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  • posted a message on Dark Depths
    Throw in Chisei, Heart of ocean for the added fun :)...
    Though Chisei would kill your opp first that way Slant
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  • posted a message on [GP] Tibor, Lumia, and Schismotivate (Update posts 15 and 35)
    Quote from icejelly »
    Well the spell is just a Fists of the Anvil and a better Dizzy Spell slapped together, nothing spectacular. It's quite undeserving of tne uncommon slot imo, but I know if it were shifted to common it would be nuts in limited. Still, with this, Wee Dragonauts becomes a 6/3 flying beatstick. Grin

    that would make it 7/3... not 6/3... Wink
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  • posted a message on Plague Boiler: Good or Bad in Standard?
    1. plague boiler loves deck that has no permanent (other than land)...
    2. It stalls the amount of threat the opponent put in to play...
    3. It punishes opps who is overcommitted...
    4. It wipes the field clean (sans regenerators)...
    5. the boiler loves control deck, it BELONGS there...

    what is the current control deck in ravnica?

    i can't say answer that, the deck does not exist...

    House Dimir
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  • posted a message on [GP] Borborygmos: A tidbit of info!
    Quote from Darkever »
    I think it will be another nearly unplayable 8 mana creature (4RRGG) just like the other 4 guild leaders we have already seen... (anyone here plays Razia, the Gorgon Sisters, The Chorus or Zsadek?)

    Well, in fact I hope it will be a 6 mana creature, but I don't rely much on it.

    Damn I wonder why WotC wants to put a lot of those big useless fatties in almost every expansion...

    most of boros decks in my play area play 2 razia mainboard, she's an excellent finisher, if you don't have char that is... (hunted dragon works too...)
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  • posted a message on [DIS] reprint: Seal of Fire (confirmed: post 92)
    does this means the other seals are coming back as well???
    wow... well aside from the black (destroy) and blue (bounce) ones, i forgot the green and white... :tongue3:
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  • posted a message on I ate yogurt!
    demmit!!! i just tagged myself!!!! GrrrAAAAAH
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  • posted a message on Bad Prelease Cards
    gleancrawler is GOD in limited, by the time you get to 6 mana, usually most of their removal spells are already gone (putrefy, brainspoil, disembowel)
    in my ravnica prelease i got a gleancrawler and i got 3-1-1, the loss due to mana screw, but whenever gleancrawler hit the playground, it goes downhill to the other player

    with gleancrawler, attack with golgari rotwurm, the wurm trade for 4/4, throw the wurm for 1 dmg, get the wurm back, cast the wurm again, what's not to like

    and in a ravnica draft, i got another gleancrawler and the means to transmute into it (forgot the name of the transmuter), i got another 3-1-1, i "lost" the game in the last round :p due to a "free" glimpse... :tongue2:
    (is it okay to say things like this in here? Confused )
    bottom line : gleancrawler is GOD in limited, ok in block construct... try facing 6/6 trampler yourself :p
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  • posted a message on Combo or solo
    the most synergistic combo that can defeat the metagame...

    ghostly prison = tech vs affinity, rude awakening, kci works...
    march of the machine = affinity...
    mycosynth lattice = the final combo piece...

    watching your opponent goes :yikes: while you use geddon effect...
    and then smash their face with a 3/3 ghostly prison is priceless... Halo
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  • posted a message on What creature tokens and Text Less Spell Cards to you have
    1 angel token (for my decree of justice, woohoo!!!11)) Halo
    1 spirit token
    1 bear token
    1 myr token
    1 pentavite token

    and lastly...
    1 textless terror :grin2:

    p.s. : my mom thought that i was involved in some sort of "devil-worshipper-cult" when seeing the terror card...
    took me some time to calm her... Rolleyes
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  • posted a message on Tendo's Ice Bridge Playable?
    meh, i'll take city of pain instead of this one-shot mana-fixer...

    seriously man, this land is bad...
    not bad as in michael jackson...
    but bad as in ugly...

    the 1 damage from city of pain is negligible, unless you start with 3 of this in your starting hand...
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  • posted a message on Favorite flavor text?
    i think we have a winner!!!!

    last word
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  • posted a message on Most Annoying Cards To Play Against!!!!
    i would have to agree with the original poster of this topic.. daze , by far is the most annoying card to play against in extended...
    a: okay, you're tapped out, exalted angel!!!
    b: return an island, daze...
    a: what the!!!???
    i got tricked twice, dammit!!!, next time float 1 mana... (he'll just double daze then...)
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  • posted a message on Best Counterspells in Standard
    Quote from MikeIs1337357 »
    Oh man. You ruin Tooth if you Quash their Nail. Instant scoop IMO.

    well actually, they can still play the creatures...
    hardcast darksteel collossus ...

    edit : sundering titan also hurts too...
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  • posted a message on [BOK] several cards (confirmed)
    Quote from MojoJojo »
    These cards are real.

    It is "Goblin Cohort" (but there are two "Akki something" in the set).

    Finally the green shoal is "Nourishing Shoal". Guess what it does :biggrin3:

    And I am still the same MojoJojo who used to be a Rumor Mill hero on 'News.

    well, it could be goblin that protects other goblin?
    just like patron of the goblin??....

    well, for the green shoal... if that's what i think it is, then it sucks...
    but atleast it would be instant... right?? Confused
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  • posted a message on [BOK] several cards (confirmed)
    well actually i was hoping for a "better" legendary Rare land...
    but comes into play tapped, one time use of any mana...
    meh, i'll take city of brass anytime, thank you very much...

    p.s. : and thanks to blue for the info... assuming they are real...
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