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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from citynoise
    Striking out on your own != peasant cube

    Peasant is a defined thing, I don't really understand adding rares permanently but not just making a powered cube.

    If it's more than just lands you're talking about, then it's a pretty big step budget-wise from peasant to powered. Not to mention it basically becomes a completely different game. Additionally, starting out as a peasant cube if you want to make a budget "normal cube" isn't a bad idea.

    If you're talking about just lands, most people that run painlands seem to do so for the benefit of aggro, since bouncelands kind of suck at that job.

    Quote from Maëlig
    I just found out Mask of Riddles was a card. Looks quite decent actually, has anyone ever tried it? Of course dimir is a prett packed guild...

    I think I'd be just as happy having Mask of Memory most of the time and I would agree on Dimir being pretty packed already.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from Darkprophet
    Lots of stuff is really preference, unless your goal is to use the absolute most powerful cards available. I know I have some subpar picks in my cube due to me liking the card(s) (Like most people won't run all 10 signets, or I have the 5 Affinity for (insert basic land) artifact creatures from Mirrodin).

    Yeah, I can definitely see that there's room for personality when looking through lists. I'm just worried about my personal preference(and my inexperience with the format) in relation to balance.
    Edit: Spent the better part of the day updating and re-organizing my cube thread and Google spreadsheet. Fairly satisfied with how it looks at the moment.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Quote from Leelue
    I would never choose to run both over truefire, and my preference is for skyknight
    Quote from Darkprophet
    Honestly, I like Skyknight Legionnaire and Truefire Paladin over him. Actually, I also like Sunhome Guildmage more, and I don't even run that in my cube.
    Thanks for the input. I'm updating my cube after basically doing nothing with it for 2 years (blasphemous, I know) and slowly realizing that I have no idea what I'm doing.

    On the topic of Guildgates, I only prefer DGM for Golgari and Orzhov.
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  • posted a message on [[Peasant]] The Peasant Cube Discussion Thread (C/U/)
    Since you're on the topic of Boros, how do you guys feel about Viashino Firstblade compared to Skyknight Legionnaire?
    Or about running both over Truefire Paladin?
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  • posted a message on Replace one word in a card's flavor text with "pants"
    Raise Dead

    The pants cannot hold that which magic commands.
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  • posted a message on Peasant Cube Questions
    Guess I'm a little late to the game but, at common/uncommon you have access to the following non-basic fixing:
    I'm not suggesting that you run all of them, just letting you know what's there to use. Smile
    As far as how your sort your lands goes, most people tend to include cycles (ex. Vivids/Bounce Lands) in their land section along with lands that aren't aligned to a color, while putting cards like Treetop Village in their respective color. I'd sort it however you feel most comfortable having it laid out though.
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  • posted a message on Cube Randomization Methods
    metamind posted a pretty in-depth guide on how he makes his packs here.

    Hope that helps. Smile
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  • posted a message on The Lonely Cube Card Thread. [OVERHAULED]
    Alright, replied to all your PMs. Tried to spread the cards around as much as I could.

    To mabberman
    Fire//Ice GB

    To mrmaul558
    Kami of Ancient Law

    To tomchaps
    Loxodon Warhammer
    Dauthi Slayer
    Sakura-Tribe Elder

    To killem2

    To Simply Lemonade
    Loxodon Warhammer

    To Arven
    Hymn to Tourach Quinton Hoover art
    Rolling Thunder
    Skeletal Scrying

    To Onslaught35
    Nezumi Graverobber
    Lightning Helix

    To meep94324
    Loam Lion
    Thieving Magpie
    Nezumi Graverobber

    Will update first post with subtractions and post back when everything is sent out.
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  • posted a message on The Lonely Cube Card Thread. [OVERHAULED]
    Amazing Thread. Have some stuff for donation though, I probably won't be able to get anything mailed for a week or so and most cards have some slight wear.

