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    posted a message on [FRF] [CUBE]Ugin, the Spirit Dragon
    Tested Ugin out a few times since his being spoiled and he has not disappointed. When Ugin resolved into a board position where his owner was way behind, he single handedly would either bring the board to parity or leave a battlefield with only him (as a relevant permanent) in play. In situations of parity, he usually came down, bolted something and created a board position that forced the opponent into bad plays to deal with him. When ahead, he either sealed it with bolts to the face or ran away with the game with an ultimate 3 turns later. He has never not had a HUGE impact on a board he was played into.

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    posted a message on [[SCD]] AEtherling
    Got a few games with him as well and he basically annihilated my opponent each time I played him. Had him in a U/W control shell with a lot of good artifact mana and just killed my opponent like i was playing an aggro deck. Snapped him into play on turn 4 and ate my opponent's face. Other games revolved around less busted decks but he still did the same thing, bash for 7-8 then block their best guy, rinse lather repeat. Permanent staple no question about it for me.
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    posted a message on Varolz, the Scar Striped rank?
    Quote from wtwlf123

    ^This, just this made my day!
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