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  • posted a message on Help me get back my bookmarks on firefox
    The bookmarks for some reason weren't in the bookmarks.html file (which MozillaZine says becomes places.sqlite in firefox 3). Even stranger is that after all the bookmarks disappeared, I rebookmarked one page, then restarted my computer and it was gone again. On top of that the Mozilla introduction page opened up both times I got on the net, so for some reason every time the computer is turned off, Firefox gets reset, like I just downloaded it and have never used it before. Probably something my dad did so he'll probably fix it tonight hopefully.
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  • posted a message on Help me get back my bookmarks on firefox
    So I woke up this morning and my internet connection wasn't working. It turns out my dad had unhooked the modem. I managed to get online without wasting too much time, but when I went to bookmark something (I use Firefox) I realized all by bookmarks were gone.

    Does anybody know if I can recover my bookmarks and how to do it?
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  • posted a message on Universal Studios signs deal with Hasbro
    I hate to repeat this if its already been said, but doesn't anyone think they could make the storyline for a future block with making a movie in mind.

    and gypsieking3280, the movie is Ace Ventura pet detective right? If its got Jim Carey its gotta be good.
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  • posted a message on So - what is control's achilles heel?
    I played URzatron at states and beat UW control in rounds 1, 5, 7, 8 and in the quarterfinals, and never lost to it once. So from my experience tron seems good against the deck if you have the right build. My build ran the full 4 of hellkite, 2 spell burst maindeck, and annex and confiscate in the board, plus cancels in the board also.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] UR and URx Urzatron Control
    Confiscate was also very good for me, it was only a one of in the board, and was actually only there because I didnt have time to borrow the cards that were supposed to be in the sideboard. The cool thing is that it won me the 2nd game of my 7th, 8th, and quarterfinal matches. In all of those games, my opponent played a cop:red early and I ended up either confiscating an urza factory, or an Akroma, and keeping the confiscate in play was never a problem for me.

    I have to say, it could have been a fluke, and the game I stole urza's factory the confiscate could have just as well been an annex, I just happened to not have one in hand at the time.

    It seems to me that someone should at least test the card. It can be annex 5-6 (2 seems like the right number) or can actually win you the game. So i'm going to test it as a 2 of, but I don't know when that testing will actually happen.
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  • posted a message on [Official Thread] Champs Results
    I got 2nd at VA champs playing tron, I misplayed in the finals and it really got to me, but after thinking that last game over and over i realized that there was no way for me to play around my opponents double honorable passage. I had never seen the card to that point in the tourney, and had not heard anyone talk about the card, so I wasnt thinking about having to play around it. I think getting 2nd out of 169 was pretty good with absolutely no testing though. I actually had to take random cards i found in my backpack to finish the sideboard, because we got there late and I expected to have enough time to borrow stuff.

    I ended up finding a confiscate and IGNORANT BLISS in my backpack and stuck them in my sideboard because they were on color, and the first round was already up, so I just decided a bad sideboard was better than no sideboard. Its funny because I wasnt planning on playing confiscate, but 3 rounds in a row (including the quaterfinals) i let my opponent resolve akroma, dropped a hellkite on endstep, and them confiscated akroma, swung for 11 and demonfired for the win. I actually want confiscates in the board not because of that.

    Edit: i also played 9, yes NINE! control mirrors in a row, and learned exactly how important mana advantage is in control mirrors. Clue: its really important.
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  • posted a message on Tuesday's (9/12) articles
    It seems to me like they will be previewing Bogardan Hellkite

    for those who don't remember:
    Bogardan Hellkite 6RR
    Creature- dragon
    When ~CITP, deals 5 divided as you choose

    -Flash would be the speed part.
    -its size, 5/5, would be the mass part.
    -the force part would be that its CITP ability does 5 dmg like gale force, and it has flying which gale force refers to.
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  • posted a message on DMCA Complaint
    I have not read the entire thread but I have read the first few and last few pages of it, and many good points have been brought up for both sides of the argument. I have my own opinions on many of them, but I have another point to bring up right now that I haven't seen brought up before, if it has been brought up, then thats ok, I just want to see what you guys think about this.

