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  • posted a message on [Legacy] Finally, the Solidarity Primer!
    Yeah, I forgot to cut 1 of the SB Evacuation for a Stroke.

    Boseiju, Who Shelters All doesn't work because you don't get mana from it. Not good.

    I like Thawing Glaciers, but I don't really think it is worth it in this deck. I think that it could work in this deck, but I prefer the version without it.

    I also like how it is cheap, and Reset, the most expensive required card, costs $4-5 each. Cunning Wish, Force of Will, and fetches are not needed, but just add to consistency. You can make the entire deck for about $30.
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  • posted a message on [Legacy] Finally, the Solidarity Primer!
    Yeah, they should, I will PM Qwerty and Belgareth about it.
    Thanks, IxiV2!
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  • posted a message on Selling stuff on ebay....playsets or singles???
    Simkin got it right on. People pay more for playsets because less hassle.

    Drains, however, might be pricy and people might be able to only buy 1-2. I would go with singles, but as a set works also.
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  • posted a message on Perfect Elves
    Have you tried out Groundskeeper? It is an Oath of Druids in an elf, and great with Skullclamp. Herald is a little better, but this negates mana cost.
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  • posted a message on Cardtags
    How do I do a cardtag to Fire and Ice(or any split card)?
    also, with decktags, can you put the Unhinged card ______?
    test decktag:

    "Our market research" doesn't work, but Squee does. Why?
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  • posted a message on [Legacy] Finally, the Solidarity Primer!
    This needs some work . . . please feel free to comment!

    I. Decklist
    //Mana Engine
    4 High Tide
    4 Reset
    4 Turnabout

    //Draw and Tutor
    4 Brainstorm
    3 Meditate
    4 Impulse
    3 Mystical Tutor

    4 Force of Will
    3 Cunning Wish

    1 Flash of Insight
    3 Words of Wisdom
    4 Brain Freeze

    4 Polluted Delta
    2 Flooded Strand
    13 Island

    1 Meditate
    1 Tolarian Winds
    1 Brain Freeze
    1 Chain of Vapor
    1 Rebuild
    2 Echoing Truth
    1 Hibernation
    1 Evacuation
    1 Stroke of Genius
    1 Foil
    1 Stifle
    1 Blue Elemental Blast
    1 Annul
    1 Mystical Tutor

    Solidarity is a very interesting deck. As you can see, the entire deck is instants and lands. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES SHOULD THIS DECK RUN ANY NON-INSTANT, NON-LAND CARDS. The reason the deck works so well is that it can use EVERY card (see Sideboard Foil), making everything a potential threat at all times (with the exception of Reset, which can only be used on your opponents turn) THIS IS A VERY IMPORTANT QUALITY. Since everything is an instant, how does it kill?
    Solidarity can kill at instant speed, a very important fact in the metagames today. If your opponent has a Belcher Trigger on the stack, or lethal combat damage on the stack, etc, you can simply win and not worry about that - once the game is over, all effects are countered. It can, and usually does, kill on your opponents turn, which is very big too. It kills by playing mana acceleration in the form of High Tide, Turnabout, and Reset, generating massive amounts of mana. Then it plays Brainstorms, Impulses, and Meditates until it hits Flash of Insight. Using flash of insight, it removes it's graveyard from the game to search its entire library for a card, usually Meditate or Brainstorm. After this, it can stack its library, putting somewhere within reach a Brain Freeze and a Words of Wisdom. Then it decks the opponent with Brain Freeze and follows up with Words of Wisdom for a "quick" kill.
    The mian problem with solidarity is that it is impossible to go off before turn 2. Literally. And turn 2 kill requires a god hand of AT least 2x reset, 2x high tide, 2x Island, 1x draw card. However, it can go off usually before turn 5 and always by then.
    There are many cards that would work in Solidarity, and I will look at the most popular, as well as sideboard options and wish targets. Here is a breakdown of the cards in the deck above:

    II. Card Breakdown
    //Mana Engine
    4 High Tide - The main mana generator in the deck, combined with Reset and Turnabout I have had over 30 mana total in 1 turn.
    4 Reset - This nets mana advantage with just 3 land in play, and with just 2 land if High Tide has been played. the sick mana generation provided by Reset makes the deck work. It can be used only on your opponents turn, the main reason why that is when you go off.
    4 Turnabout - a 4cc Reset, plus able to stall opponent. It can be used on your opponents turn. see Reset above for its uses.

    //Draw and Tutor
    4 Brainstorm - Brainstorm is very efficient draw, and with the inclusion of Fetchlands and Mystical Tutor it is somewhat easy to shuffle bad stuff back in. If Mystical Tutor and fetchlands are not run, Accumulated Knowlege is another option. Simply keep them in the grave while Flash of Insighting, and you can go crazy drawing.
    3 Meditate - The most efficient Blue Draw available, Meditate is very important ot the deck. It allows for a "Reset" of your hand, and digging for the kill and untappers. One is even Sideboarded for Cunning Wish to be found.
    4 Impulse - Impulse is the best digging in the game. 2 mana, 4 cards, take 1. Some people argue that Peer Through Depths would be better suited, but it can not be used before comboing to get needed land and it reveals what you draw, giving your opponent a better idea of what to counter.
    3 Mystical Tutor - This can find whatever you need it to. Low on mana? grab a Reset. Got 2 extra Turnabouts? Get a High Tide for sick mana. Need some draw? Snag a Meditate. It is the other half of Cunning Wish.

