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  • posted a message on New Layout Coming Soon!
    Actually, it looks really good. Personally, I was hoping for a darker design, like darker gray, but i'm suprised with how well it came out. it looks just great.
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  • posted a message on Decklists for Type 2 Tournament!
    Quote from Uttermadness »
    Is it single elim?

    Good point, is it elimination or swiss? Sorry if it's already been said and i missed it.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] UG Control
    The only thing i don't like about the Ninphidian is that it's bad against affinity. How often are you going to have an unblocked attacker against affinity, and, for that matter, how ofter are you going to be attacking? I suppose with shackles it gets better, but even so, it's something to think about. Then again, i haven't gotten around to testing it at all yet, so i wouldn't know. Just speculation.

    @ButteBlues18: Shackles IS good. sure, it may get hit by shaman. But the pros greatly outweight the cons. Think about it. Shackles take disciples, affinity beatsticks like enforcers if they don't have a disciple out, even nexi. Against control, while it might get hit by shaman, it can also take shaman, take witness, take Kokusho, take Keiga, and take Meloku. One of the main reasons i don't have meloku in my build at this point is because of shackles. Which brings me to my next point.

    I'm not sure Meloku is really needed in UG at this point. While providing chumpers, and winning slowly, meloku is more of a stalling card to draw rude awakening. So, why not just run more rude awakening instead? Sure, there are times when you'd rather have a meloku than a rude, but there are far more times when you'd rather have a rude then a meloku. IMO, however, 4 rude is too much. i'd suggest 3, and then another slot for some 3-of that you're making a 4-of, or even 2 rude awakening, if you really want to, although i'm not sure that's the best idea. Again, i think the best number is probably three. Unlike the Ninja issue, however, i do have testing to back up my ideas. I'm working on two different builds of UG right now; One more artifact-oriented, with baubles and thirsts, and one less so, with Ninjas and STEs. As i said, i haven't gotten to test the Ninja yet, but the artifact version seems to be working out pretty well, although we'll see what happens on Feb. 20th. I'll post my build(s) at a later date when they are more refined.
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  • posted a message on [Sanity's Requiem] Sanity's Dawn (AGAIN!)
    Looks pretty good. I think the land card, and the Sanity's Requiem enchantment can stay the same if we fix some of the counter names and such. I changed the enchantment around a bit, and changed the pointless clause "At the end of the game, remove all counters" to "At the end of the turn, remove all counters", and then took away the tap requirement to make it more interesting.
    Sanity's Requiem - :1mana::symu::symu:
    Enchantment - Clan
    Whenever a creature deals damage, put a charge counter on Sanity's Requiem.
    At the end of the turn, remove all charge counters from Sanity's Requiem.
    :2mana:, Remove a charge counter from Sanity's Requiem: Draw a card.
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  • posted a message on Will This Eventually Replace MTGNews?
    I say no. not because Salvation will never be as good as news was, although maybe it won't, but because it will never be the same.
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  • posted a message on Forming the [meh] clan, apply here!
    Isn't it so much fun how there's a whole section of the forum set aside for where people can ***** about their life?
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  • posted a message on [Sanity's Requiem] Sanity's Dawn (AGAIN!)
    I'm not sure what difference that makes, really. There's nothing REALLY Unglued about it, in that there's no balancing cards on heads, and no unrealistic stuff, such as post in target thread: you gain one life or something like that. Everything works out rules-wise, as far as i know. and hey, if they can have ki counters, why not post counters?
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  • posted a message on Forming the [meh] clan, apply here!
    @kingcobweb friend. not member. if you don't want me, fine.
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  • posted a message on [CBS] Tora! Tora! Tora!
    What about Iname, Death Aspect? He gets a bunch of cards into your graveyard, while still being a 4/4 body...
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  • posted a message on [Sanity's Requiem] Sanity's Dawn (AGAIN!)
    okok, i finish school for the week, so i post, happy?
    whatever, i fix zoobs problem...

    Quark, Clan Spammer :1mana::symu:
    Creature - Compulsive Poster
    :1mana:,:symtap:: Put a post counter on target Thread card with Sanity's Requiem in it's name.
    Hay guys what's going on in this thread??
    -Quark, clan spammer


    that ok, or something? bad? meh, probably...

    EDIT: ooh i got a philosophy and a general.

    Get Custom Fast :symb::symb:
    :symb:: put a post counter on Get Custom Fast. If there are 500 post counters on Get Custom Fast, you win the game.
    - Quark, clan spammer
    and... general...

