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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Magic 2015 Prerelease
    I missed the prerelease this time around, because I'm sort of stranded in the middle of nowhere and because I can't afford to go right now.

    Somewhat back to a primary discussion though, I love seeded packs, and hope that they continue to print them, even if they do something different with prereleases. Almost every pack I got back in THS block had a god in it or some other mythic as the secondary rare, and it seems like the mythic to rare ratio was elevated somewhat for seeded packs, unless I was just really lucky. Given that I collected the gods, I had a lot of fun with seeded packs.
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  • posted a message on We are getting fetchlands in Standard and we even know which ones!
    1 and 2. I kind of doubt this. We have plenty of mana fixing already, with temples, mana confluence, and so forth. We will need to account for the ally color lands, but I really don't think fetchlands fit with the format.

    3. Ob Nixilis is an interesting card, but he counters *much* more than just fetchlands. There are still plenty of other cards that search libraries, so I don't see how you could justify his existence indicating the future inclusion of one type of searching.

    4. As you said, the staves were already printed last core set, so this explains nothing. Also, what? "...by gaining the life right back" *facepalm* No. The drawback is *supposed* to be there. It's just like how in black, you often wind up paying life for the mechanics. Efficiency with lands generally has a small drawback.

    5. Fetchlands have synergy with a lot of things. Domri isn't standard. Unless some of the next 49 cards to be spoiled in M15 have landfall, I think your case falls flat.

    The only evidence I can see for any sort of fetchland inclusion are all the Zendikar themes and characters that they're including. This really says nothing though. Also, it's been four or five years since we've gotten fetchlands, so I'd think they'd print more eventually - likely within the next three or four years. Possibly if they ever actually return to Zendikar, another of their best-selling sets, they'll add five or ten of them, since those worked thematically with the block. But I see very little reason for them to include fetches at this point.
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  • posted a message on [[M15]] Correct costing for Soul of Ravnica
    Goodness people. Something isn't either really good or really terrible. There are so many mid-points in-between. Something isn't either Chimney Imp or Boros Reckoner, and merely because something won't see play in constructed, it isn't automatically a bad card. Furthermore, comparing this card to some of the better cards in the game doesn't make it bad automatically.

    It's a 6/6 flyer for 6, as established, and comparing that to a load of other better 6/6 flyers doesn't automatically make it the worst card ever printed. I'm sure people will still play it in casual and draft, if that last ability doesn't wind up having some miraculous use in a really unconventional deck.

    But you're right. At 6 mana, it's not likely to be used in constructed. Very few cards are used at that cost.

    Does that mean it's awful? Does that mean it isn't "worth the ink used to print it"? No. None of the above. It still has some use to some people.

    Let's think rationally here.
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  • posted a message on Did Theros *feel* like a Greek Mythology / Ancient Greece world to you?
    I'm not a fan of King Macar. As mentioned above, it feels like far too obvious of a copy. I like the mechanics of it, but really... that name.

    Overall, I liked the block, but more details on Xenagos' ascension would have been nice. He feels like a plot device.

    Is it loyal to Greek mythology? No. It's an homage. I do feel like the larger mechanics were very close to ancient Greek mythology and culture though (devotion, heroic, monstrous, bestow, tribute, inspired, and an emphasis on scrying). Devotion, tribute, bestow, and inspired really highlight ancient Greek city-state mentality/nationalism, while heroic and monstrous seem to draw out something especially Spartan in the warrior/monster mindset.

    So, bottom line: Yes. It does the loyalty to Greek mythology/culture very well sometimes, but others it seems contrived, and the plot suffers as a sort of accessory at times as well.
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  • posted a message on Super Noob
    Gray Merchant of Asphodel. Four of them. And a couple Erebos, God of the Dead, possibly a couple sideboard. Also throw in some Underworld Connections for card advantage and some Pack Rat to amp devotion. I think it has a single copy of one or both of those already...

    Also, don't buy into the noob mentality. Everybody's a new player at some point. I once seriously tried to push Deft Duelist into standard. That was a mistake... but most of us make them at first. I'd recommend not calling players noobs, and not thinking of others as one- we're all learning, constantly.
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  • posted a message on [[JOU]] Athreos, God of Passage (PAX spoiler)
    A guy at my FNM brings WBG junk renegade and kicks all our asses with it. I play mono black devotion and generally can't deal with either the late-game recursion or his Blood Barons. I'm thinking about switching to RDW or Gruul so I can actually say I stand a chance.

    This... this will make him much more difficult to deal with.
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  • posted a message on Boros Heroics preview and discussion
    Quote from Aoi
    I'm interested in know why you choosed Soldier of the Pantheon over Favored Hoplite. for reckoners and bte? I'm not saying is a bad move, just actually I don't know what was the reason and I'm curious Smile

    Multicolored cards eat up the metagame in many circumstances, and this deck's biggest weakness is mid-range. Also, I just don't see the appeal of the hoplite. He seems really slow and isolated. If I'm going to add in a heroic spell, I want something that isn't going to just pump itself and something that has a permanent effect. Fabled is an exception to this rule because he's not at all slow for a turn three.

