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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] DailyMTG Previews 1/17: Fated Infatuation; Brimaz, King of Oreskos; etc
    When I first laid eyes on Brimaz, I instinctively thought he was a 2/2. I read his ability and was, okay, that's pretty cool. But then I realized he's actually a 3/4 for THREE MANA, and holy hell.
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  • posted a message on Wizards announces official magic film
    Man, Richard Garfield must be laughing out loud just thinking of the extra millions in his bank account. Grin

    As long as the film helps the game get even more players, I'm all for it. Although personally, I probably won't touch it with a ten-foot pole.
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  • posted a message on [[BNG]] Tromokratis (Brian Trunk Twitter spoiler)
    Heh, I designed this ability back when I was a regular on the Salvation cardmaking section (except it was on a 2RRR 5/3 red creature with haste, which was definitely way more competitive than this). Always thought it was a pretty cool one. Glad to see it finally made it to print. Smile
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  • posted a message on Is 2HG all but dead on MTGO now?
    I play 2HG Commander fairly often on MTGO. No idea about other 2HG formats though.
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  • posted a message on Fowl Play on Magic Online (Thanksgiving Event)
    Talk about an overpriced event with ridiculously low prize payout. And it's even phantom!

    I really do hate to be negative, but it feels like they're not even trying anymore.
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  • posted a message on who is still logging into mtgo now a days?
    I haven't logged in for the good part of a week. The whole daily event conundrum coincided with my getting a bit tired of the Theros draft format, and as such I feel the itch to play less and less these days.

    I'll have quite a few video games occupying my playtime for the coming weeks, which will probably mean my MTGO break will extend a bit more.
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  • posted a message on Explain what's great about Magic Online?
    1) What keeps me playing is the fact that I think Magic is one of the best games ever created, coupled with my inability to frequently attend my local store. Even if my weekends were free to go to Magic tournaments again, I'd probably play MTGO slighly less, but I'd keep invested thanks to the "ease" factor; you just can't beat finding an available draft or constructed tournament any time of the day or the night.

    2/3) There isn't a single right answer to this. Like everything in Magic, this depends heavily on which format you're playing, and at which given time.

    4) Magic is an expensive hobby. Online is generally less so, but it's still going to cost you. My advice is that you try to get into block constructed first, since that format tends to be much cheaper, and it ends up being a gateway to start playing standard in the subsequent year (since many good block cards are generally going to be good in standard as well).
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  • posted a message on [[MTGO]] Vintage Masters announced
    They do something online players have been clamoring for ages, in order to actually make it possible to play Vintage in there. And people complain about how stupid WotC is that they're not doing this IRL as well.

    Oh, people sometimes. Rolleyes

    This is something for online players. If it's not for you, it's not for you. No need to be a jerk and try to rain on someone else's parade.
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  • posted a message on Pokemon X and Y
    Quote from Sepiriel
    Ok i have not played or been involved with pokemon since the original Red/Blue/Green versions so i have a couple of questions:

    1. How user friendly are the new pokemon games? I ask because im going to be buying this for my kids (10 & 6) for their birthdays together with the new 2DS.
    2. How much 'addiction' can these games cause kids? (lets not take parenting into account here, just how likely a kid is to immerse himself in the game at the expense of other responsabilities)
    3. What should i expect my kids to complain/have problems with in regards to the new pokemon games?
    4. What pokemons should i recommend my kids to start looking for?
    1. I'd say very friendly. So much so that the gameplay tips can even bore veterans in the beginning.

    2. Well, if you played Red/Blue, you should know that they can get pretty addictive. Some control on the amount of play hours may be necessary.

    3. No idea. They're pretty fun.

    4. Not sure. It depends on personal preference, so I don't think there's an universal answer to this.
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  • posted a message on decent on MTGO should I do Theros Sealed or Draft?
    Quote from GerMagic
    Also @ RickCorgan: Yes, 4-3-2-2 has merrit, but it's really only when you start 1-0 into 1-1. However, that start can also lead you to 2 packs in swiss, so the merrit is marginal at best, while you lose the chance at 8 packs.
    The problem is, in swiss, you still have to play and win another round to maybe get there. And there's the problem I mentioned - you can never get more in prizes than what you paid to enter, which is the one reason why I never play swiss.

    But yes, each format definitely has its own merits to different kinds of players. If you're still not very experienced in drafting as a whole, or if getting the most playtime bang for your buck is important to you, swiss is definitely a fine option to have.
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  • posted a message on decent on MTGO should I do Theros Sealed or Draft?
    Speaking strictly from an estimated value point of view, 4-3-2-2 is worse than both swiss and 8-4 queues (it pays one less pack overall). However, it still offers a quite reasonable middle ground between the boredom of swiss and the high risk, high reward model of 8-4. By going 4-3-2-2, you'll be losing on average 1/8 of a pack each draft in comparison to other queues, which is hardly the end of the world unless you're playing for hardcore efficiency and draft several times per day.

    Winning the first round on a 4-3-2-2 queue, for example, is much more meaningful than doing that in the other queues, since you'll already be more than halfway through to funding your next draft. To even gain anything from a 8-4 queue you'll have to win two straight matches against players that are in general better than the ones elsewhere, while swiss prizes can never match what you spent to enter in the first place (3 packs is the maximum prize, while it requires 3 packs and 2 tickets to enter, meaning you'll 100% lose money every time unless you open expensive rares).
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  • posted a message on [[COMM]] Derevi, Empyrial Tactician
    A Bant commander with an enters-the-battlefield ability. Couldn't have asked for much more. Smile
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  • posted a message on Are you religious or not?
    I am neither religious nor spiritual.

    I was raised Roman Catholic, but my parents didn't baptise me at an early age like usually happens around here, instead waiting for me to grow up to let me decide for myself. For that I'm truly thankful (and I ended up deciding not to do it).

    I am mildly interested in spiritism / Kardecism and in African religions like Candomblé, but only in a purely academic way.
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  • posted a message on Is tipping optional or mandatory in the US?
    Man, those cultural differences, huh?

    In my country, it is customary to tip waiters with 10% of the total bill. But here's the thing: tipping is entirely at the customer's discretion (my city even has a law saying so, and local restaurant bills are sometimes required to state this fact). Basically, if you're not satisfied with the waiting, you don't tip, and the waiter will likely know why you didn't.

    Another thing: waiters are pretty much the only workers around here who will expect a tip. You can tip, say, taxi drivers if you want, but you're certainly not socially expected to do so.

    Personally, I don't understand tipping. It's a cultural thing, yes, but it makes no sense to me that, while you read a menu, you should be required to do some math in your head to even know the actual price you're going to pay. If you own a restaurant, simply charge the actual price you want for your items and pay the wages your employees earn. This really isn't something that should be a customer's responsibility.
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  • posted a message on [[THS]] ManaDeprived.com Preview: Fabled Hero
    Best flavor text in the set so far, hands down.

    The card itself is pretty amazing, too. Maybe I'll get to play monowhite in MTGO Block Constructed after all. Smile
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