usually can't help the board situation in time....

    Sorry but I don't care whether they finished first or last. I was just trying to gather more ideas and insight as to playing RUG Pod. As I stated earlier, I mentioned them only to [possibly] get more lists into the discussion as I am intrigued in playing something different from the norm. I do apologize as I should have just posted their list instead of names, but I figured it's not that hard to look these kinds of things up.

    Here's their decklist for reference. They had SB a little different but the only MD difference was +1 GSZ -1 Forest.

    Here's another list (it placed well a couple weeks back):

    I do see your point about the early game could be awkward and being on the defensive end. I guess maybe it could depend on your build. In looking at various RUG Pod builds, it seems there are a few spots to play around with and put whatever you want. Should I be more controlling with mana leaks, fixing with ponder, or maybe removal (bonfire, vapor snag)? I am also considering another wolf run over the refuge. Thoughts?
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] G/x Birthing Pod
    Quote from tifo86
    How was leak&captain?I really worried the mana might be to tight to tap/untap...

    It's fine if you plan ahead what you're going to do. I feel like playing the mana leak MD can surprise some people game 1. You could at least bluff them out, make them play around counter magic lol.

    Captain can serve multiple roles IMO. Untapping Pod multiple times doesn't seem fair. You can stop one of their guys from attacking (maybe something with sword or that has been soulbound). If they are land cut on a color, tap it during upkeep. I had my Vorapede tapped from my own stolen Frost Titan (Zealous Conscripts), but I just untapped it and swung for lethal lol.

    I would also like to mention that Todd Anderson and David McDarby both played RUG Pod @ SCG Nashville. This mention is just to add more decklists into the discussion.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] G/x Birthing Pod
    Played RUG pod in game day. We had about 15 or so people.
    Only lost to naya pod in finals (beat this person during round 2). It just came down to what we drew I guess lol.
    Didn't get to Navi blink like I wanted to, but Captain was awesome multiple chains untapping pod. Any feedback welcomed...

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  • posted a message on Helvault during Pre-Release Event (Avacyn Restored)
    So it contains kit-kats? Break me off a piece of that hellvault seal...
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  • posted a message on Tournament Floor Rules Update (Effective 4/2/12)
    I remember at GP Orlando, one of the side events was a TCGPlayer sealed event (even more memorable because a judge announced "Attention SCG Players" LoL). Anyways, the guy had a cell phone call during a match. He was really adamant about taking this call. The judge asked him a few questions, and after a discussion coming to the conclusion it was not to be taken. Obviously the guy appeals to the head judge. More questions were asked, I think some were like "Are you active military or medical personnel? Is the call a life or death situation?" etc.

    By now this guy is getting really upset, as his answers are not helping his cause. He also didn't want to reveal the nature of the call. In the end, the head judge came to the same ruling as the previous judge not to take the call. Afterwards, not sure about how it went down, but he ended up going to the restroom and I'm assuming took his call in there.

    Anyways, I can understand not wanting to reveal your personal stuff, but I can also see how the questions were relevant in the acceptance of the phone call. I do like the new rules updates. Guess I'm going to have to go over everything just to make sure I don't miss anything now.
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  • posted a message on [Official][Developing] Twisted Tree Flinger!
    I played this at FNM, went 3-1-1 with 53 ppl and ended up 10th place. I never did get the full combo. Deathmantle was fun bringing back Solemn and Slime lol. Twisted was ok, at very least a cantrip, but saved me from 3/1 legionnaire and 2/1 snapcaster lol. Negates from nowhere for the blowout too.

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  • posted a message on Box Mapping - Dark Ascension Edition [DKA]
    Back again. Made in U.S.A

    Box #4
    Left Side
    Increasing Savagery / Chosen Markov Foil Increasing Vengeance
    Increasing Devotion / Hinterland Hermit
    Requiem Angel / Loyal Cathar
    Deranged Outcast / Scorned Villager Foil Burden of Guilt
    Dungeon Geists / Mondronen Shaman
    Ghoultree / Chosen Markov
    Grafdigger's Cage / Afflicted Deserter
    Geralf's Messenger / Wolfbitten Captive
    Call to the Kindred / Hinterland Hermit
    Drogskol Reaver / Scorned Villager
    Fiend of the Shadows / Hinterland Hermit
    Curse of Bloodletting / Chalice of Life Foil Stormbound Geist
    Call to the Kindred / Scorned Villager
    Curse of Misfortunes / Loyal Cathar Foil Wakedancer
    Sorin / Afflicted Deserter
    Beguiler of Wills / Chalice of Life
    Curse of Bloodletting / Chosen Markov
    Geralf's Mindcrusher / Soul Seizer
    Increasing Ambition / Chosen Markov
    Increasing Confusion / Hinterland Hermit Foil Sightless Ghoul
    Curse of Echoes / Loyal Cathar
    Hellrider / Loyal Cathar Foil Burning Oil
    Increasing Devotion / Soul Seizer
    Alpha Brawl / Scorned Villager Foil Geralf's Messenger
    Right Side
    Curse of Echoes / Soul Seizer
    Vault of the Archangel / Hinterland Hermit Foil Clinging Mists
    Thalia / Scorned Villager
    Gravecrawler / Lambholt Elder Foil Ravenous Demon
    Feed the Pack / Hinterland Hermit
    Archangel's Light / Loyal Cathar
    Zombie Apocalypse / Lambholt Elder
    Helvault / Scorned Villager
    Havengul Runebinder / Chalice of Life
    Sudden Disappearance / Chosen Markov
    Curse of Misfortunes / Elbrus Blinding Blade
    Increasing Vengeance / Chosen Markov
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  • posted a message on Box Mapping - Dark Ascension Edition [DKA]
    All these boxes were Made in U.S.A. Also shortcut some of the names as I had to do this in a timely fashion. I'll add another box later. Seems to be about 6-8 foils per box, 6-7 Mythics per box, and maybe 1 emblem token per case. Not sure on the emblem, but we did open over 2 cases worth of product. Box #2 and #3 from same case. Hope this helps!

