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  • posted a message on DCI Floor Rule Change Announcement: Extended Rotation
    Wow, what poor communication by WOTC again. They just randomonly change whatever they feel like whenever they feel like it. I just sold my fetchlands as well as many extended cards that according to the information on the official site were rotating on Oct 2008. I feel like they should have announced the policy change sooner before the extended PTQs were almost over so people didn't sell there ONS block stuff after the extended PTQs in there areas were done.

    Well I guess I will sit out the extended PTQs this season in the unlikely event that there are any.
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  • posted a message on 2008 Grand Prix Schedule
    As someone from the Midwest I am a little confused as to GP-Indianapolis. If you were going to have a summer GP in Indy it would make more sense to have it during GenCon (middle of August) because it would probably boost attendance for GenCon resulting in better attendance and higher revenues for the other Wizards sponsered events that week.

    If they were not going to have it during GenCon then I think it should have been held in a different midwestern city (like Madison, or Chicago) because if someone is going to both the GP and Gencon they probably don't want to travel to the same place in the course of 3 months.

    Indy is a nice city and all, but since GenCon is there they should put some of the bigger summer tournmanets in other midwestern cities.
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  • posted a message on Block PTQ @ pastimes?
    Hey all,

    Can anyone confirm or deny that there is a PTQ in Niles next weekend (6/23/07). Wizards site says:
    IllinoisChicago6/23/2007Pastimes Sports Cards, Comics & Games
    www.Pastimes.net however has no information about any PTQs.

    If you have any information about this please let me know.
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  • posted a message on Need old banned/restricted lists help
    Thanks, exactly what I was looking for.
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  • posted a message on Any problems with blackandbluemagic.com?
    Quote from Blood Falcon
    I've recently had my credit card number stolen and used for several online gaming purchases. I've only ever used starcitygames.com (which I've never heard of anyone having problems with) and blackandbluemagic.com. My order was spot on, despite being near $90 in singles (setting up for some awesome reject rare drafts). Anyone had any problems with blackandbluemagic?

    Ive ordered from there once or twice and Ive had no problems. I would make sure that you don't have a keylogger or something on your computer.

    If youre credit card was stolen can't you get a detailed description of the transaction from the credit card company and then with the the detailed description get the address where the stolen merchandise was shipped to from the company it was purchased from?

    Edit:looked at my old emails, I ordered from them in late 2006 so i dont know if its being run the same anymore
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  • posted a message on Need old banned/restricted lists help
    Hey all. I was wondering if anyone with a realy good memory could remember some old Type II B/R lists. I want to to know what cards have been put on the b/r list since mirrodin's release and when?

    I remember ravager, diciple, and artifact lands were banned at the same time, but I think skullclamp was banned at a different time. Also I can't remeber if Aether vial was ever banned in Type II.

    Well let me know what you guys can remember, thanks.

    Edit: I dont care about the extended or block bannings
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  • posted a message on I have an eBay problem
    Quote from Yare
    What do you mean by this exactly?

    Regarding his comment about not leaving feedback I think what he meant is if you are a seller don't leave feedback for the buyer until they leave you positive feedback.

    If you leave a positive feedback before recieveing feedback yourself then the buyer can start a paypal claim without the fear of you leaving negative feedback for him/her.
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  • posted a message on A solution to high gas prices?
    While filling up with gas the other day (3.49/gallon) I came up with an idea to make gas more afforadable for most people. Please tell me what you think of this idea.

    Why not just make the gas tax extremely progressive? Give everyone with a valid drivers license a non-transferable card, that expires in 3-5yrs, worth ~1,000 (Avg miles driven/avg mpg of a vehicle) gallons of gas each year. Such a card would be given to everyone who files taxes and has gross income under $100,000.

    Then raise the tax so that it can fund the program (probably about $3-4/gallon). Then the government would reimburse gas stations with this money whenever the gas cards were used. Basically, this makes the corporations, illegal immigrants (they don’t have a valid drivers license so they have to pay $7 gallon), and rich pay for the poor's gas consumption.

    Since the gas card would be for the amount of gas an average person should use it would encourage people to not use more then the average amount of gas, thus reducing demand.

    This plan is far from perfect, but I think if it received enough political attention it could someday be implemented in a feasible form.
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  • posted a message on U/R/W World on Fire
    Quote from blurrycloud
    Cast bust.
    Pass priority for counterspells. None, pass back.

    There is no way to sac in response.
    The only way is to.

    Cast Bust, sac all my lands.
    Pass priority for counterspells. Counter. You're dead.

    Yeh thats the main problem with the deck is there no way to bait out the counter and its usually gg if they have one. However if you sac everything in response they have to have 2 counters (and mana for both) to counter the gargadon and the bust.
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  • posted a message on U/R/W World on Fire
    Basically, I was thinking about block season and thought about some kind of Greater Gargadon + Boom//Bust combo. Then I just took the combo idea and built a T2 deck around it.

    The deck is a control deck and basically one of the win conditions is playing boom/bust or wildfire and sac all your lands in response(before passing priority obv). Of course this plan doesnt work against a deck that runs counters or boomerangs. To beat couters float enough for wildfire + remand and you can sometimes win. Agaisnt Boomerang you should side out the gargadons.

    Anyway the deck is far form perfect, it is kind of fun to play tho, Gargadon FTW = WTF from your opponent. Anyway what do you think I could do to make the deck more competitive, and do you have any suggestions for a sideboard?

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  • posted a message on Rav Duals as Uncommons?
    If they were going to be uncommon they would have been uncommon in Ravnica. The main reason for them being in a core set would be to boost sales and that simply will not happen if they are uncommon.
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  • posted a message on vesner's wild pair (potential new deck for block?)
    This deck was already looking like a contender for block season before this card was spoiled, this is just another good card for the deck. I think this is going to be one the tier 1 or 2 decks of block season.

    I have also seen a version of this deck that is G/R/W it runs primal forcemage to fetch Bogardan Hellkite and also runs avalanche riders.

    All the decks that I have seen focus on total P/T = 4 and run Whitemane Lion.

    I guess what I'm saying is I think the best builds of this archetype will be either G/R/W (hellkite combo) or G/U/W (counter route). Whitemane lions seems to good not to run in either version.

    FYI:Wall of Roots can find a creature with total P/T = 4 if you use its ability in response to the Wild Pair trigger.
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  • posted a message on Green chase rare in [X]
    Troll won't be played as much as people think. The reason it was played in T2 was because there was alot of good equip that was in T2 at the time (swords, and later jitte). In extended there is also armadillo cloak. Unless there is something good to equip it it won't be played too much.

    That being said it is probably going to be the best green creature in X.
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  • posted a message on San Diego PTQs where/when?
    Ok thanks it looks like they are up now, they must have posted them on 3/12/07 because I checked that page before I made this thread.

    Edit: Does anyone know why there is no PTQ in Wisconsin?
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  • posted a message on San Diego PTQs where/when?
    Since the next ptq season starts 3/17/07 does anyone know where I can get the dates of the ptqs?
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