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  • posted a message on Survey(s) on mothership hint at anime-themed sets incoming?
    I care less about the anime setting and more about that scifi theme. I think a scifi would could work as long as it was more... Dune than Matrix, if that makes sense.
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  • posted a message on Lake of Behemoths Commander Deck Speculation
    Quote from Mishotem »
    Something tells me we won't see a lot of Dragons on Ikoria. Possibly also Dinosaurs, but that seems more likely to be included.

    If there is a reference to King Ghidorah, there will probably be at least one dragon
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  • posted a message on Golgari Ideas? Let's Brew
    Quote from boombox_smk »
    I'm obsessed with cards like Stitcher's Supplier and Grisly Salvage. I like dumping cards into my graveyard for some reason, although I don't like the Dredge mechanic. I like some Delve cards, but not cards like Treasure Cruise. One of my favorite cards of all time is Tombstalker. Carried me to a States Championships top 4. I've been trying to experiment with cards that let me dump things into the yard.

    List of cards I've been experimenting with:

    I've been trying reanimator decks, Delirium decks, even Undergrowth decks. I just don't know what I want to play, yet.

    A big Izoni might be a fun card to drop with a full yard
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  • posted a message on Golgari Ideas? Let's Brew
    Quote from bufert89 »
    Hello all,

    I’m currently playing a seasons past deck which is super fun. I don’t think it will be top tier but a few players have 5-0!with similar lists. I also have a “rock” midrange which is decent as well. Currently with oko in the format sultai is a better combination. I’m sticking with BG for now due to budget.

    Haha this was my other deck that I've been brewing! I played Seasons Past in standard when it was cool, and I run a copy in most of my commander decks that have Green in them. The card is so powerful. I'd be curious to see your list if you'd like to share it. I'm considering going BGU or BGW with my version.
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  • posted a message on Golgari Ideas? Let's Brew
    New format? Interesting! I want to know what kind of Golgari decks might be played here, as they are my favorite color pair and I'm curious to see what we can come up with. I don't play standard unless its draft or modern unless its casual, but I do have some decent decks that aren't quite tweaked for competitive play but could easily get there.

    One of the decks I have on hand is Golgari Explore. I also used to have a decent Sultai Energy deck, and a Golgari Delerium deck. I don't quite have the budget for Hardened Scales despite having a playset of them. Unfortunately the other cards in the deck are what is taxing.

    Does anyone have any decent ideas on where I could go from here?
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  • posted a message on Ikoria speculation
    Quote from Ryperior74 »
    Interesting idea

    What if Ikoria is garruk’s home plane

    If they're keeping the original comics canon, then I doubt it. His original home plane looked a lot like dominaria based on the baloths. Or at the very least looked very simple.
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  • posted a message on Lake of Behemoths Commander Deck Speculation
    Sorry guys I must have misread the article. I somehow took it as they were releasing 5 decks and one of them was a Kiora deck on lkoira, and the other 4 were unknown. Kiora made sense in my mind because she is all about giant sea monsters...

    Anyhow, Commander seems like the perfect format for wanting to showcase giant legendary behemoths duking it out.

    I'm curious to see if these monsters will be based off of godzilla monsters at all. It was obviously referenced. Also wonder what colors we would see.

    Godzilla seems Green Red? Mostly green but he also shoots out a beam of irradiated energy which makes him kinda red.
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  • posted a message on Commander legends speculation
    Quote from Avatarof »
    Quote from Dale Dan Tony »
    I'm curious as to how they're going to make this set work. With drafting, and all. It's exciting!

    20 cards per booster will help, and basic lands will make up for like 40%/50% of the draft commander decks, hopefully they won't fool us into playing brawl

    Honestly, I think that this will almost have to be brawl...ish.

    With the normal 3-pack draft and 20 cards per pack, everyone will end up with 60 cards... which would really suck if we had to build a 100 card commander deck. Asking us to build a deck with ~36 of those 60 cards is quite reasonable, however, just a little worse (proportionally speaking) than asking someone to choose 22-23 cards out of a 45 card pool in a normal draft.

