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  • posted a message on Uwe Boll will fight you on the Internet

    He looks crazy violent, a natural born killer if you know what i mean. This is extremely funny and I hope Quentin tarrantrino opens up a can on him
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  • posted a message on Share your absurd thoughts
    Quote from Petear_Griffin »
    It wasn't really a thought, but I had a dream where I ate a ham sandwhich. You know what the ****ed up part was? I HATE HAM SANDWHICHES!!

    I felt the urge to comment on this. I love ham sandwiches and beleive they are one of the finest creations on this earth. I have a ham sandwich every day for lunch, just ham, cheese and bread, everythign else ruins it. That is an absurd thought, why are they so good!???

    edit- to answer the above question about why high school kids hate emo kids, for one thing half of high school kids are emos. The other half dont like them because emo music is boring, annoyign and really whiny to non-emos, they also think its rather silly that they are all trying to be different by being the same. Keep in my mind I am not an emo, so my opinion of them is...low.
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  • posted a message on Lawnmower
    I beheaded a field mouse with one. They make such a weird clunking noise when they get wrapped around the blade.
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  • posted a message on What Horror Movie Needs to be Remade?
    I really have to rewatch the Puppert Master series, From what i remember they were awesome, except the later ones which were just kind of broing rehashs. You're trilogy idea is a good one though. I can't think of any others at the moment.
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  • posted a message on 6/6/06 What Are Your Predictions?
    Alot of people are going to die...but considerng this happens everday I wouldn't be too worried.
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  • posted a message on Best video game ever! (as of 05/06)
    I'd probably stick with FFVII, its the one game I will still pick up and replay to this day, usually consuming an entire weekend of my time in the process.
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  • posted a message on The Underrated Albums Thread
    Spoon's Gimme Fiction, it's an awesome CD, one of my favorites, yet I hardly ever see anyone who has heard of them or actually listened to the CD.

    The Cat Empire's selftitled debut, they're an australian band so I never hear much from them on this hemispshere, but trust me, find them, they're awesome.

    Pushing Zero's EP Rite of Passage, They're a local band from near me, but I still do not get why no one seems to pay any attention to them. Do them a favor and listen, they're great. (another local band, cohesive ain't all that bad either if you wanna check them out on myspace)
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  • posted a message on X-Men The Last Stand (X3) Discussion (Untagged Spoilers Abound)
    Let the pawns go first....

    seriosuly how many times did he say that? It was an okay movie, with my main problems beign the bad acting, dialogue and those overly symbolic moments...

    The whole angel saving his dad thing(did he do anything else), the epic battle between fire and ice (LAME!) and that little mutant kids whose purpose was completely unexplained and undeveloped, even though he was pretty much the focal point of the whole movie! Overall this movie was pretty predictable and lame, the only good part was the ending with magneto which is excatly how movies should end.
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  • posted a message on Final Fantasy: Advent Children
    He he, I saw this move in japanese with subtitles some time ago, I thought it was pretty good. The story was okay, but I thought it was very cool, in grahics and content, I particularly liked the final bahamut battle, that was a good one.
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  • posted a message on Best/Worst Bands from A-Z(Currently Finished)
    Best: The Kinks
    Worst: Korn

    I would say Kaiser Cheifs, but I'll give them a few more years. I have a feeling they'll get better. The killers are good but I don't see them doing much of anything else in their careers.
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  • posted a message on Paintballing
    Ive played paintball once before. I shot like four people and got two myself, one of those from my team mate, go figure.

    Its pretty fun but its also pretty expensive. Once I get a job I'm buying a gun.
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  • posted a message on Lost?
    Quote from Jedit »
    How could Michael possibly have made a deal with the Others to help Henry escape? He didn't even know Henry was there until he got back.

    He did what he did for one reason: to start a war with the Others.

    He could have been told Henry was there by the Others if he is in fact working in cahoots with them.
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  • posted a message on Lost?
    I for one enjoy the fact that the show is being dragged out. Seriously, why woudl anyone want everything they've built up to to be over in 2 hours, that would be boring and super anti-climactic. People are just getting angry with the producers because they cant take the suspense. So what if they dont answer all your questions, I for one like the mystery in this show. Not every show that gets put on the air has to be resolved within a half hour, then it would just be Lost: the lame situation comedy.

    Edit- And yes I do agree that all the killings do seem like wasted potential. I don't hjave a problem with Ana Lucia being killed but the whole Libby thing seems like a waste considering hos much effort they spent buildign her up these last few episodes.
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  • posted a message on Lost?
    Although I was a little aggravated that they killed off both Ana and Libby I think it's really cool that the show totally throws normal TV conventions out the window. I like it when a show is willing to make people mad and aggravated, i must say this is the one show where I never know what is going to happen. This episode was awesome for that
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  • posted a message on AP Exams
    I took english language and composition on monday and U.S. History tomorrow on friday. I'm with everyone else, they're not that hard as long as you can writie an essay and remember a few facts.
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