    4 Force of Will - This deck needed disruption, and people came up with stuff like Dissapate, Abeyance, etc. In the end, old FoW was back in because of the threat of turn 1 Trinisphere(which does not hurt this deck as much as most, but still pains), early Survival of the Fittests, and use under various locks. It is still the best counterspell in the game, and this deck is no exception to the rule all blue decks should run 4.
    3 Cunning Wish - This is the toolbox of the deck, similar to Long.dec's Burning Wish, Tinker's Phyrexian Portal, and Deck Parfait's Enlightened Tutor and Sterling Grove. It makes your deck effectivly 15 cards more versatile with ony 3 slots. It can also fetch Flah of Insight if countered from the grave.

    1 Flash of Insight - 1) removes your graveyard from the game to search your entire library for a card (Meditate, Brainstorm, or Accumulated Knowlege).
    2) stack your library, putting somewhere within reach a brain freeze and a Words of Wisdom.
    3) brain freeze and follow followed by Words of Wisdom for the kill.
    3 Words of Wisdom - See Flash of Insight. It kills because they no longer have a library thanks to Brain Freeze, so they can't draw the needed card and lose.
    4 Brain Freeze - With all the Resets, Turnabouts, High Tides, and draw spells played, this almost always finishes after the first. you can play multiples, or cunning Wish into a Cunning Wish into a Cunning Wish etc untill the needed spells are played.

    4 Polluted Delta - this thins the deck so it is more likely for key cars to be drawn, "bubbles" Impulse food you want back to the top, and has insane synergy with Brainstorm
    2 Flooded Strand - see Polluted Delta
    13 Island - DUH! on a side note, Remote Isle and Lonely Sandbar look like they would d well and never are dead cards, but they do not get extra mana off High Tide and Should not be played.

    1 Meditate - see above for reason, this is very good draw
    1 Tolarian Winds - Useful if mana flooded or as a kill after Flash of Insight.
    1 Brain Freeze - Extra kill just in case something happens to your Flash.
    1 Chain of Vapor - All around useful removal, get rid of Chalice of the Void, Trinisphere, etc
    1 Rebuild - see Chain of Vapor. It can also wreck Welder and Affinity's Board.
    2 Echoing Truth - See Chain of Vapor
    1 Hibernation - Random Scrub Elves, Survival of the Fittest, and more leave
    1 Evacuation - Goblins, Sligh, etc die. It is a little overpriced, the vareity of decks iit can be used vs warrants its use. It can be used during the declare blockers step of cambat to stop attackers if needed.
    1 Stroke of Genius - This is good for massive draw(20-30 cards) and as a kill of they run Feldon's Cane, Gaea's Blessing, etc.
    1 Foil - Get rid of Extra lands and counter a nasty spell if needed
    1 Stifle - All around utility vs Survival of the Fittest, Goblin Charbelcher, Morphling, etc
    1 Blue Elemental Blast - [insert red card here] = grave, as well as countering that gamewinning Fireblast.
    1 Annul - Goblin Charbelcher and Survival of the fittest, as well as random Battle of Wits and enchantment based decks
    1 Mystical Tutor - See above, all around search
    III. Other possible cards
    There are many possible card that could be and were not used. This is a list of the most common.
    A) Maindecked
    1. Accumulated Knowlege
    This is probably the card that deserves being in the deck the most of all. With the massive amount of draw, this almost always gets 3-4 cards by the kill, and is a bargain at 2 mana.
    2. Thawing Glaciers
    This card has been tested in Solidarity a lot, but during my tests I thought it was very slow. In order to get 1 Island, the steps are as follows:
    1) Play it, tapped
    2) either wait a turn (turn = 1) or untap it (UT = 1)
    3) pay 1 mana to get an island, it and the island taps.
    3) Wait 1 turn (turn = 1/2) or untap (UT = 1/2) for island to become active and if not untapped, another turn to play it and have it untap
    With only 8 untap effects in the deck, two of them have already been used(most likely) by the time Thawing Glaciers Resets to the place it started. Assuming you used 1 to generate the mana used to get the island, that is 3 untap effects for 1 island. I think that it would be worth it if the island did not come into play tapped, but that means another untap before it can be used.
    3. Snap
    a mini-Reset, it can bounce a Meddling mage or similar trouble creature. While this is a very useful ability, it is too situational for it to be used. Sided, however, is an option.
    4. Fact or Fiction
    This is a very good card and might work. However, the 4cc makes it way too much of an investment unless you have a Reset, which makes it too situational. Basically, it costs too much to be of any use.
    5. Peer Through Depths
    It is almost strictly better than impulse in this deck. the 4 differences are:
    Pro Peer Through Depths
    1. Digs 1 More
    Pro Impulse
    1. Finds anthing
    2. Doesn't reveal card
    3. Sweet Art and DCI foil Smile
    Impulse #3 and #2 do not matter much, however #2 *Might* help your opponent plan. So, it comes down to Dig 1 more VS not finding land. I think that digging 4 is fine and it is importan to be able to find land, but both are fine.
    B) Sideboarded
    1. Turnabout
    2. Turnabout
    3. Turnabout
    4. Turnabout
    5. Turnabout
    6. Turnabout
    7. Turnabout
    8. Turnabout

