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  • posted a message on [BOK] Shimmering Glasskite, Forked-Branch Garami
    both seem good in limited. the first one is basically untargetable, which is good. admittedly, the second one is better, but even so, the first one's ok. I don't like that they said the same keyword twice, though. It'd be cooler, IMO, if there was a new keyword that was "double soulshift" or something.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Kyoki, Sanity's Eclipse
    This will see play in all those discard decks played by 8-year olds who come to FNM. And it might see play in MBC too, i guess. interesting find though, very flavorful.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Heed the Mists
    i don't think it will see play in tooth. IMO, this is clearly R&D's ploy to attract casual players, just as Draco, Krosan collossus, the Bringers, and every card in Legions were, too

    Thanks, R_E.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Kentaro, the Smiling Cat
    I don't think it's TOO fragile. i mean, it's a samurai deck, most of your creatures will have 1-3 toughness anyway. This will be, in my opinion, pretty amazing in block. it'll make RW samurai one of the best decks, if not the best. I can't see it coming into T2 that much, because of Ravager, but it's still pretty good. i'm looking forward to block season now. with the mass removal spell too, it looks to be interesting >;D

    Quote from godslefthand »
    This one has a cool name, I look forward for the art!

    Am I the only one who got a mental image of "Hello Kitty" after reading that?

    I thought of the cheshire cat...
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  • posted a message on [BOK] is white still the mass removal spell? FINAL JUDGMENT!
    I have to say, i'm happy that the Myojin wasn't this block's wrath variant. white-based control may come back now. i doubt it, but there's still a chance :p
    Thanks for the great info, R_E!
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] UG Control
    right now, around here at least, Engineered explosives is the hot sideboard card. If you run one swamp maindeck, you can run SB 3 extractions and 3 explosives. this way, you can side in explosives against affinity and WW, and set it up to three:

    Welding Jar

    Chromatic Sphere
    Savana Lions
    Skullclamp Wink
    Lantern Kami
    Suntail Hawk

    Various 2-drops in WW

    The lists go on and on, pretty much stopping with three, where you can hit some 3CC creatures in WW and not much in Ravager. Even so, Engineered Explosives is a great card and must be included in all SBs. i'd suggest 3 copies, but that's not tweaked all that much; i need to do some more testing with that.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] 3 of Frostling's cycle-siblings
    To be honest, i'm more happy to see that you're back posting rumors than i am to see three new cards. this may be old news, because i just looked at the thread that seemed most interesting first, and this may not be your first rumor post on MTG salvation, but... Thanks, R_E.
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  • posted a message on [Sanity's Requiem] Sanity's Dawn (AGAIN!)
    ok, i'll put that tag in my sig in a sec. JT, remember when you said that you had a friend from MD states? and now you're talking about paul. interesting, i met a guy that i think was from NY at MD states named paul.. o_O
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] BG Control
    i've found the shortfang amazing against UG, but yeah, pretty bad against pretty much everything else. i'd run something roughly like this:

    3 Kokusho
    2 Rude Awakening
    3 Deathcloud
    Creature base
    4 Shaman
    4 Jens
    4 Sakura Tribe Elder
    4 Eternal Witness
    3 Barter in blood
    3 Rend flesh
    4 Echoing decay
    4 Kodama's reach
    22 Lands
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] UG Control
    now that i've been playing this deck for more than 2 weeks, i can post sanely about it, maybe. i've found that gifts are bad, as you usually have no problem drawing a win when you need it anyway. i'd much rather have thirst. i've found shackles to be really good, even against control where it can steal a non-Rude awakening win condition or a shaman or something. the biggest problem i've had is figuring out the counter base. 7 counters seems the right number, 4 of one thing and 3 of another, but i'm still trying to figure out what combination of mana leak, condescend, and hinder is the best. i was talking to the MD state champ about it a while ago, who won with UG. he plays 4 condescend, 3 hinder, which although good is pretty risky against affinity and the occasional WW that shows up. So.., thoughts?
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  • posted a message on [Sanity's Requiem] Sanity's Dawn (AGAIN!)
    just checkin in Sweat

    just made this account today after i read your link in the old thread from 'news. haven't been here, with holiday relatives and everything. so, yeah, i'm here, even if i only have a few posts as of now. i'll try to spam it up so i'll have more than like 3 posts. i'll put the link in my sig when i get around to it.
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  • posted a message on If MTgnews opens again - Will you leave it?
    i'll stay just to post in the clan thread. unless the clan moves here. so far, all i've seen is BB, but i've also only been here for about 5 minutes. so, really, i don't know.
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  • posted a message on i thought i might as well make this thread
    so, i took ButteBlues' advice, and came here. most of you probably don't remember me, i only had about 450 posts or so. at any rate, i'm here, and will try my best to be an active member of these boards. so... hi, to everyone from news and everyone new.
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