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  • posted a message on Excellent Waste of Time

    Another excellent waste of time... give it a try, i'm only on level 18 but i haven't been trying very hard... good luck
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  • posted a message on World of Warcraft Discussion Thread
    I got this game last week and i'm absolutely adicted. Every moment of free time is devoted to it. My main at the moment is:

    Name: Zozu
    Race: Troll
    Class: Priest (going for Shadow spec.)
    Level: 16
    Realm: Whisperwind
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  • posted a message on Random_Moniker's Random Trivia (The Original)
    3. Bruce McCulloch
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  • posted a message on My Rebecca Guay Cards
    She was at the Atlanta Pre, she said she really liked them, so she signed them in silver instead of black like everybody else Smile
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  • posted a message on My Rebecca Guay Cards
    The Dark Ritual is 4... i think Trailblazer is 7 or 8, but yeah.
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  • posted a message on My Rebecca Guay Cards
    Just wanted to show you guys what i got signed by Rebecca at the BoK Prerelease. She liked them, what do you guys think? (this is a continuation of a promise i made on mtgnews that i was going to 3d some cards for her to sign)
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  • posted a message on I really don't understand why you people are *****ing about BOK
    Quote from ButteBlues18 »
    Type 2 Red Decks are not playable.
    I'll forgive that offense this time, and this time only...

    I've done extensive playtesting with the red Genju, and it seems to be a pretty viable card, decent against everything but Ravager.

    Duh Sowing Salts is going into the sideboard for Tooth, but that's the only thing it's good for. Still better than Blood Moon though because Salts actually has sortof a use against Ravager as well.

    Basically though, it's been my experience that against most tier 1 matchups, ponza pwns. The only thing i've had a problem with is b/g cloud.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Red Deck Wins
    Quote from silversurfer »
    Do you know how well that B/G player did later on in the tourney.
    I know exactly how well he did, he was beaten soundly by a Broodstar Affinity deck in the final 4. I made it to the final 4 as well but was beaten by a r/g T&N (those Platinum Angels, Shamans, Plow unders, and Stone rains wrecked me pretty soundly). The T&N that had beaten me went on to defeat Broodstar, but mostly by luck, and it came down to game 3. Nothing scarier than a Broodstar with 2 cranials and a Lightning Greaves...
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  • posted a message on The Song Line Game
    She likes me for me
    (Blessed Union of souls - She likes me for me)
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Red Deck Wins
    b/g death cloud is my downfall as well. First game i was going for a fast win so
    Turn 1:Slith, attack
    Turn 2:2 more slith, attack
    Turn 3: Stone rain, attack
    Turn 4: absolutely nothing because he death clouded for 5...

    Game 2: Slightly mana screwed... took a rude awakening to the face for 22 damage... and there i was in the loser bracket.
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  • posted a message on The Song Line Game
    I can't stop this feelin'
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Red Deck Wins
    Blazing Shoal: No. for the same reason two-headed dragon doesn't belong, you don't need power boosters in Ponza. Boot those and bump the burn back up.

    Sowing Salt: 3 is definitly a little much. Useless against everything except T&N. Don't say its good against ravager because by the time you cast it it won't be any help, especially with the absense of moxes.

    Furnace Whelp: A 2/2 Pumpable Flier for 4... Can't really see this being good. It just doesn't fit an efficient mana curve. Plus, you're omiting Slogger which is arguably the best creature in Ponza and will continue to be so even after BOK's release. Hearth Kami would be more viable unless you play in an environment that doesn't include Affinity.

    Zo-Zu: He is a decent creature and I'm sortof torn myself about whether or not to include him main, but my opinion for now is that he is a sideboard card.

    Flames of the blood hand: Very nice card, especially against WW, but also not as versitile as Pulse of the Forge because it isn't recurring. I've won more than one game by mana burning myself into a double-Pulse. Methinks this is Sideboard for WW if there is one in your metagame, and if not, dump.

    Blood Moon: I ran this Sideboard post-BOK, and i'm pretty sure i will ditch it in favor of Sowing Salt. As with Sowing Salt, this card hoses T&N only, and there is absolutely no point in playing with both.

    As far as land is concerned i would probably Add in a Nexus or 2 and take out a couple more mountains to run Chrome Mox. Seriously, without the mox the tempo is thrown off significantly. Where your deck is now, 2 songs are definitely enough, but if you were to add sloggers back, then you would need to up those to 4 more than likely.

    Disclaimer: These are just my opinions and should in no was be taken as insults towards your building style. Different decks are what make any format fun, i just like to throw my $.02 whenever i can.
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  • posted a message on New Arena Foil: Genju of the Spires

    Edit: I realize that that image is just the regular card, but it is the next Arena foil which means it will have different art that i will put on here as soon as it's up. My info comes from the DCI newsletter so it can't really be fake. Anyone who wants the newletter forwarded is welcome to ask but don't expect it until tonight because i'm headed to the prerelease.... now.
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  • posted a message on Puzzles! (Jan 2005 edition)
    Wow i have no idea on any of them... I even pulled out a Braille chart for number 3 to see if that helped lol. I got number 1 the same way bug did. No idea how to actually solve it though...
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  • posted a message on The Ultimate Movie Game
    Based on the clues provided, either you typed something wrong or you're watching a movie that's not on the imdb.
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