    Between 60 card decks and a very high probability that all of the walkers will be usable as commanders... and a decent chance that life totals will be lowered for "limited commander" to ensure time for multiple rounds... this should play out very much like brawl. No real way to formally add the cards into the brawl format, however, as that would make this entire set standard playable. I wouldn't really mind that, really, but I'm the sort of guy who likes to watch the world burn.

    My biggest question, actually, is how card limitations will be handled. Unlike normal drafts, any off-color cards or duplicates end up as totally useless feel-bad picks with no real option to splash an off-color trick game 2. While this ensures that a single player doesn't end up with every copy of a cool new card that's circulating in the pod... and while nearly every draft includes unexciting dead picks... removing the option to play some of those late picks may rub people the wrong way unless the limitations are lifted somehow for limited. Kind of interested in seeing if wizards does anything to collate commons/uncommons to reduce the odds of excessive duplicates floating around.

    Also, putting in a bet right now that there aren't any truly colorless legends in this set (because people would want to use it as a commander in draft... which causes TONS of problems).

    Yeah I was thinking it almost has to be Brawl. Which I'm okay with. Playing full on commander would be a pain in the butt as far as time constraints and deck building go.

    I expect a cycle of cards in each color that say "A deck may contain any number of ~ (this card)" to help with some building.

    I also expect a pretty large pool of ramping cards, especially artifacts.

    Since it is draft, I wonder if there will be some weird draft themed/sideboard type cards to add some new design space to the format.
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  • posted a message on Lake of Behemoths Commander Deck Speculation
    Quote from Magiqmaster »
    It's Lair of the Behemoths, FYI... Smile

    Haha you know as I was writing this post I was like man this name just sounds off. Makes sense now haha

    & I'm almost positive they will make a Kiora playable as a Commander if the whole deck is themed around her. Seems kind of silly not to, right?
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  • posted a message on Lake of Behemoths Commander Deck Speculation
    After reading the most recent announcement it appears we will get a series of Commander decks to go along Lair of Behemoths. It was mentioned that Kiora will be one of the Commanders. Any speculation on what these decks will look like? Apparently there is 71 new cards as well.

    Kiora will likely be a Blue Green Planeswalker Commander focusing on big splashy cards, ramp, and her obvious signature sea monsters.
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  • posted a message on [THB] Theros: Beyond Death Leaks
    Also, I want to like the lands, but they feel kind of boring to me. I would have liked it if they weren't so "on the nose" about it. Maybe somehow blend the symbol in more with a little bit of landscape beneath them? Kind of like how the original Gods looked? I feel like this is kind of lazy.

    They probably look cool in foil.
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  • posted a message on A whole bunch of commander products coming.
    Me when I hear about Return to Theros and yet another Zendikar:

    "Boring. Guess it's time to quit buying and just play with the cards I already own."

    Magic announces more Commander products that sound amazing. Me:

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  • posted a message on [THB] Theros: Beyond Death Leaks
    Escape looks really good in limited; at least from looking at the two cards shown. The Spider does a LOT. An Escape deck, however, requires cards in the graveyard, so if that's easy to do then maybe we can start talking.

    Also excited to see some Krakens. Wish we could have had a new Kraken spoiled.
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  • posted a message on You are only allowed 4 in your hand normally, right?
    I've been noticing this more and more as well. I recently played against a deck that dropped 3 questing beasts back to back after I killed them off. Then I started to notice the trend. It seems that I play against opponents who feel like they're playing a 20 card deck. I see the same exact cards every game, and back to back as if they're only drawing the best cards in their deck and on curve.
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  • posted a message on When is MTG Arena Coming to Mac!?!?!?!?
    Quote from user_938036 »
    The only announcement is "Winter" meaning between December and March.

    You think they would have this prioritized a little higher on the list rather than some of the other things. This game has been out for awhile now and they're restricting a significant portion of people from playing. Additionally, think about all of the stuff that has come out for PC users that MAC users didnt have a chance to get. I feel bad for my MAC buddies.
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