    Box #1
    Left Side
    Dungeon Geists / Chosen Markov
    Feed the Pack / Hinterland Hermit
    Jar of Eyeballs / Mondronen Shaman Foil Faith's Shield
    Thalia / Chalice of Life
    Increasing Devotion / Chosen Markov
    Gravecrawler / Elbrus Blinding Blade
    Increasing Confusion / Hinterland Hermit Foil Altar of Lost
    Curse of Misfortunes / Scorned Villager Foil Break of Day
    Call to the Kindred / Hinterland Hermit
    Mikaeus / Afflicted Deserter Foil Afflicted Deserter
    Increasing Savagery / Huntmaster of Fells
    Requiem Angel / Soul Seizer Foil Vorapede
    Thraben Doomsayer / Hinterland Hermit
    Requiem Angel / Chosen Markov
    Fiend of the Shadows / Scorned Villager Foil Wild Hunger
    Increasing Savagery / Afflicted Deserter Foil Hinterland Hermit
    Grafdigger Cage / Lambholt Elder
    Markov Blademaster / Scorned Villager
    Lost in the Woods / Loyal Cathar Foil Highborn Ghoul
    Seance / Lambholt Elder Foil Zombie Apocalypse
    Sorin / Loyal Cathar
    Sudden Disappearance / Chosen Markov
    Zombie Apocalypse / Wolfbitten Captive
    Curse of Echoes / Loyal Cathar
    Right Side
    Increasing Vengeance / Soul Seizer
    Drogskol Reaver / Afflicted Deserter
    Counterlash / Loyal Cathar Foil Increasing Vengeance
    Zombie Apocalypse / Scorned Villager
    Flayer of the Hatebound / Loyal Cathar Foil Fling
    Vault of Archangel / Loyal Cathar
    Vorapede / Soul Seizer
    Ghoultree / Hinterland Hermit
    Havengul Runebinder / Ravenous Demon
    Curse of Bloodletting / Chalice of Life
    Jar of Eyeballs / Scorned Villager
    Thalia / Chosen Markov

    Box #2
    Left Side
    Increasing Vengeance / Scorned Villager Foil Thought Scour
    Increasing Savagery / Scorned Villager Foil Alpha Brawl
    Gravecrawler / Soul Seizer
    Lost in Woods / Hinterland Hermit
    Vorapede / Chosen Markov
    Thraben Doomsayer / Scorned Villager
    Beguiler of Wills / Soul Seizer
    Alpha Brawl / Soul Seizer
    Curse of Misfortunes / Ravenous Demon
    Requiem Angel / Hinterland Hermit
    Dungeon Geists / Afflicted Deserter
    Grim Backwoods / Hinterland Hermit Foil Haunted Fengraf
    Havengul Lich / Wolfbitten Captive
    Grafdigger Cage / Chosen Markov
    Markov Blademaster / Loyal Cathar
    Seance / Chosen Markov
    Sudden Disappearance / Afflicted Deserter
    Call to the Kindred / Lambholt Elder
    Gravecrawler / Loyal Cathar
    Zombie Apocalypse / Loyal Cathar
    Thalia / Scorned Villager
    Predator Ooze / Chalice of Life
    Hellrider / Lambholt Elder Foil Blood Feud
    Counterlash / Chosen Markov Foil Increasing Confusion
    Right Side
    Counterlash / Loyal Cathar Foil Mondronen Shaman
    Flayer of Hatebound / Hinterland Hermit
    Predator Ooze / Lambholt Elder Foil Skillful Lunge
    Hellrider / Mondronen Shaman
    Grim Backwoods / Chalice of Life Foil Skirsdag Flayer
    Fiend of the Shadows / Hinterland Hermit
    Deranged Outcast / Scorned Villager
    Sorin / Elbrus Blinding Blade
    Vault of Archangel / Hinterland Hermit
    Havengul Runebinder / Loyal Cathar
    Geralf's Messenger / Chosen Markov Foil Gruesome Discovery
    Geralf's Mindcrusher / Huntmaster Fells