    Generic Creature Thing :1mana::symg:
    Come on guys, it's almost the deadline and we need 4 more cards!
    - ZoobSTAR, Valiant Leader


    Any of them good?
    Anyway, how much is it to custom, really? i just randomly made up 500. change it if it's wrong, i guess.
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  • posted a message on Forming the [meh] clan, apply here!
    meh, i'll be a friend, if you let me, i guess...
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  • posted a message on [CBS][Official Thread] G/R Spiritcraft
    i have to agree, lava spike seems good, although unfortunately i don't see room for it. one question though.. do you really need maindeck hearth kami, in block?

    i'm thinking of blazing shoal.
    or, a more controllish build:

    4 baku altar
    4 long-forgotten gohei
    4 kodama's reach
    4 sakura-tribe elder
    4 glacial ray
    4 kodama of the south tree
    4 torrent of stone
    4 hana kami
    2 bind with anger
    4 genju of the cedars
    22 land

    then, there's a ponza build which i don't ahve time to randomly make up a list for.
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  • posted a message on [CBS][Official Thread] RDW
    it was snowing a lot yesterday, so basically i spent the whole day goldfishing this deck. after a lot of changes, here's my list:

    4x Akki Avalanchers
    4x Frostling
    4x Goblin Cohort
    4x Akki Raider
    3x Akki Blizzard-Herder
    3x Ishi-Ishi, Akki Crackshot
    2x Zo-zu the Punisher
    3x Ronin Houndmaster
    4x Crack the Earth
    4x Lava Spike
    4x Glacial Ray
    3x Gods' Eye, Gate to Reikai
    18x Mountain

    3x Yamabushi's Storm (Meloku)
    4x Stone Rain (Control)
    2x Zo-zu the Punisher (Control)
    4x Torrent of Stone (Samurai)
    1x Ishi-Ishi, Akki Crackshot (Spiritcraft)
    1x Patron of the Akki (Random win)

    This deck is really built around cohort, and avalanchers+raiders. cohort is, despite the drawback, really good in this deck. to get around the drawback, you can just play more creatures. I had Patron of the Akki MD for a while, but burn was a better finisher. I just randomly made the sideboard up, so i have no idea if it's good or not.

    As to stone rain/Zo-zu: in my opinion, this is a big issue. i moved them to the sideboard because of slowness, but kept 2 Zo-zu's in, against control. I can see why they're good, though.

    As to Kumano, i don't think it fits in this deck. The thing i like about this deck is that nothing costs over three, so you can sac lands to avalanchers/crack the earth. the obvious combo of avalanchers and raider is really good in this deck, 4 of each are a must.

    The thing i'm thinking about the most, however, is the Genju. i was choosing between ronin houndmaster and genju for the three slots. after testing the houndmaster, i was amazed. i expected it to be sub-par, but in fact, it was great. the houndmaster:
    -activates cohort
    -has haste, for faster bashings
    -has bushido, so it's better when blocked
    -you only have to pay for for one turn
    The first and last bullets, IMO, are the most important. however, the last is the big issue. In this deck, you're always sacrificing lands, whether from avalanchers, crack the earth, or blizzard-herder. with Genju, in order to attack with it each turn, you have to pay 3 mana, 2 for the cost, and effectively one for the mountain that you're tapping. Considering that you hardly have more than 3 or 4 lands, and want to consistently pump avalanchers/raider, Genju is too costly for this deck.

    the only thing i'm not sure about is the Ishi-Ishi, really. i can see why it would be worth moving to the sideboard. the reason i have 3 main, however, is because it dominates spiritcraft decks, which i expect to see a lot of. Even if your not playing spirits, though, pretty much every deck in block has some spirits and arcane spells. and you can just board it out, game 2. the other thing i'm thinking about is Yamabushi's flame for the sideboard against spiritcraft and samurai, because it kills samurai's critters, and makes spirits not be able to soulshift.

    EDIT: in response to people saying there should be 4 god's eye, i tried it. really. almost everything in my deck has been tried in multiples of 2, 3 and 4. i found 3 to be the right number for god's eye, because although it's really good to get more, you don't want to have to play one turn 1, or sometimes turn 2.
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  • posted a message on [Sanity's Requiem] Sanity's Dawn (AGAIN!)
    Quote from Zoobamaphooza »
    It's Snowing!

    I ♥ snow.

    fixed.... i ascii :biggrin3:
    Yah, it snowed a lot here, but almost too much... as of right now i have no idea whether or not i'm gonna be able to go to my PR :sweat:... i hope so, though :p

    @Will those banners look good. i decide, then change, maybe. leaning towards link, right now, although it's green and SR is blue...
    EDIT: or not. the evil filter strikes again!
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  • posted a message on Alex is leaving the forums.
    Quote from Agentdark »
    **** please dont leave you really cool.

    Mods, he said the A↕ex word. :banhim:

    ...just kidding guys. seriously though, as corny and repetitive as it sounds, i'm sad to see you go, Alex.
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