    The thing I don't get is why wizards made this into such an issue in the first place. I understand how a few of you are saying they are justified, and some are saying that whether they are justified or not they still have the legal right to do what they are doing. But what confuses me is why wizards would even chose to make a legal case over this. Hear me out for a second. What is the company working towards by taking such diligent effort to create all of these cards? The keyword there is company, now I understand that finishing my highschool semester long economics class doesnt make me an expert or anything, but it seems fairly obvious that wizards, (this next part excludes non-profit companies, which will be obvious once you see my point) being a company and all should be most interested in their profits. This is what every company is most interested in no matter what you may hear, and im not saying ALL company executives are corrupt, just that they no they have a job to do, and that is to make the company they work for money. Knowing this, I don't see why wizards would attack the man most associated with magic. If you go to any tournament and talk about Rancored Elf, there is a chance some person or persons won't know who you're talking about. If you start talking about Mark Rosewater, Osyp Lebedowics, Gabriel Niassif, Julien Nuijten or Brian David-Marshall, there is an even greater chance that some person or persons won't know who you're talking about. Wizards may not want to admit it, but Rancored Elf is almost as much of, if not more of a figurehead not the company, but the game, than the head of R+D, the world champion, or player of the year etc. Since I stated before that as a company they are out for profits, I see it is clearly obvious that taking legal action against the games biggest name could in no way benefit the company according to their number one goal. They may accomplish another goal, but at the cost of what? Money.

    People will rally behind rancored elf, and even if they stop the leaks from happening by threat of legal action to anyone caught in the "leak chain" it will only make them lose more money. People always get bored witht he new set, and the rumor season keeps people like me, interested in the game even when the cards I play with become a bit stale. If wizards succeeds, over time I believe they will realize along with everyone else that the lowered enthusiasm over the game in general, brought about by the loss of leaks, will have people slowly lose interest in the game until around a year or so later, when some of these people begin quitting magic.

    So my basic question is: Why didn't wizards think this through more, since it will most likely lower future profits. It seems to me like whether they like it or not, wizards kind of relies on R_E and the sources to keep people inspired until the new set comes out, and even if they want him gone, I think that eventually they will realize...........that they really don't want him gone.

    P.S.- I thought of one way this could make them money but it seems incredibly unrealistic, they could be looking for publicity to somehow draw people to the game, but I think that would just be a ridiculous stunt that wouldn't work out so well.
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  • posted a message on Hatching plans
    I think this is one card that helps make the blue leyline playable, by itself the leyline is moderately useful, but when you can have it help you as well as screwing over your opponent, that is when it becomes playable to me. I think some sort of UW control could come up with hatching plans, the blue leyline, mimeofacture (with blue leyline kills anypermanent and leaves them with no more than 2 in the deck), dream leash and pacifism effects like faiths fetters, which would nullify the current threat and the next copy of it that they play.
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  • posted a message on [RAV] BoP - Anything?
    I dont remember when, but they did show the new version of the card on MTG.com a few weeks ago. I'm sure you can find it there. It was most likely one of Rosewater's articles, or one of the weekly articles.
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  • posted a message on The power of Dredge
    i dont understand why someone would say dredge cards +one with nothing is a combo, you should be able to get your dredge cards into the graveyard without having to play terrible cards

    "yes, i just discarded my hand, now i can return one card from my graveyard to my hand on my next draw step, and i most likely wont have mana to cast it, YESSSSS, im gonna have one card in my hand on turn 2 with only one land in play, how do i lose!!??!!"
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  • posted a message on GWB: The Next Big Thing in T2?
    Why do you all think that a GWB deck would only be able to use 2 guild mechanics, for reference here are the guilds in ravnica:


    we have already seen that the GW guild mechanic, convoke, is being put on mono-white, and mono-green cards like siege wurm. This should mean that we should be able to use white radiance cards, and black mutate cards. This particular 3 color combination can use all of the guild mechanics, but i dont see room for abuse of all of these mechanics in one deck, i am just saying it is possible. and once the block is complete any 3 color combination should be able to use 9, yes 9 of the 10 guild mechanics. the only mechanic a 3 color deck would not be able to abuse would be the one that is associated with both colors that are not in the deck.