    Arrest x1 Scars x1 Mirrodin x1 MM
    Disenchant MM
    Pacifism x5 8th/9th
    Kami of Ancient Law x3
    Akrasan Squire

    Thirst for Knowledge
    Remove Soul x5 8th/9th
    Calcite Snapper x4
    Thought Courier 9th
    Compulsive Research
    Frantic Search
    Willbender x2
    Repeal x5
    Mana Leak x8 8th/9th

    Terror Mirrodin
    Chainer's Edict
    Innocent Blood
    Smother x2 WWK
    Hymn to Tourach FE Scott Kirschner art

    Flametongue Kavu Planeshift
    Stone Rain x5 CHK
    Hearth Kami x6

    Viridian Shaman 8th
    Llanowar Elves 9th
    Arbor Elf x2
    Sakura-Tribe Elder x2
    Kodama's Reach x2

    Bonesplitter x1
    Selesnya Signet x2
    Orzhov Signet x2
    Dimir Signet x2
    Izzet Signet x2
    Gruul Signet x2

    Lightning Helix x2 Planechase

    Boros Garrison x7 4 Rav 3 Planechase
    Gruul Turf x5
    Dimir Aqueduct x5
    Selesnya Sanctuary

    Gold Bordered:
    Urza's Rage x2
    Fire//Ice x2
    Counterspell x4
    Duress x3

    Also, if you're looking for any other Champions/Betrayers common/uncommon there's a good chance I have it.
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  • posted a message on [470][Peasant] v_amp's Peasant+ Cube
    Cube Size: 440
    Type of Cube: Peasant+
    Average Number of Players: 2-4

    Card Selection
    Proxies: Yes.
    Portal: Yes.
    "Un" Cards: Yes.
    Banned Cards: Library, Sol Ring, Elephant Hammer, Skullclamp and Soltari dudes w/ protection.
    Errata/House rules: Booster Tutor lets you search a 15 card pack from the leftover pool of cards.
    You get 3 additional copies of Squadron Hawk when you draft it.

    Cube Design
    Standard or Multiplayer: Standard
    Sideboards?: Yes.
    Cards Sorted As Played/As Written: As Played with hybrids counting as half of a card of both of the colors that it's in.

    I refer to my cube as "Peasant+" because while it is comprised mostly of C/U there are a few rares.

    Savannah Lions - There's a functional reprint of this card at U in the form of Elite Vanguard.
    Painlands - Mana fixing for aggro at C/U is pretty poor so, I run these in non-blue color pairs and bouncelands in blue color pairs.
    City of Brass - This was printed at U3 in Arabian Nights, technically making it an uncommon.
    Serendib Efreet - Same as above expect printed at U2 so slightly less legitimate but still technically an uncommon.
    Tendo Ice Bridge - No real justification for this one.
    You can find my list and updates on Cube Tutor.
    Visual Spoiler

    Cut most of green aggro.
    Pushing blue aggro/tempo and Golgari graveyard stuff.

    Huge Update and Reorganization

    Born of the Gods update
    Misc changes
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  • posted a message on Questions from a Cube Noob
    Quote from magicmerl
    No problems.

    The tricky thing about tribal themes is that they are linear. This means that there might be only one person drafting merfolk at the table, and so that person and only that person wants all the merfolk. That makes the draft fairly non-interactive once people choose their tribes and also means that you are at the mercy of what subset of good tribal cards for your tribe there is in the pool being drafted.

    Wizards 'solved' this problem of non-interactive drafts in Lorwyn block by creating crossovers with
    a: race/class synergies, so you are have more than one linear theme to maximise in your deck, and
    b: changelings, which anyone in that colour can benefit from

    The downside with Lorwyn block is that it created overly complex board positions (you had to know what effects all of your opponents 'lords' on the battlefield were generating, as well as predict outcomes shold some lords die unexpectedly). But it's the best way this problem has been solved so far.

    Or you can look at Onslaught block, with Timberwatch Elf and Sparksmith banned. That was a good block to draft.

