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  • posted a message on [PC] White Shock
    So not buying the white shock. Maybe building on the whole attacking/blocking creature thing someone mentioned above.

    ~ deals 2 damage to target attacking or blocking creature or 2 damage to that creatures controller.

    Wording's probably off but you get the idea pretty much emulates a shock providing someones doing combat which is where white usually does its tricks.
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  • posted a message on Ravnica Top Ten Artwork
    I really like the art by the new eastern european guys:

    master warcraft
    golgari guildmage.

    seismic spike is also very cool and so is circu

    And of course all of Donato's work as well
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  • posted a message on [RAV] Pre-release card and preview card
    <<taps sarcasm detector>> Hmm seems to be working

    Why all the hate? I'm stoked with the gleancrawler I was bracing my self for the uber fat worm or gozroth. Compare this to the craptastic white maro thing from saviours and most of the other recent preview cards (kaldra got boring, ink eyes was good though)

    <<rattles sarcasm detector again>> I'm sure I put fresh batteries in last week

    And the Art!!! so cool, look at him collecting all the little bodies aint he cute.
    He's not a legend so after 4 flights over the PR weekend I should have a nice set.

    GOGO Ravnica Pre-release
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  • posted a message on [RAV] Hunted Troll
    Assuming the P/T is at least 5/5 ???

    ahh 8/4 I see my bad

    These hunted guys are very interesting
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  • posted a message on [RAV] another batch of commons
    Quote from actaeon »
    Equenaut - while not a real word - would seem to imply someone riding something horselike (equine, equestrian, etc.). And the thing which that guy was riding was not very horselike, more lizardlike - no hooves, big claws, a head like an eagle and a tail like a lion (griffin, anyone?)

    It would admittedly be odd to have two species of flying mounts, but I'm thinking it's not that guy, and waiting to be proved wrong when we find out the griffins are called equins or something.

    I think you almost had it there Actaeon. I thought Equenaut was a weird word, but as you say its most likely a horse, and a flying horse is a Pegasus.

    We could see a variety of mounts in this block as some one else said the mix of races from all over the magic world looks to be quite high.
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  • posted a message on Grafted Wargear and Manlands
    Right Sorted

    Permanent makes much more sense.

    Thanks Gandalf and others Smile
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  • posted a message on Grafted Wargear and Manlands
    Hi All

    Just wondering about the interaction here between the grafted wargear and manlands that revert at end of turn e.g. ghitu encampment.

    Once the land is no longer a creature the grafted wargear will "fall off" and I assume unattach. At this point would be required to sac it ?

    Thanks in advance for your replies
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  • posted a message on [RAV] Color Pairs
    Right since no one seems to be extoling this theory here I will.
    OK no purple, pink, pale green, or baby blue symbols ever. Nuff said way to silly and hard to pick.

    Here's the easy way:

    Fist guild is RW so the "fist" symbol is a red fist on a white background (or vice versa) So you can easily tell which mana combo it represents without to much hassle.

    And so on and so forth for the other guilds.

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  • posted a message on topdeck's Patented 9th Edition Visual Spoiler
    Cheers Topdeck

    I've been waiting for this all weekend. I'll add it to my growing list of Topdeck's patented visual spoilers.

    After finally "seeing" it all it's not so bad.
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  • posted a message on Dwarves in general...
    As for the Pic, It looks cool but seems way too chunky for a hippie I mean he's a 2/2 flier he's got himself quite a large mount compared to his other spectre buddies. I think even silent spectre may be getting a bit jealous.
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  • posted a message on SoK Prerelease Experiences
    I attended the Auckland Pre release in NZ

    And went 3W 2L finishing 12th Largely due to Meloku, and I admit I hadn't quite figured out how much of a limited bomb he is until the guy who I played first pointed it out to me (cheers) so after that he was infinite airforce man.

    Cruelest Moment: Playing choice of damnations against a guy who was beating me with the blue maro head had 9 life and a very strong board position I told myself above 5 and its life below and its permanents, he chose 5 and I made him sac a whole lotta stuff, I won thanks again to meloku. That card makes my brain hurt.

    And after bagging the pre release card so much in a thread here fate decided to mock me and give me 2 more in addition to the prerealese version so now I have 3, the perfect number I'm told for a legend in a deck so I'm gonna suck it up and build a deck around this useless not quite a serra angel loser.

    And to all you guys just waking up enjoy the fun that is the pre release.
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  • posted a message on [SOK] Kiyomaro, First to Stand (prerelease card)
    Meh this go's in the lame o pre release card bin with feral throwback. I'm even a casual player who hasn't minded some of the past cards like silent spectre, soul collector even ol Ryusei (least he was a 5/5 flier for 6 + ability). This guy is pretty bad if this is the final version.

    for 3WW you can get an already flying vigilant 4/4 serra angel, with now worries about hoarding cards just so your guy gets bigger or life gain. Yet again white gets the shaft.
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  • posted a message on [BOK] Body of Jukai
    Ok Yes this card blows in constructed but I wouldn't write it off immediately in limited. A good deal of limited games will go long enough to see this guy get out. At the point when you cast him your probably looking at some sort of equal amount of creatures stand off. this is where trample is great they'll either have to throw a lot of guys at him or take at least 3 or 4 damage. but the best part is his low toughness, as hopefully he will be going to the graveyard and net you back another nice fat spirit to finish the game next turn.
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