    Box #3
    Left Side
    Falkenrath Aristocrat / Loyal Cathar
    Call to the Kindred / Chalice of Life
    Deranged Outcast / Chosen Markov
    Zombie Apocalypse / Hinterland Hermit Foil Bar the Door
    Feed the Pack / Scorned Villager
    Increasing Vengeance / Chalice of Life Foil Chalice of Life
    Increasing Devotion / Loyal Cathar
    Curse of Misfortunes / Loyal Cathar Foil Deadly Allure
    Fiend of the Shadows / Hinterland Hermit
    Archangel's Light / Scorned Villager
    Requiem Angel / Hinterland Hermit
    Increasing Ambition / Scorned Villager Foil Nephalia Seakite
    Counterlash / Lambholt Elder
    Drogskol Reaver / Hinterland Hermit
    Dungeon Geists / Loyal Cathar
    Markov Blademaster / Chosen Markov Foil Predator Ooze
    Curse of Echoes / Loyal Cathar
    Ghoultree / Hinterland Hermit
    Curse of Bloodletting / Chalice of Life
    Vault of Archangel / Chosen Markov Foil Ray of Revelation
    Increasing Confusion / Mondronen Shaman
    Grim Backwoods / Chosen Markov
    Havengul Lich / Chosen Markov
    Jar of Eyeballs / Hinterland Hermit
    Right Side
    Geralf's Messenger / Scorned Villager
    Thalia / Soul Seizer
    Increasing Savagery / Afflicted Deserter Foil Nearheath Stalker
    Vorapede / Ravenous Demon
    Mikaeus / Lambholt Elder
    Flayer of Hatebound / Afflicted Deserter
    Geralf's Mindcrusher / Soul Seizer
    Sudden Disappearance / Soul Seizer
    Alpha Brawl / Scorned Villager
    Lost in Woods / Wolfbitten Captive
    Dungeon Geists / Afflicted Deserter
    Thraben Doomsayer / Lambholt Elder
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  • posted a message on Most powerful play in standard currently?
    Quote from encikdpac
    ohh..how does that works?

    Necrotic Ooze + Bloodline Keeper + Grimgrin, Corpse-Born + Tree of Redemption

    Ooze in play, others in graveyard.

    Tap Bloodline for token, sac token with Grimgrin untap add +1/+1 counter, repeat...activate using Tree with 1 million counters.

    However, I suppose you could also:

    Necrotic Ooze + Palladium Myr + Pentavus + Vigil for the Lost for 1 million

    Ooze and Vigil in play, others graveyard, and Ooze needs +1/+1 counter.

    Tap Myr add 2, Pentavus pay 1 remove counter make token, sac token with Grimgrin untap add +1/+1 counter, repeat...activate Vigil using 1 million mana.

    And by [cardname] I mean Ooze uses that ability (except Vigil obv)...
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  • posted a message on Most powerful play in standard currently?
    just once, i'd like to be at 1 million life with necrotic ooze combo...
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  • posted a message on States
    Seems a lot of people are rusty, but at least they are coming back.

    I suppose I should have mentioned mine would be in FL states. Thanks for the feedback on the multiplier though.
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  • posted a message on [[Official]] G/x Birthing Pod
    Are white versions not playing Razor Hippogriff? I mean I guess it depends on how many artifacts you run, but still I find it very useful. I played against a lot of Solar Flare and reoccurring Nihil Spellbomb is too funny lol. The lifegain can also be a bonus.
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  • posted a message on States
    Who is going and what are you playing?

    Does anyone know the Planeswalker Point Multiplier for this type of event?

    It's probably dependent on TO or whatnot, but I've already e-mailed them and still waiting for response.

    At the moment, I'm not sure about going, but if I did it would probably be a pod deck.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Precursor Golem
    How many Golems would you have if you cast Cackling Counterpart on your Precursor Golem?

    Is it like this?

    1Precusor Original with 2x Golem tokens in play.

    Original Targeted - which stacks on the other two -
    3x New Precursor Cackling Counterpart token's come into play, one for each existing Golem, when those 3 come into play, each one puts in 2 more golems, for 6 more.

    so its 3+3+6=12 Golems?

    i believe only precursor golem puts 2 more golems into play. The other 2 are simply golems and put 1 copy of itself into play.
    3+3+1+1=8 golems (2 being precursor).

    Edit: after looking in the rules section, it gets quite more complicated if there's 2 precursor golems in play and/or parallel lives, lol.
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  • posted a message on [SCD] Precursor Golem
    I put him in my pod deck, just a one of though. Then I pod up Grave Titan and next turn Elesh Norn and swing 14 damage.

    Things hurt him that are currently played are: Incinerate, Dismember, Brimstone Volley, Divine Offering, Ancient Grudge, Doomblade, Dispatch, and some Act of Treason type cards.

    That's a good list of cards, but I don't think that should scare you off playing him or at least trying him out.
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