    Basically, the reason is efficiency. If I'm going to have even a minute chance of standing up to some of the scarier decks, I want the deck to do what it can as quickly as possible, and I don't want to sink the spells on a heroic that only targets itself and only becomes a 2 power when it's targeted once. The life gain from it has been good, but mostly the ability to not be blocked by multicolored is a huge help.
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  • posted a message on Boros Heroics preview and discussion
    So, I'm playing against more serious decks online, and I'm noticing that many heroic cards don't link that well together. Akroan Crusader rarely goes off, and when he does, his tokens often just stay as pathetic 1/1s, because you rely on having Phalanx Leader on the board, even though Leader is a WW and Crusader is a R, so unless you've pulled a dual land, which you very well may have, but which you shouldn't count on, the 1/1's really don't do much but chump block mid-range. Here's what I'm running, with a little revision. It fares better.

    Anax and Cymede is simply too slow. You play it and it doesn't do anything until the next turn. Additionally, its ability is not static. It lasts one turn. The enchantment factor of Hopeful Eidolon is nice, but it's too slow for its enchantment bonus and it's a turn one 1/1 lifelinker. I've had issues with Chained being bumped back to my hand, so I don't main deck it against much. I tried planeswalkers, but this build sort of fights their addition with what it's trying to accomplish, which is a quick win against mid-range and everything else.
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  • posted a message on Boros Heroics preview and discussion
    Would this deck have a chance? Just wondering

    Possibly so, but the reliance on enchantments is iffy. Also, there's no heroic synergy, so I don't really know if it could be called "heroic". Your only heroic creature is Favored Hoplite, and even that doesn't give global benefits based on heroic. The problem with it is that its benefit is limited to itself. Also, Dryad Militant seems like a really niche card.

    Seems quick enough to win in 4 or 5 turns I really like it. Mutavault wasn't better here anyway because of Boros Reckoner and the one mana drops as you mentioned..

    Thank you! In this meta, you have to have pretty good justification for not using mutavault.
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  • posted a message on Boros Heroics preview and discussion

    I've revised this slightly. I'm still not sold on manavault, because with so many one-drops, we can't afford the colorless mana source, I don't think. I keep as many one-drops as possible to keep the tempo, and Chained is great for this.
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  • posted a message on [DKA] Faithless Looting
    At first, I was like "whoa. Red card draw! :D"

    Then I was like, "Whoa. Red card draw. :("

    This does NOT go in red deck wins. If you're playing red control (because you're a rebel) then sure. Go ahead. This is your card.

    But will this help RDW?

    HELL no.

    If you need card draw in RDW, you're either horribly unlucky, you have too many lands in your deck, or your curve is WAY off.

    Ideally, ramp decks shouldn't need this either.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] Shake is "Innistrad"
    Quote from Vistella
    it was confirmed that Innistrad was on a new plane, ergo it cant be Ravnica

    and the return to it is 99% confirmed, see here

    My question is where it was confirmed that it's a new plane. I can't find anything to that effect, and would like to see it.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] Shake is "Innistrad"
    Quote from Vistella
    it has been official said that ISD is NOT Ravnica but a totally new plane
    a return Ravnica will come a few sets later

    Where was the official announcement? Could you link?
    I'm apparently a little out of the loop, and I'm coming up with nada googling it.
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  • posted a message on [ISD] Shake is "Innistrad"
    Innistrad sounds like it will be Ravnica-related or a total callback to Ravnica. I think I'd heard that elsewhere, from a more credible source than fan speculation, but I can't recall where now. The return of the keyword "Bloodthirst" further hints at this fact. It would also make sense since they are bringing back Garfield for this.
    If that's the case, I'd say it's fairly likely we can expect enemy-color dual lands.
    Also, "Innistrad" sounds very much like the name of a prison. The name "Horror Lurks Within" sounds like it entails the opening of a prison. What it sounds like is that there's some object within the prison that needs to be found (or somebody,) and that to get to that object means bypassing the hordes of "bloodthirsty" prisoners. We might be getting some creatures who are less sane and more brutal, and likely that they will be quite hostile after being locked away for so long. (EDIT: On second thought, it sounds like a hostile takeover of a prison by the gothic prisoners. Note the bars on the window in the spoiler image.)
    The one thing that punches holes in my theory is that WotC are essentially offering tribute sets twice in a row. We got Mirrodin after seeing the return of Scry, and now we'll likely see Ravnica (meaning enemy-color creatures) after seeing the return of Bloodthirst.
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  • posted a message on [NPH] New Phyrexia Patch for Magic Workstation (175/175)
    Critical error caused MWS to close, and now it's telling me to reinstall. It crashed while loading the new set, and now it won't let me use the software.
    I don't know how many times I've had to reinstall. And I'm not terrible with software either.
    If you're having similar problems, don't chock it up to your own incompetence. In the couple years that I've worked with MWS, it seems it is way more complicated than it needs to be.
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