    IV. Splashes
    Most versions of Solidarity are mono-U, but splashes are possible. here is a breakdown of possible splashes.
    White Splash:
    White provides some good cards, including StP for killing Meddling mage, Orim's Chant/Abeyance for stopping opponent, and Disenchant for many problems like Belcher, Trini, SoR, etc. It is probably the best splash color.
    Green Splash:
    Green gives you Naturalize, Crop rotation for more mana advantage, and ... nothing else, except maybe fog if you are staring at a fistful of goblins.
    Red Splash:
    Red gives you removal in the form of lightning bolt and shatter, a few mana accelerators that are unneeded.
    Black Splash:
    Black, the second best splash, can kill problem creatures using Diabolic Edict or Ghastly Demise, provide efficient mana accel with Cabal and Dark ritual, and go nuts drawing off of Skeletal Scrying

    I do not think that it is a good idea to splash anything besides white, as it provides answers for Artifacts, Creatures, Enchantments, and cards not played yet. However, it is your choice to play other colors.
    V. Matchup Analysis
    vs Goblins - Unless they get off to a VERY fast start, you should win game 1. Burn is useless, and if you are playing Mono-U, Wastes are too. Game 2 they board in Pyroblast, and you have to be a lot more careful of them. Try to play meditates with enough mana open to turnabout, etc, because they might counter the Reset.
    vs BBS or BBS/w- this is a very difficult matchup, they have lots of counters and they can easily Mana Leak the first Reset or High Tide you play. THey run lots of countermagic, and therefore you have to go off with lots of backup (2+ Resets, 2+ High Tides, a few draw spells). If you can go off fast, go ahead, but don't be suprised if they Force of Will you stuff. If they run Meddling mage and name brainfreeze, go off, then kill the mage off a Cunning Wish. If you run white, Orim's Chant as early into you turn as possible.

    vs ATS - another counter-strong deck, this should be a little easier than BBS because it runs a max of 12 counters. None of the creature should present major problems, because your only permanents are land. Mystic Snake might be a problem, but it can only counter 1 spell a turn so it is not too bad.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Worldgorger Dragon
    I think that you might want to run stroke in some situations ( for example, your meta=dragon and EVERYONE runs 4x Tormod's Crypt SB) so that you could, in response to a Tormod's Crypt, Necromancy a WGD and go infinite. the Laquatus would be RFG, but Stoke would stay in hand. This, however, is so rare that it is a better idea to run Laquatus. Nt worrying about countermagic is Tech.
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  • posted a message on Duress Owns All
    Can we get back to talking about DOA, please? The reason I run Time Walk is that it gives me another turn to draw and play oath/orchard, or if I already have, pump out a creature.

    Do people think another creature would do well? I have been thinking about the idea of Ancestor's Prophet+Serra Avatar and 2 Dragon Breath because it kills almost always in turn 2, even more than akroma + SotN. YOu could go with Prophet + Avatar + Akroma, but then it would be too uncommon to draw prophet and make Avatar big. What do people think? would that totally blow, or could it work out?
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  • posted a message on Staying or going?
    I said loyal to both, but I proably will mostly be staying here. TNS moved here, and unless they move back, I will proably be the only non-mod poster in T1.5. I might post on new cards and sets and forums games on "News, though.
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  • posted a message on Night/Day, Forum Style
    I like having an option, and prefer the lighter color scheme. This is Salvation, after all :).
    Would it be possible to have a silde bar for light so you could have the exact shade you want?
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  • posted a message on MTGnews getting a forum upgrade
    Nice, I think that they will now allow images in sigs like we do. Luckily I am not banned yet Smile
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  • posted a message on Not Quite Better
    If you play a Mythic Proportions on either one, then play a Knight of the Mists, your opponent can redirect the target to suq'ata lancer using Willbender, but not to Grey Ogre

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  • posted a message on List Of Cards Believed To Be Fake (BOK Edition)
    Are we SHURE these are all fake, or have they just not been confirmed?

    Also, don't forget Seshora, Lotus keeper.
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  • posted a message on The How To Detect A Fake Card Thread
    Make shure the expansion symbol is the correct shade of Black/Silver/Gold and that it is in the right left/right place.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Some images
    Do they usually have 4 promo cards? I thought they had 2 per set (or are these for BoK and SoK?).
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