    I admit GWB could be a good deck once ravnica becomes legal, but so could just about any 3 color combination if built right, ravnica is quite obviously going to shake things up a bit, seeing as how it is a multicolor set, and has a much higher power level than the other sets in standard along with it.
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  • posted a message on G/B Insect
    i agree that the cost would be BG, sac~: draw a card. It helps the multicolor theme, and supposedly taking 2 colors reduces the cost, so it makes sense that they would make it cost less than 3 mana by making it BG.
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  • posted a message on [CBS][Official Thread] MBA and Sui Black
    Well im back from the PTQ i played in yesterday and I ended up 20th out of 113 with my MBA deck. It seems pretty good until i tell you that i would've gotten 3rd had i won my last round, and that prizes were given out up to 16th place.

    Here is the build i ran

    21 Swamp
    2 Tomb of Urami

    3 umezawa's jitte (yes thats a 3)
    4 manriki- gusari

    4 distress
    4 sickening shoal

    3 nezumi cuttroat
    2 nezumi graverobber
    4 hand of cruelty
    4 takenuma bleeder
    4 ogre marauder
    3 yukora, the prisoner
    2 ink-eyes, servant of oni

    1 nezumi graverobber
    2 mark of the oni
    3 hideous laughter
    3 kiku's shadow
    3 cranial extraction
    3 sink into takenuma

    first of all im going to explain the 3 jittes, or more realistically the lack of a fourth. First of all, i often wish the jitte was a creature in control matchups, and then there is also the fact that maindecking 4 manrikis means i should be able to win the jitte war without the 4th jitte. I also found that runnig so many equipment was sometimes getting in the way of my sickening shoals and i really liked the manrikis since they will never be a dead draw unless i have no guys. I also want to say that kpddaly16 is right about manriki, i even loved it in the gifts matchups cause it made hideous laughters very weak against me.

    my matchups:
    round 1 vs. mirror: the manrikis did there job game one and let jitte get active, and game 2 we had a mark of the oni war where my opponents scoruge ended up with 4 mark of the oni, and under his control, he won the race though. game 3 manriki does its job again.

    round 2 vs. togit control: game one its distresses turn to do its job which it does, and game 2 he goes turn 3 4 AND 5 ghostly prison, i still almost won, but he got double yosei, and then dropped a third after they triggered. and we ran out of time so it was a draw


    round 3+4 vs. gifts: 3rd round i distressed away tribe elder and reach so he got color screwed game one, and mana short game 2. 4th round my opponent drops kodama turn 4 (did it every game) and then kokusho and kagemaro so i lost pretty easily, games 2 and 3 sink into takenuma and jitte counters won it for me.


    round 5 vs. goryo's veangeance.dec: game one distress did its job again and i beat face, game 2 was close but he ended up reanimating kuro and kokusho to swing for the win (vengeance splicing vengeance, and it gave them haste) once again i ran out of time

    I should have won the match but i made a crucial missplay by playing my guys out and waiting to extraction naming kagemaro next turn, then he reanimated it that turn and wrathed my board.


    round 6 vs. white weenie: this round i got lucky and my opponents deck screwed him over, im not gonna lie.

    round 7 (last round) vs. mirror: I won game one from manriki advantage, and games two and three karma from last match got me and i drew a few more lands than normal (like an extra SEVEN OR SO!!)

    I never sided in hideous laughter since everyone seems to have a way to beat it. I think they will be replaced by rend flesh since some good MBA lists i've seen have run it in the board.
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  • posted a message on U/W Arcane
    I think it is good against aggro, but the only successful splice deck i have seen ran 4 murmurs from beyond because the deck just needs so much fuel to not die out in the lategame.

    If you want to do well against aggro AND control, you might want to try black/ blue, since that would give you rend flesh and hideous laughter as arcane removal, and it has good anti control cards also. I dont no but its something to consider.
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