    I see what you mean by non-interactive and I had thought about that a bit. I think I would have to support 5 races and 5 classes w/out enough in any one tribe to support a deck to make it semi-interactive but, I'm not sure that's something I want to do. I think that maybe a peasant cube might provide a better overall experience for me/my group.

    Quote from ThatOneNinja
    For the organizing, you'll probably have to do it by hand, or at least I did. I just grabbed all the cards sorted them by color and casting cost and typed them one by one into my cube thread. It's really not that bad (takes like three hours) and it helps you to become more familiar with your cube.

    I'm having more trouble with the actual building part, and my collection isn't large enough to make my entire cube and I know that I'll have to include some cards I don't own. Sorry, I should have mentioned that in the OP.

    Quote from kcolloran
    If white is gonna be soldiers I might change blue to Wizards. There might well be overlap otherwise.

    Aye, I noticed some cross-tribe soldiers and a fair amount of Merfolk Soldiers in particular.

    Quote from eidolon232
    I don't support tribal decks in my cube, even some cards randomly have synergies with cards tat are good on their own, like a Siegegang Commander that sacrifices a dying Chameleon Colossus or a Virdian Shaman benefiting from Imperious Perfect, so I might not be the best person to ask, but Slivers in limited can be really dumb, especially if both players have a bunch of them.

    2) Is this good enough for you or do you want further analysis of your cube? The list can be exported for Magic Workstation, which has plenty of filters, but you have to save it @ deckstats instead of MWS, because the MWS files destroy the existing sort order of the cards.
    I can sort your cube "semiautomatically" by card type and converted manacost, if you provide me with a list that is ordered by color.

    I really like that website you posted. Especially that you can separate the list and edit the cards' costs. I also appreciate your offer to sort my cube for me but, there's no reason I should have you spend your time doing something I can do for myself.

    Thank you all for your responses. I'm going change to a peasant cube, I think that will provide me with what I want. Time to look at some other cubes and start building. See ya all again when I finish assembling my cube. :p
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  • posted a message on Questions from a Cube Noob
    Hey there, been lurking around these forums for a while and (somewhat) frequenting the proxy threads. I have a few questions about assembling and organizing a cube. I was originally going to make a "normal" powered cube and proxy expensive cards but I think I would eventually like to own all of the actual cards in my cube. I saw some of the tribal cubes here and loved the idea, so I figured I'd go with that but, I have a few questions.

    1.) For my cube I figured I would do 6 main tribes being: soldiers, goblins, merfolk, zombies, elves and slivers. Does this sound like it would work well or should I include other "sub-themes/tribes" as well?

    2.) I've tried a few different programs for organizing and compiling my cube but none of them seem to do the trick for me. MSE is nice and, having to make each card isn't terrible (already did one cube in it) but it doesn't really offer much that a spreadsheet doesn't. OCTGN has some nice filters that make it very easy to sift through cards and I dont have to click a link to see each card individually, (though it only shows one at a time) I can just scroll through with the arrow keys, but the decklist sidebar is rather disappointing. It only organizes the cards by the order you put them in the deck and to increase the length of the list I have to shrink the card image (I need to be able to see the card images, for whatever reason I just can't look at rules text by itself). What do you use to organize your cubes?

    Thanks in advance for your help and sorry for the long 2nd question, I tend to ramble on.
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  • posted a message on Ripple APE
    Quote from RabidVacin
    Every format follows the 4 cards per deck rule, even casual.

    Quote from Wizards »
    Freeform is a casual Magic Online format that allows all sets and cards. Regular deckbuilding rules are relaxed; decks can contain any number of copies of a card; multiple Vanguard cards may be included. The only restriction is a 40-card minimum deck.

    There are no cards banned in Freeform. You can even play the promotional Gleemox card (despite it saying that it's banned)!

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  • posted a message on Ripple APE
    Not to spam but, if this is an MTGO freeform deck shouldn't it be posted in the "Other MTGO Formats" forum?

    That being said, if I did play freeform I'd probably play something like this. Smile
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