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    posted a message on Battlebond is the Treasure Mage of sets
    Quote from RxPhantom »
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    Also, it's pretty clear WoTC wasn't confident in the set either given how loaded up the reprints are in the set. They seriously loaded this set with pure gas just in case the two headed giant thing and flavor failed.

    You might wanna stretch before jumping to conclusions like that. Seriously though, it's their job to sell packs. Reprints are just one piece of the puzzle, and aren't necessarily some kind of crutch. Conspiracy 2 was the same way. It just seems like they're getting better at making interesting supplemental products. Masters sets are another story entirely. I don't know how they can ever convince anyone to pay $10 a pack again.

    Quote from some_guy123 »
    All you guys can call it subjective all day long. Whatever.

    Well, now that I have your permission: it's subjective. Alright guys, let's pack it in. Thread's done.

    Why pack it in? Stick around and talk about how amazing the art is, buy another box, buy 3 boxes and then show off your Fan favorites and Dwarven lightsmiths to all your friends and talk to them about how awesome, deep, skilled, inspiring and especially unique the fantasy art is in your favorite game using these kind of cards as an example. Then maybe swing by the Deviant art forums or make a youtube channel to tell about how "your game" has some of the best fantasy art out there. Brag like I would if I were showing off some of the full art promo's or even just half the art in MTG's history. It's all subjective in the sense that there's no way to make it objective. Hold onto that last part, you'll need it.

    Btw I don't have anything against WOTC making a set that targets a different audience that's fine. I agree with the OP though.

    Edit: Actually, I just realized the full spoiler is up and it's not all that bad. Mostly just the cards talked about and maybe more than a few others. Much of it is old art, good art.
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    posted a message on Why not all full art ?
    I'm not talking textless, I mean for example game day promo Abrade, or champs serra avenger Where the blocky text boxes are removed and the Text is simply printed over the art, which extends to the bottom of the card.

    I was there when they changed from the original border to the new one, I apposed it. I've watched them continue to tweak and change the frame in small ways over the years afterwards, ( always for the worse IMO ). The newest frames with the black strip at the bottom bear the least color Identity that they've ever had, and are at an all time ugly.

    However, these full art cards are stunningly beautiful and would make this game look so much more attractive. I feel like this is a no brainer and a change that even I could get behind. I understand that everyone is in this game for something different, I've always been a casual player and deck building more of a creative outlet for me, this is the kind of thing that could make me start buying packs again.

    Can you imagine what this game would look like played with all full art?
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